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Ten Ways to Better Frame Your Pricing


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This is Episode Eleven in a series of "Ten Things" presentations, in which Jon Manning, the Founder & Principal Consultant at and the Founder & Managing Director of, take a look at ten reasons why pricing is getting very scary.

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Ten Ways to Better Frame Your Pricing

  1. 1. 10 ways to better frame yourpricing
  2. 2. Number 10Don’t over-complicate your Pricing
  3. 3. Number 9Don’t Talk About Costs… Slide  3  
  4. 4. Number 8…talk About Value Instead! The Hallmarks of a good Value Proposition:►  What value does your product or service provide to customers►  Quantify the Magnitude of the Value provided►  Illustrate that value is superior to the competition Slide  4  
  5. 5. Number 7Know Your Competition & Customer Adhesion   q Understand  the   10   Customer   8   Low  Odour   Appearance   6   Ø  How  important  are   these  value  aJributes  to   4   them?   2  Environmenta lly  Friendly   0   Strength   q Understand  the   CompeHHon   Ø  Points  of  parity,  points   of  difference,  points  of   Resistance   Rheology   contenHon   Durability     Us   The  CompeHHon  
  6. 6. Number 6Link Prices to a Customer Value Metric
  7. 7. Number 5Do you really want half price?
  8. 8. Number 4What happened to Boxing Day?
  9. 9. Number 3Sell Goods As Services
  10. 10. Number 2Understand Behavioural Economics
  11. 11. Number 1If You’re Negotiating with a Pitbull…
  12. 12. AnyQuestions?
  13. 13. Contact InformationJon ManningDirector, Sans Prix Pty LtdFounder & Managing Director, PricingProphets.comPO Box 533, Ascot Vale, Vic 3032 Australia +61 (0) 405 629-141 (AU) | +44 (0) 7857 655-828 (UK) | @SansPrix | @PricingProphets |