Ram Nadi, Pune


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The short journey of Ram Nadi from its origins in Khatpewadi in the Sahyadris in the north west of Pune, to its confluence with the Mula River in Aundh.

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Ram Nadi, Pune

  1. 1. Ram Nadi Photos mostly taken in Jan 2007, on a bike trip-cum-walk with Titus and Zigisha Sanskriti
  2. 2. Approximate Origin Khatpewadi Click the link below to see the approximate location of this field on wikimapia http://wikimapia.org/#lat=18.4803264&lon=73.715837&z=18&l=0&m=s&v=9
  3. 3. The small watershed of the Ram Nadi lies between the watersheds of the Mula to the north and the Mutha to the south Khatpewadi
  4. 4. Tur-bajara and pasture up on the watershed
  5. 5. The little boy’s toy gaadi
  6. 6. Percolation Tank on the Ram Nadi at or near Bhukum, downstream of Khatpewadi but upstream of Bhugaon
  7. 7. Journey upto Manas Khatpewadi Percolation Tank Manas Reservoir
  8. 8. Manas Reservoir, Bhugaon
  9. 9. Downstream of Manas Reservoir
  10. 10. Rice processing downstream of Manas Reservoir, Bhugaon
  11. 11. Bhugaon
  12. 12. Bhugaon
  13. 13. Ram Nadi just upstream of Pune Manas Reservoir Road to Pirangut from Chandni Chowk crosses over Ram Nadi here Next few pictures are from this stretch
  14. 14. Upstream of Bavdhan, off Pirangut Rd
  15. 15. Water Quality just upstream of Bavdhan
  16. 16. Haldu Crab hole Sailor Butterfly
  17. 17. Umbar and Bauhinia
  18. 18. Riverside restaurant off Pirangut Road
  19. 19. Water quality downstream of restaurant
  20. 20. Mumbai-Bangalore crosses over Ram Nadi at this point, and Ram Nadi enters Pune Manas Reservoir Road to Pirangut from Chandni Chowk crosses over Ram Nadi here Pashan Lake
  21. 21. Ashish and Anchal record information for the annual waterfowl and wetlands bird census at Pashan Lake. The reservoir was created by damming the Ram Nadi in the late 1800s by the British to supply water to the Governor’s residence (which now houses the University of Pune)
  22. 22. The riverbed just below Pashan Dam
  23. 23. Pashan Water Treatment Plant Bridge to Sutarwadi
  24. 24. Duckweed
  25. 25. Eutrophication Downstream of Pashan Dam
  26. 26. Sewage Pipes Draining into Ram Nadi Below Pashan Dam
  27. 27. Ram Nadi near the bridge through Pashan Gaon
  28. 28. Green belt along Ram Nadi through Pashan Gaon
  29. 29. Garden on the banks in Pashan
  30. 30. Pashan gaon Pashan-Sus Road Pashan Lake Ramphal and guava orchard
  31. 31. A village within a city ... Ramnadi bank on the Baner-Pashan linking road side
  32. 32. Ram Nadi at Someshwarwadi
  33. 33. Someshwarwadi
  34. 34. Someshwarwadi Temple
  35. 35. A little upstream of Baner Road
  36. 36. Ram Nadi revival efforts by Clean Earth Movement (Feb 2009), event at turn off on to Linking Road from Baner Road, near Staples
  37. 37. Sangam of Ram Nadi - Mula