Call Levels: UX Review and New Feature Exploration


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Three-week project for Call Levels, a fintech startup based in Singapore. Call Levels is a real-time financial monitoring and notifications app.

The brief was to review the current UX, and use research to explore new features.

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Call Levels: UX Review and New Feature Exploration

  1. 1. Vernon Heng Siân Ng Colin Wan UX Audit and Recommendations
  2. 2. The UX team Vernon Heng Colin WanSiân Ng
  3. 3. Double Diamond Design Process
  4. 4. Agenda Project brief Interviews Affinity mapping Storyboards and Personas Comparative and heuristic analysis Feature prioritisation Design Studio Prototyping Usability testing Prototype demo Recommendations and next steps
  5. 5. 1. Review/audit the current platform experience 2. Ideas on new features to increase user acquisition, referrals, and improve retention. 3. Explore ideas that can help us increase activation for trial users 4. Explore a more aligned UX on iOS and Android Project Brief
  6. 6. Interviews with 5 registered users Hanwei (Personal Advisory for Clients) “I want a better social sharing function so I can share with my trading circuit.” “Hopes CL expand to more markets, e.g. smaller markets like Singapore stocks” Gene (Ex Licenced Broker) “I don't like to share information with people if they won’t look at it - waste of time for me and them” “I share stock with extremely conservative parameters” Charmaine (Broker) “If I’m tracking a [FX] pair, when I set the level I want to share with a group of customers” “I will tell customers to buy, like tell them what action to do”
  7. 7. Usability testing with 5 non-users Peter (Retail Investor) “I did not notice “Input price” on the slider” “Why is there a limitation -/+20% in the slider?” Li Qian (RM for Julius Baer) “I want to set multiple Call Levels for an asset, in one setting, not just one Call Level. Personal preference.” Nate (Retail Investor from NYC) “I’m not sure what these bars mean” - the home page red green bars “Used to seeing 1-day, 5-day, 1-month, 6-month, 1-year, 5,year charts”
  8. 8. Affinity mapping: Round 1
  9. 9. Round 2
  10. 10. Round 3
  11. 11. • Uses alerts by passing her message to her colleague • By manually passing down instructions, the tendency to forget is high Storyboard: Sophia
  12. 12. • Authentication and login process is complex • Easy to miss out on a golden opportunity to enter/exit market Storyboard: Joseph
  13. 13. Heuristic analysis of Call Levels Heuristic Analysis Visibility of system status Indicates Log In with Username. Notifications are pushed when price levels are hit. Price alert shared with friends are being notified through social media, email etc. Sign In and Sign Out functions Match between system and the real world CC list function is confusing or unclear to users, uncertainty of information provided. “Unfamiliar with Slider”. 3 bars icon at each call level is confusing. User control and freedom Privacy Policy Availability. Customizable settings (Reminders, Notifications, Alert Sounds). Able to Delete, Duplicate and Share Consistency and standards Price Alert Notifications. Profile Page, Add icon, Colours of Red and Green for prices indicators. Charts, Market News. “Invite Yours Friends Icon” (WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Facebook). Data Entry on Slider is overlooked Flexibility and efficiency of use Hidden data entry on slider screen. Social functions unclear. Simple, no advanced features. Duplicate feature for efficiency, but it’s hidden Recognition rather than recall Delete, Share, Duplicate, Following, Create, Hits, Price Alert Notification, Profile Page settings Reference: Nielsen Norman 10 heuristics
  14. 14. Competitive/comparative analysis IG ForexEagle FXAlerts StockTracker Call Levels Business Model Subscription Advertising Subscription Subscription/ Advertising No Monetisation Target Audience Retail Investors/ Brokers that trades with different Asset Classes Retail Investors/ Brokers that needs price alerts with Currency Pairs Retail Investors/ Brokers that needs price alerts with Currency Pairs Retail Investors/ Brokers needs price alerts with different Asset Classes Retail Investors/Brokers needs price alerts with different Asset Classes Executive Summary IG holds a capital markets services licence from the Monetary Authority of Singapore for dealing in securities and leveraged foreign exchange trading and is an exempt financial adviser. An essential tool for traders, enabling them to take action based on currency movements. FX Alerts signals and technical analysis from an independent trader in the currency market. Advanced full screen chart, push notification based alert, economic news, event/earnings calendar, market signal scans Call Levels, powered by the cloud and built with proprietary monitoring technology, lets everyone access finance information on-the-go at the ease of their fingertips.
  15. 15. Features comparison IG ForexEagle FXAlerts StockTracker Call Levels Price Alert Trading Signals Social Network Trading Market News Asset Classes Only Currency Pairs Only Currency Pairs
  16. 16. Price level marker: IG Current Price
  17. 17. Adding friends: Pinterest
  18. 18. Social and setting screen unclear User’s profile will be on the Social Page instead of Settings Unfamiliar with slider Slider Indicators are made more visible with additional UI Price level indicator for multiple levels in one setting Utilizing the concept of price indicator from IG’s chart Data entry on slider is overlooked Users can input numbers in the text box within the slider Sharing with friends/contacts Concept of Pinterest, Facebook “Selecting Sharing Invitation” Price level indicators Can be editable for error prevention Problem Suggested solution Summary of design implications
  19. 19. Feature Prioritisation To develop: 1. Selective sharing 2. Clearer data entry 3. Multiple price levels in one setting
  20. 20. Design studio!
  21. 21. Multiple price levels in one setting
  22. 22. Clearer data entry on CL setting screen
  23. 23. Selective sharing
  24. 24. Low-fi prototype: Multiple price levels in one setting
  25. 25. Low-fi prototype: Add friends / Social
  26. 26. Current Paper v2 v3 Iterations: Setting alerts
  27. 27. v4 v5 v6 v7 Iterations: Setting alerts
  28. 28. Word limit for remarks Remarks
  29. 29. Current Final prototype Summary: Setting alerts
  30. 30. Iterations: Social Current v1 v2 Final prototype
  31. 31. Iterations: Sharing Current Final prototype
  32. 32. t Recommendations • Limit the price levels can be set in one-go to 3 price levels • Activity Log (tracking who you share Call Levels with and posting activities, can be placed under Settings) • Boost up the online community functionality • Build up the Call Levels website to support online community • Forums for traders to share news and updates on the market • Only registered users can post news to share within the community • Include more asset classes • Enhanced charts • Build up personal portfolio tracking function
  33. 33. Opportunities: notifications Notifications should be: • Well-timed • Actionable • Spark intrigue Recommendation: • Actionable push notifications for price alerts • Push notifications to re-engage lapsed users OK, great… Hmm…
  34. 34. Opportunities: email Welcome email (pre-registration) Alert email Recommendation: ●Personalisation ●Add clear call to action ●Visual redesign
  35. 35. Thank you!