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  1. 1. Sansha Spa at Taragarh Palace , Taragarh
  2. 2. Formerly known as Alhilal (land of the crescent moon) ,Taragarh Palace, was built in the early 1930s as a summer resorts. It was bought by the royal family of Jammu & Kashmir in 1951 for the dowager Maharani who lived there for several years. It is now run as a hotel by the present royal family. In 1931, the 27 year old Nawab of Bahawalpur built large European-style summer residence for himself up in the cool Himalayan jungle of Kangra district . He laid out lush gardens, built a glass pleasure pavilion and a mosque and christened his country palace Al Hilal ( The Crescent Moon ).
  3. 3. Sansha Spa offers traditional body treatments from tropics, and all of them rely on nature’s own pharmacopoeia to produce results. No only do they cleanse and soften your skin but also draw out impurities within. A popular therapy called here Asia root signature treatment is done with palm and figure tips with special focus on back followed with continuous strokes that follow rhythmically to stimulate blood circulation, iron out knots, detoxify and induce a state of total relaxation. This gentle; nurturing treatment combine the sense of touch and smell to sooth physical and mental tension using fragment essential oils. Also the Javanese lulur is one of the greatest secret of the Javanese royalty. Lulur, the luxurious body scrub, is believed to be one of the nature’s best exfoliating methods. Traditionally, it was given to the bride – to – be the royal families each day for 40 days prior to her wedding to cleanse smoothen, soften and rejuvenate the skin. Sansha Spas lulur recipe is made from a blend of finely ground Javanese native herbs, spices and root of sandalwood, turmeric, and curcuma heynena and rice powder. Another must to combat the dry cold of autumn and winter is Balinese Boreh body mask treatment. Boreh- an ancient Balinese spice body masks which is used as a remedy to provide natural warmth to the body. Boreh is made from a mixture of indigenous herbs and spices including nutmeg, pepper, cloves, ginger, Javanese long pepper, curcuma heynena and rice powder. Designed to increase blood circulation, the therapy commence with fully body skin brushing and exfoliation followed by detoxifying body massage. This holistic therapy concludes with application of “Boreh” mixture of the ultimate felling of well- being.
  4. 4. You can also get the much desired glow at festivals with the range of body polishers available at the medi spa. The sesame and honey in an invigorating body scrub that leaves you feeling smooth and silky. Also on the menu is papaya Embrace consisting of natural ingredients of fruits and flowers that brighten the complexion. The highlight however is the exclusive La Prairie treatments. The cellular Resurfacing treatment enhances the skin by policing and diminishing blemishes. The luxurious Caviar firming treatment makes use of unprecedented caviar extracts and unique sea proteins to make your skin look radiant. One can also choose from a range of other natural facials available that creates to all skin type. The revitalizing Facial and the Radiance facial are the most sought-after with their exfoliating and moisturizing properties providing a healthy sheen of timeless beauty.
  5. 5. Spa Statistics • Category Heritage Hotel Spa • Proximity to Airport 10 Kms. from Airport • Spa Area 10000 sq.ft. • Treatment Rooms 2 Rooms Spa Facilities • 1 Jacuzzi • 3 Steam Rooms, • 1 Swimming Pool • Spa Boutique. • Meditation & Yoga • Indoor Games Spa Treatments • Ayurvedic Kizhi • Abhyangam Shirodhara • Facial Treatments • Swedish Massage • Almond Sea Shell Body Masks • Body, Scrubs & Polishes • Hand, Feet & Hair Spa Treatments • Exotic Spa Baths