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flag of india ppt


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A brief History of Flag of India

Published in: Education, News & Politics

flag of india ppt

  1. 1. Flags of IndiaFlags of India  Presented byPresented by  HIMANSHU PATANGEHIMANSHU PATANGE  NIOS. STD. 10NIOS. STD. 10THTH  NandedNanded
  2. 2. FlagFlagWhat is meant by a flag?What is meant by a flag? It is a signIt is a sign Mostly of nationsMostly of nations And of honorAnd of honor People value itPeople value it
  3. 3. FlagFlag  Requires followersRequires followers  Represents the symbol of a common aimRepresents the symbol of a common aim  Unifies the groupUnifies the group  Gives a goalGives a goal  Inspires the followersInspires the followers  Nations, organizations,Nations, organizations, institutions,academies all need flagsinstitutions,academies all need flags
  4. 4. History of flag of IndiaHistory of flag of India  The first historicallyThe first historically significant flag in thesignificant flag in the recent history of Indiarecent history of India  The flag of MarathaThe flag of Maratha Dynasty.Dynasty.  Between 1674 to1812Between 1674 to1812  With the fall ofWith the fall of Marathas the lastMarathas the last dynasty ruling ¾ th ofdynasty ruling ¾ th of modern India endedmodern India ended
  5. 5. Union jackUnion jack  The flag of BritainThe flag of Britain  Ruled India till 1947Ruled India till 1947  India had to fight forIndia had to fight for her independenceher independence
  6. 6. Evolution of modern Indian flagEvolution of modern Indian flag  1885 A.D.– Indian Nation Congress formed1885 A.D.– Indian Nation Congress formed  Struggle started for the IndependenceStruggle started for the Independence  1905 A.D. Bengal divided1905 A.D. Bengal divided  Huge uproar all over India.Huge uproar all over India.  The need for a common flag was feltThe need for a common flag was felt  To unit the people of IndiaTo unit the people of India  To forward the struggle for independenceTo forward the struggle for independence  To project India as a unified countryTo project India as a unified country  To project the British as the intrudersTo project the British as the intruders
  7. 7. And thenAnd then  Swami Vivekanand’sSwami Vivekanand’s follower Bhaginifollower Bhagini Nivedita created theNivedita created the flag for India.flag for India.  The first ever flagThe first ever flag called ascalled as Flag Of IndiaFlag Of India  It is called as SisterIt is called as Sister Nivedita’s FlagNivedita’s Flag  Unfurled in 1906Unfurled in 1906
  8. 8. Sister Nivedita’s FlagSister Nivedita’s Flag  Square Flag.Square Flag.  Red background.Red background.  Yellow Vajra weapon atYellow Vajra weapon at centre.centre.  It is weapon of god Indra.It is weapon of god Indra.  Red colour indicatesRed colour indicates strength.strength.  Yellow for VictoryYellow for Victory  Written at centre is BandeWritten at centre is Bande Matram in Bangla.Matram in Bangla.
  9. 9. The Kolkota FlagThe Kolkota Flag  Kolkota flag wasKolkota flag was designed by Bhaginidesigned by Bhagini NiveditaNivedita  Used in a protest rallyUsed in a protest rally Against the partition ofAgainst the partition of BengalBengal  In 1906 byIn 1906 by Sachindraprasad BoseSachindraprasad Bose  In Parsi Bagan SquareIn Parsi Bagan Square
  10. 10. The Berlin FlagThe Berlin Flag  The first time Indian FlagThe first time Indian Flag abroad in 1907abroad in 1907  Unfurled at Stuttgart,Unfurled at Stuttgart, Germany. By Mrs. BhikajiGermany. By Mrs. Bhikaji Cama.Cama.  Designed by Mrs. B.Designed by Mrs. B. Cama, Veer Savarkar andCama, Veer Savarkar and Shyamji Krishna Varma.Shyamji Krishna Varma.  Also used during the 1Also used during the 1stst world war by theworld war by the revolutionariesrevolutionaries
  11. 11. Home Rule FlagHome Rule Flag  Home Rule MovementHome Rule Movement (1917)(1917)  Started by Lok. TilakStarted by Lok. Tilak And Anie BezantAnd Anie Bezant  Anie Bezant createdAnie Bezant created the Home Rule Flag.the Home Rule Flag.  The strips of union jackThe strips of union jack signified the dominionsignified the dominion status of Indiastatus of India
  12. 12. The National Congress FlagThe National Congress Flag  By Pingali Vyankayya inBy Pingali Vyankayya in 19161916  Officially adapted tricolor inOfficially adapted tricolor in 19211921  Changed the flag withChanged the flag with charkha in the centre withcharkha in the centre with white in centrewhite in centre  Was used by the thenWas used by the then provincial government ofprovincial government of free India in 1931 in worldfree India in 1931 in world war 2war 2
  13. 13. Flag of AZAD HIND SENAFlag of AZAD HIND SENA  First time hoisted inFirst time hoisted in India in Manipur byIndia in Manipur by  Subhash ChandraSubhash Chandra BoseBose
  14. 14. The Flag Of Free IndiaThe Flag Of Free India  Adopted on 2Adopted on 2ndnd JulyJuly 19471947  Creator is againCreator is again Pingali Vankayya.Pingali Vankayya.  Unfurled throughoutUnfurled throughout india on the 1india on the 1stst independence dayindependence day
  15. 15. TirangaTiranga  Tricolor or TirangaTricolor or Tiranga  Top deep saffronTop deep saffron  Middle whiteMiddle white  Lowest greenLowest green  Central dharma chakraCentral dharma chakra  Height to width ratio isHeight to width ratio is 3:23:2
  16. 16. SaffronSaffron  Stands forStands for – CourageCourage – SacrificeSacrifice – Spirit of RenunciationSpirit of Renunciation  Marathas Bhagava JaripatkaMarathas Bhagava Jaripatka  Rajputanas KesariyaRajputanas Kesariya  Hindu’s sacred colorHindu’s sacred color
  17. 17. WhiteWhite  Stands forStands for  PurityPurity  TruthTruth  peacepeace
  18. 18. GreenGreen  Stands forStands for  FaithFaith  fertilityfertility
  19. 19. Ashok ChakraAshok Chakra  Taken from the AshokTaken from the Ashok stambh (200 B.C.) ofstambh (200 B.C.) of Sarnath.Sarnath.  Shows that there is lifeShows that there is life in movement andin movement and death in stagnationdeath in stagnation  It has 24 spokesIt has 24 spokes  The diameter is 75% ofThe diameter is 75% of the width of the whitethe width of the white stripstrip
  20. 20. Few more factsFew more facts  Largest Tiranga is on the Mantralaya onLargest Tiranga is on the Mantralaya on MaharashtraMaharashtra  Flags to be manufactured only from khadiFlags to be manufactured only from khadi  ZENDA SATYAGRAH was conductedZENDA SATYAGRAH was conducted against the British Rajagainst the British Raj
  22. 22. STILL MORE FLAGSSTILL MORE FLAGS  Flag of the president of IndiaFlag of the president of India
  23. 23. Indian military flagsIndian military flags Indian Army Indian NavyIndian Army Indian Navy Indian Air Force Indian Costal GuardIndian Air Force Indian Costal Guard
  24. 24. victoryvictory  The war flag of Indian army is TIRANGAThe war flag of Indian army is TIRANGA  We won four wars with this flagWe won four wars with this flag  19481948  19651965  19711971  And the famous Kargil warAnd the famous Kargil war
  25. 25. jay hindjay hind