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Where did all my money go?


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Presentation for Powering Women In Business 2014. Why startups and business owners should care about their accounting, and how they can use QuickBooks Online to easily manage business finances on the go.

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Where did all my money go?

  1. 1. Harmony Launch Plans! August 2013!Where did all my money go? Siân Ng Marketing Manager Intuit Inc.
  2. 2. •  Founded in 1983 •  #1 cloud accounting solution for SMEs worldwide •  US$26.4B Market Cap. US $4.75B revenue in FY14 •  In 200+ countries and 40+ languages •  8,000+ employees worldwide •  Regional HQ in Singapore opened in 2009 Intuit at a Glance
  3. 3. Why Care About Your Accounting
  4. 4. Cloud Accounting Basically, accounting software which runs on remote servers ✔ Access over the Internet --> anywhere, anytime ✔ No installation or product keys ✔ Automatic upgrades and backups ✔ More secure than applications installed on desktops ✔ Collaborate with your accountant remotely which   means   So  much  yay!  
  5. 5. Mobility
  6. 6. Third-party integrations Point-of-Sale E-Commerce Event Management Payments HR / Payroll Inventory Management Reporting Consolidations CRM
  7. 7. Q: Dude, where’s my $$$?! A: Check the Money Bar (appears on the Home Screen) Income
  8. 8. Q: Where did all my $$$ go?! A: Check your Expenses (also on the Home Screen) Expenses
  9. 9. Expenses Q: Too many receipts! Help? A: Use the mobile app - take a photo, attach it to your expense
  10. 10. Q: It’s almost the end of the year. Can I afford to celebrate? A: One-click profit and loss reports – web and mobile app under Reports Profitability
  11. 11. Profitability Q: How do I know which of my clients/customers are more profitable? A: Income by Customer Summary (in Reports) a Germany Will Win The World Cup 2014 is a keeper
  12. 12. In summary… Cloud accounting is software that runs on remote servers Allowing you to… •  Keep track of your moolah, anywhere, anytime •  Figure out which customers to love/break up with •  Keep your accountant and/or investor(s) informed •  Keep calm and hustle on
  13. 13. Keep in touch! @sansian Intuit QuickBooks Online @QuickBooksAsia ✔ Free 30 days trial ✔ IRAS-compliant ✔ Included training & support