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Multimedia lesson plan


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Multimedia lesson plan

  1. 1. Reading to Comprehend (Multimedia Lesson) Teacher: Valene Ann Q. Salas Subject: Language Arts/ Reading Lesson: Reading Comprehension Grade: 5th Duration of Lesson: 1 month Analyze Learners General Characteristics: • 20 students (11 boys and 9 girls) • Ages 10-11 years • Accommodations: 1 child with a learning disability called Dysgraphia - Encourage to practice handwriting skills - Great keyboarding skills - Needs extra time to organize thought, through the use of Prenzu the student will be able to organize his thoughts and not worry about his spelling until I print it and check it. • Ethnicities: Filipino, Chamorro, Korean, Palauan, and Caucasion Specific Entry Competencies: Students are knowledgeable of the different elements of a book (Title, Author, and Illustrator). They are also able to read a story with 100 or more pages and identify the introduction of the story, problem, and the solution to the story to show their reading comprehension. Learning Styles: Most of the students have excellent Reading and Math skills. Their reading level is above average, but their comprehension skills are at a low level and just about average, They work well each other, help one another when one needs help, they are hardworking, and very creative when it comes to Fine Arts and group projects. They enjoy hands-on activities and many visuals to enhance their learning. State Objectives
  2. 2. 1. Students will choose a story by choosing a book at the library with 100 pages or more from the library 2. Students will identify the parts of the book (Title, Author, Illustrator) they chose by writing in their online journal Penzu 3. Students will explain about their story by answering questions using an online journal (Penzu) 4. Students will report about their book of choice by recording their voices on voice thread with their picture and book (Title, Author, Illustrator, Introduction, Problem, Resolution) 5. Students will plan a story in groups of two using an online writing pad such as Pirate Pad 6. Students will develop a comic strip of their story using a website Comix 7. Students will create an animation of their story using a website GoAnimation 8. Students will complete their story by posting their comic and animation on KidsBlog 9. Students will be able to comprehend what they have read from a book with 100 or more pages Select Media, Materials, and Methods Methods: Individual Work and Group Work Materials/Media: 1. Projector: to show the students Comic Strip, Animation, and Voice Thread 2. Speakers 3. Penzu: for the students to write in their online journal about their book and why they chose the book. Note: Great for the special needs student to type how he feels and have the opportunity to use spell check and grammar. 4. Pirate Pad: the students to write an outline for their comic strip 5. Voice Thread: to record the student’s voices while they are presenting their book 6. Comix: an online website for the students to create a story telling each other why they should read the book 7. GoAnimation: an online website for the students to transfer their comics to an animation 8. Kids Blog: where the students can post their comic and animation 9. Computers 10. Book (Student’s Choice) 11. Camera Instructional Websites: 1. 2.
  3. 3. 3. 4. 5. 6. Utilize Media, Materials, and Methods Computers and Internet are very important and are a necessity for this lesson. There are many websites the students will be using to complete this huge assignment. The projector will be used to showcase the Voice Thread of the students recordings and pictures as well as their animations. Penzu is an online journal where the students will write about their book by answering questions. The questions will already be provided to accommodate the student with a learning disability. Print out the corrected paper for this student and have him write out his whole outline with the corrections. Voice Thread is an online soft ware where the teacher will take picture of the student with a camera showcasing their book along. This software will also be used to record the students presenting their book. Pirate Pad will be used when the students get into groups of two-three to create an outline or a rough draft of their story that they will be recreating using a comic strip. They could also chat with each other has they are planning. GoAnimate is another website where the students will be transferring their comic strip into an animation. Last, but not least, Kidsblog is a class blog where the students will upload their animations and comic strip and comment on their other classmates work. Teacher will be showing the students how to use these website through a step by step process using a projector and personal computer. Require Learner Participation Each student will first be graded on the completion of reading their book and their Reading comprehension. They will also be graded on their participation, creativity, and sentence structure. The students will be involved in the activities that we will be completing through the usage of the computers and websites. This whole activity will have to involve all students and every member of the groups would have to contribute ideas to complete the last two sections of the activity, which is the comic strip and animation. I will be walking around the classroom observing all members of the groups. The reading part will have to involve all the students, where they will be given time in the class to read their book and given the opportunity to read in class for a few minutes. For the Prenzu activity, each student will have to write in their personal online journals where I could enter and make corrections to their paper and outline. The voice thread section of this activity will again involve all students where they will get their picture taken with their book and at the same time get their voice recorded as they present their book. After the Voice Thread section is completed, the students will be placed in groups of two or three and create a story about them telling each other why they should read their book of choice. The final touches of this huge project will be the comic strip, animation, and posting of their blog where the students will have to work as a team in each group to complete before the last day of the 4th week to be able to watch everyone’s animation.
  4. 4. Week 1 • Bring the students to the library and allow them to choose a book with 100 or more pages to read in class for 30 minutes and at home. Week 2 A couple of days may be added so the students could finish their book • Allow the students to write about their book and why they chose the book in their online journal Prenzu answering the following questions: (45 minutes) 1. What is the title of the book? 2. Who is the author and illustrator? 3. Why did you choose this book? 4. What is the book about? 5. Who are the characters? 6. What was the problem? 7. How was the problem solved? To help the student with special needs organize his thoughts, provide a concept map on paper so the student will be able to fill in the blanks and at the same time practice handwriting skills. Once his ideas are outlined, allow him to insert his ideas onto his online journal. • Take a picture of each student and record them talking about their book using Voice Thread. ( 40 minutes) • Post on the board the same questions they answered on their Penzu to guide the students when recording. Ask the student with special needs to write the questions on the board. - Make sure to print out the students with special needs outline from Prenzu so he could read his outline when recording Week 3: Monday-Tuesday • Using the projector, showcase the recordings to the class to hear about everyone’s book. (10-15 minutes) • Pair up students and have them create a rough draft story about themselves telling each other why both should read each other’s book using Pirate Pad. (30 minutes) Wednesday-Thursday-Friday • Create a comic strip of their story using Make Belief Comix (40 minutes)
  5. 5. • Before the students begin, project this website and show the students how to create a comic strip and show them the rubric that I will be using to assess their comic strip. Week 4: Monday-Tuesday • Next, have the students transfer their comic strip story to a form of animation using Go Animation. (40 minutes) Wednesday • Showcase the different animations through the usage of a projector and computer. • Discuss about KidsBlog and how get the students started with their personal blogs. Thursday-Friday (extra day) • Have the students post up their animation and comic strip onto their KidsBlog and comment on one another comic and animation. Friday • Showcase all the creative animations from the students once everything is uploaded and completed. Note: Give extra time to the special needs student to complete his ideas and allow him to work with a partner. Evaluate & Revise • Evaluate student reading comprehension through the use of a rubric • Evaluate students’ sentence structure, creative writing, and creativity through the use of a rubric.
  6. 6. Be Creative Rubric Students Name:_____________________________________________ Date:______________________ Project: Comic Strip and Animation CATEGORY 4 3 2 1 Clarity and Comic Strip is Comic Strip is Comic Strip is Comic Strip is Neatness easy to read and easy to read and somewhat easy hard to read and all elements are most elements to read and some few elements are clear. are clear. elements are clear. clear. Spelling & No spelling or No spelling or One to three More than four Grammar grammatical grammatical spelling or spelling and/or mistakes in a mistakes in a grammatical grammatical comic strip. comic strip. errors in the errors in the comic strip. comic strip. Required Comic Strip Comic Strip Comic Strip One or more Elements includes all includes all includes all required elements required required required is missing from elements as well elements and elements. the comic strip. as a few one additional additional element. elements. Cooperation Worked Worked Worked Did not work cooperatively cooperatively cooperatively cooperatively with with partner all with partner most with partner partner. the time with no of the time with some of the time need for teacher no need for with little need for intervention. teacher teacher intervention. intervention. Use of Time Used time wisely. Used time wisely Used time wisely Wasted time in most of the time. some of the time. class. Total rip_rubric.htm
  7. 7. Reading Comprehension Rubric Students Name:_______________________________________________________ Date:____________________________ Title of Book:________________________ Very Good Adequate Some Very Little Total Comprehension Comprehension Comprehension Comprehension 20-8 15-7 10-6 5-1 Tell most events Tell many events Tells some of Tell 1 or 2 in sequence or in sequence for the events or events or key tells most key the most part or key facts facts facts tells key facts Includes most Include many Include some Include few or important details important from important details no important and key text from text details from text language or vocabulary from text Refers to all Refers to many Refers to 1 or 2 Refers to 1 or 2 characters or characters or characters or characters or topics by specific topics by name topics by generic topics using names in text name or label pronouns (boy, girl, dog) Provides Provides Provides some Responds with insightful adequate response to incorrect response to response to teacher information teacher teacher questions and questions and questions and prompts prompts prompts /20
  8. 8. Graphic Organizer to Accommodate the student with Dysgraphia
  9. 9. Example of Prenzu: Example of Pirate Pad: Students will create an outline of what their characters are going to say in their comic strip and animation
  10. 10. Example of comic strip: