Service design for a Singapore hawker centre


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Project 3 for UX Design Immersive class at General Assembly Singapore - using service design to create a tourist-friendly hawker dining experience at People's Park Food Centre.

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Service design for a Singapore hawker centre

  1. 1. Tourist-friendly hawker dining in People’s Park Food Centre Presented by Siân Ng
  2. 2. “Top 10 dishes you can’t afford to will miss”
  3. 3. No plan for 1st storey food centre?
  4. 4. • Too busy • Needs to find new food, navigate easily, see facilities available • Can’t make up her mind • Prefers not to rely on phone too much Behaves like someone with food allergies Persona: Lina the business tripper
  5. 5. “What local dishes can I eat that won’t kill me? #1 pain point #2 pain point Faster, faster, can?
  6. 6. 1. Shortlist dishes 2. Clear information at entry points 3. Website: filter dishes 4. Info about local customs 5. Fun facts Feature ideation and prioritisation Minimal digital interference Mobile-responsive website Physical cues and signs
  7. 7. Low-fidelity paper prototypes • “Do it like a local” was misunderstood —> changed • Didn’t understand why Cuisine was under Filter by —> changed • Getting there and getting around —> combined
  8. 8. • “I already know what I want so I wouldn’t use the board” • Local customs section ignored • Removed second board entirely Information board prototypes
  9. 9. v1.0 website
  10. 10. v1.0 mobile Email shortlist Website
  11. 11. v1.0 service prototype Local customsImproved signageInformation boards
  12. 12. … and fuuuuuuun facts! v1.0 service prototype
  13. 13. User #1 Feedback: • “I’ll print it out because I’m busy” • Needs exit signs Updates: • Print icon added • Exit signs added User #2 Feedback: • Initially unsure about what the email function under the Shortlist does Update: • Copy changed v1.0 usability test
  14. 14. v1.1 testing “I’ll leave my business card to reserve my seat” “I’ll look at the information board to navigate to the stall” “I’ll head back to the taxi stand after I return my tray”
  15. 15. Information Architecture Heuristics
  16. 16. Service Design Heuristics
  17. 17. Prototypes walkthrough
  18. 18. Physical cues
  19. 19. Recommendations • Testing v1.1 in the wild • Develop search function on website
  20. 20. t Thanks!