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BE Comps YearBook v4.0 (final release)


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This yearbook was created by BE Computers Batch of 2002-2006 which graduated from K.J. Somaiya College of Engineering,Vidyavihar

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BE Comps YearBook v4.0 (final release)

  1. 1. B.E. COMPS202002-2006
  2. 2. YEARBOOK A B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 PresentationVisit us at :-
  3. 3. A walk down memory lane .....B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 YEARBOOK
  4. 4. OUR CLASSB.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 YEARBOOK
  5. 5. Editorial Team - Ankit Jhaveri & Sanmeet Dhokay YEARBOOKLately, students in esteemed colleges like ours have been showing peculiarbehavior during the day. Researchers believe that these symptoms have beenevident in most of the students, except a few. It is generally seen that thesefew have always been found on the first three benches in class, take a dailydosage of the medicine called "Reference Books" after getting up and beforesleeping and always use the disinfectant called "Maska". The remaining major-ity have been generally found on the last benches doing the following to coun-teract this dreadful disease called "75% compulsory".1 Reading every page of the newspaper (No matter which one..)2 Forming a Mexican wave during the lecture.3 Singing the worst item numbers in chorus.4 Using special sound effects like "Maaaa..aaam" B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6Well, if you are also suffering from the same disease and show the symptomsof, using every ounce of your flesh in class(to wait for the attendance sheet),battling against numerous mosquitoes that disturb you(when you are yawn-ing) in class, witnessing your partner work hard (dozing off)in class, seeingpaper being used very efficiently (for paper balls and rockets) and hearingpeople voice their thoughts (by singing rubbish)during class, then you haveprobably guessed that this book is also product of the effort we put in duringour lectures. It is one of the most fruitful products of attending lectures.Sanmeet and me realized the scope of a best-seller in a season when the cre-ativity of our classmates had reached its epitome. After this, I am convincedthat BE -Comps 2006 shows better creativity skills then any ART / Commercestudent.Looking back into the past 4 years, I am sure we all will eventually miss ourlife at Somaiya and the time we have spent here. From the workshop building,
  6. 6. which is secluded and cramped to the drawing halls, which are empty and airy,from the Cafe with steel plated stools to the overcrowded canteen, from thehungama during Symphony to the silence before our Vivas, from the watercooler, which gave no water even after protesting to the labs that drowned dueto excess water (26/7), from the classrooms to the slope, from the unlimitedseminars we did not attend to the unlimited movie shows we attended instead,from the decent behavior during placements to the unruly behavior while eatingIdli Chili, from the copying of assignments to the originality while makingJokes and songs, from the discrimination between 10 termworkpeople and 24 termwork people to the unity we share while shouting BE-COMPS , from the scolding given by our profs. to ragging our juniors, fromcutting chai before lectures to Magix during the lectures, from entering late inclass to coming on time during the fest, from waiting in line for railway conces-sion to waiting in line for the results, from the student lift that rarely worked tothe Staff lift that always worked, from Tewariji to Pandeji, from the V dog to thecat it was always scared of, from Nirmal to Nirmale, from football during therains in the dirty muck to the volleyball court that was never used, from theInformals during Symphony to the in formals during PCT presentations andmany countless things that will always be close to our heart.With everyone tak-ing their own path in life soon, some to IT companies, others to ManagementColleges while others to Universities abroad, memories are the only thing wewill be left with the day we cross the gates of our second home.We have tried our best to put down as many memories as possible into thisbook, and I hope you all will cherish this all your life. This book, would havenever been possible without the significant contribution given to Sanmeet andme by Devi,Anubhav,Pranali,Tanuja & Rajeev. Lets hope that this bond alwaysremains within in us, because it has two essential elements in it - Somaiya andMemories.From the editorial team Ankit Jhaveri Sanmeet Dhokay BE - Comps 2006 BE - Comps 2006
  7. 7. YEARBOOK TABLE OF CONTENTS:-1. Personal Details Database............................................2. Fullee Faltoo - PJs & Riddles......................................3. 101 ways to get 23 in Term-Work.................................4. 101 ways to get 10 in Term-Work.................................5. Famous Somaiyaite Engineering Quotes....................6. B.E. Comps Lingo..........................................................7. They said it.....................................................................8. Famous Professor-Student Encounters..................... B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 69. Lifetime Achievement Awards.....................................10. Future Careers.............................................................11. Gaana Bajana...............................................................12. Other Stuff....................................................................13. Middlenames...............................................................14. Message Board...........................................................
  8. 8. 1. Details Personal DatabaseB.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 PERSONAL DETAILS DB
  9. 9. B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 PERSONAL DETAILS DB
  10. 10. B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 PERSONAL DETAILS DB
  11. 11. B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 PERSONAL DETAILS DB
  12. 12. B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 PERSONAL DETAILS DB
  13. 13. B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 PERSONAL DETAILS DB
  14. 14. 2. PJ’s & Riddles FULLEE FALTOOB.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 FULLEE FALTOO
  15. 15. Kalidas ka ek bhai joote banata hain.Uska Naam kya hai? FULLEE FALTOOA Adidas. Marte hue aadmi ko kya dene kaa?A Birla Plus Cement(Kyun ki is cement mein jaan hain!!) Ab thoda maths ho jaaye.According to new research, 3+3=8 Kaise...............socho socho ... ... ... ... AA Abey Bewakoof.............Galti se !!!! Why does a sardar use an Earbud to clean a wall? B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6A Kyun ki usne suna tha ki “Deewaron ke bhi kaan hote hain” In a pond there are 10 fish, one of them dies, and the water level of the pond increases. How?A A - The other 9 fish are crying.................
  16. 16. Ek Ladka lecture attend karta hai.Lecture ke baad use bhookh lagti FULLEE FALTOO hai.So he goes to the canteen.Canteen mein woh ek pav leta hai. Jaise hi woh pav khane keliye uthata hai to dekhta hai ki uski plate mein "jannat" likha hai.Ab aapko yeh batana hai ki woh jiska lecture attend karke aa raha hai! ,us professor ka naam kya hai???A Ishq Ki Chhaon. (Reason :- Jinke "Sir" ho "Ishq ki Chhaon" "Pav" ke neeche "Jannat" hogi....) Two hairs on a bald mans head fall in love with each other and want to get married, but cannot.Why?A Because under Indian laws, "baal vivaah" is illegal. B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 A sardar keeps 2 glasses of water next to his bed while sleeping, one with water and the other without water. Why?A Pyaas ajeeb hai kabhi lag sakti hai, kabhi nahi lagti. One day a man is sitting in the jungle under a tree and a popat sits on his shoulder, and the man dies. Why ?A Ans. Because popat was the name of an elephant. 10 Ants are walking on a road. 9 are black. 1 is white. Why ?A One of them is a widow
  17. 17. Which Gutkha do giraffes like the most? FULLEE FALTOOA A. Manikchand (Oonche log oonchi pasand) Once a man whispered something into a Sardars ear.After hearing it ,the Sardar died. What did the man say to him?A A. DHISHKYAOO!!! What is the name of Jackie Chans Mother-in-law?A A. D-COLD Total (Chan ki Saans!) Now what is the name of Jackie Chan’s Daughter-in-law?A A. D-COLD Total (Kyunki Saans bhi kabhi Bahu thi!!) What are the three versions of JAVA software?A 1.) Mar JAVA 2.) Mit JAVA B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 3.) Kar JAVA Paani ka popat kaise karne ka ?A Paani garam karke..nahne ka nahi Aur ek baar Paani ka popat kaise karne ka ?A Nal khol kar ... Bucket nikal do.
  18. 18. On the border of India and Pakistan there is tremendous tension but FULLEE FALTOO none attacks. Why ?A Because Dishum Dishum toh Pepsodent ka kaam hai. Srinath gives a Pepsi bottle to Kumble And Kumble gives it to Sehwag. Why ?A Because Sehwag is the Opener. Hare and Tortoise appear for HSC. Hare gets 95% and Tortoise gets 84%. Tortoise gets into VJTI and the Hare does not. How?A Sports Quota Ram and Laxman go to the jungle. They need to climb a tree for fruits. Ram climbs easily. Why?A Because Ram is GOD. B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 Laxman tries climbing.. but cannot climb. Why ?A Because he is V.V.S Laxman. Once an Auto rickshaw driver goes into NO ENTRY. The Police does not catch him. Why?A Ans. Because he was walking.
  19. 19. FULLEE FALTOO 5 solutions anyone ? Cigarette-Boat Series 2 men are sitting in a boat and have only 2 cigarettes, but no match- sticks or lighter, but want to smoke. How do they do it ?A They throw one cigarette in the water , so the boat becomes LIGHTER.A Kisses one cigarette - Toh Doosra Jal Jaata HaiA Throws one cigarette in the air and catches it. Catches win MATCHES.A Sprinkles some water on one cigarette - (Tip Tip Barsa Paani, Paani ne AAG lagayi)-(w.r.t MOHRA) B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6A Draws a line with a cigarette on his body which leaves a mark- (w.r.t DAAG - The Fire). What wud u call a Gal who never laughs....?A Hasina. What wud u call a Gal who always pushes her father ....?A Pushpa.
  20. 20. FFULLEE FALTOO ELEPHANT-BANANA Series An elephant has 5 bananas and it is hungry, but yet it does not eat UL EE the bananas. Why ?A Because the bananas are made of plastic. The 5 bananas are real , but yet the elephant does not eat it. Why?A Because the elephant is made of plastic. Both the elephant and the bananas are real, but yet it cannot eat it. Why ?A Because the bananas are in the TV. Both the elephant and the bananas are real and in the TV, but yet it B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 cannot eat it. Why?A Because they are on different channels. Both the elephant and the bananas are real and in the TV and on the same channel, but yet it cannot eat it. Why?A Because the TV is off. Now Finally the Elephant gets a chance to eat the bananas.Why?A Itna kyun soch rahe ho yaar...Kya bigada hain usne aapka...Khane do naa bichare ko!!!
  21. 21. FULLEE FALTOO Once a cockroach was singing a song while he was walking on the road.But all of a sudden he died.Why?A A. Bcoz the song he was singing was HIT!!! A lizard is on the wall of a theater. After the show, the lizard falls. Why ?A Because it starts Clapping (Note:- In Marathi,a staircase is called Jeena) A boy and a girl look into each others eyes on a staircase and then find themselves in Sahara Desert.Why?A Aankhon hi aankhon mein ishara ho gaya, Baithe Baithe Jeene ka Sahara ho gaya. B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 Kareena Kapoor does not allow anybody to use the stairs of her apart- ment.Why?A Coz Jeena Sirf Mere Liye!!! Shahrukh khan ka plural?A ICICI Bank Why? Coz Shahrukh says - Main hoon naa! ICICI says - Hum hain naa!
  22. 22. An elephant was in love with a she-elephant. But the FULLEE FALTOO she-elephant went and got married to some other elephant. So our elephant was very depressed. One of his friends felt sorry for him, and took him to a park to cheer him up. In the park, they sat on a see-saw, but the see-saw broke. Now, which song would our hero sing?A Ans: "See-saw ho ya dil ho, aakhir toot jaata hai." One fine morning, Ravan felt guilty day for all his bad deeds.He felt that he should go an apologise to Ram for all the prob- lems he had caused. So he went to Rams house and knocked on the door. Ram opened the door and was surprised to find Ravan standing there. Ravan just kept staring and thinking but didnt say a word. What was he thinking?A Ans: "Kis mooh se maafi maangoon?" What will you call a person who is departing from India?A Hindustan Lever If he comes back to India very soon.What is he called? B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6A Hindustan Lever Limited. Who is Joe?A Kambakt ishq... Because "Kambakt ishq hai Joe!” Once there was a person who hated evryone....naaa use kisi se pyaar thaa.........naa uska koi yaar thaaaaaa..but strangely !!! he faced one big major problem.Whenever he used to buy some trousers,jeans from market, immediately thezip of that particular thing used to disappear. Why?A Yaar bina "chain" kahan re!!! Pyaar bina "chain" kahan re!!!
  23. 23. FULLEE FALTOO Woh kya hai jo Dil main hain, Mann main hai par Dhadkan main nahi?A Aamir Khan What will you call a bird who eats stone?A Simple….A stone-eating bird!! A man is walking on the road with a milk bottle and a car comes speeding from behind and honks.The man starts drinking the milk.Why?A Because the horn says Pee Pee(Drink Drink) Elephant and mosquito get married but the mosquito dies on the wed- ding night.Why?A Bcoz the elephant puts on Good-Night What is the opposite of Dominos Pizza?A Domi doesnt know Pizza. Ek Sardar paani ke andar rehta hain,toh uska naam kya rahega? B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6A Jal-andar Singh Abhi agar woh paani ke bahar aa jaaye ,toh uska naam kya hoga?A Abey akal ke dushman, soch maat.Paani se bahar aane ke baad naam kaise change hoga! Three persons (American,Japanese & Indian(Sardarji)) are flying in an aeroplane.They think of an idea of hitting a target on the ground by using a stone.Now first American tries his luck…and hits the target.Now Japanese also tries his hand..but he misses by some dis- tance.Now its sardarjis turn ..and he too throws the stone aiming at the target..but his stone doesnt even reach the ground..why?A Remember the Stone-eating bird? The bird eats the stone .
  24. 24. FULLEE FALTOO Mangal Pandey Series What would have been the name of the movie Mangal Pandey….A If Aamir Khan was a bachelor? SINGLE Pandey. If Aamir Khan wore Chudiyas? BANGLE Pandey. If it was released during 1993 riots? DANGAL Pandey. If Aamir Khan was shown as a WWE Wrestler? RUMBLE Pandey. If Aamir Khan was shown at the Gym? DUMBELL Pandey. If Dialogues would not be audible? MUMBLE Pandey. If it was released during Christmas? JINGLE Pandey. B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 If Aamir Khan was wearing a blanket instead of a coat? KAMBAL Pandey. If Aamir Khan gets an infection during shooting? FUNGAL Pandey. If something evil happens while watching the movie? AMANGAL Pandey. Now that the movie is a flop, what should be its name? BUNDLE Pandey.
  25. 25. What is the Center of Gravity? FULLEE FALTOOA its V .............. the center of "gra V ity. What would Dharmendra say to Hema Malini if he wants her to call him up?A Ring De Basanti A man asks for Priyagold biscuits from Inzamam.Why?A Haq se mango!! If Emraan Hashmi is serial kisser,Who is a parallel kisser?A RAVAN Once there is a peacock who rides a bike.Every hour he comes to a tea stall where some people are sitting.He gives them a smile and goes away.He does this every hour.Why?A Coz hes riding a TVS Victor("More" smiles per hour) A boy eats only the inner part of samosa.Why?A Because his mother had told him - "Bahar ka maat khao". B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 Ek baar ek murgi ped pe chad ke,oodne ki koshish karti hain.Lekin woh gir jaati hain.Doosri baar woh phir oodne jaati hain .Yeh baar who ood sakti hain.Kyun?A Pehli baar girne se uska popat hota hain.
  26. 26. 24 IN TERM-WORK 2. 101 ways to score 24 in Term-Work - Niranjan Khandekar B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 - Sanket JoshiKP Khandekar Publications
  27. 27. 1.Change your surname Available options:Joshi,Kamat,Khandekar. 24 IN TERM-WORK2.Ask questions even if you know the answer.3.If you come late for a lecture ,tell the professor that you wont sign the atten-dance sheet.4.Always bring reference books to class.5.Always sit on the first three benches.6.Try to convince the professor that you are the only one who is interested inthe lecture.7.Always be the first one to submit the assignment.8.Always write assignments and write-ups on our own.9.Always ask the professor for notes even if you are not gonna refer them.10.Say that you dont want a question bank for the Term-Test11.Ask the Prof. to take make-up lectures. B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 612.Wish the Prof. on his/her B’dayFor More Logon
  28. 28. 10 IN TERM-WORK 4. 101 ways to score 10 in Term-Work - Amit Kaul B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 - Vivek jainCP Chaudhari Publications
  29. 29. 10 IN TERM-WORK1.Change your surname Available options:Jain,Kaul,Chaudhari2.Always sit on the last three benches3.Do not carry any books to college4.Sleep during the lecture until you get caught.5.Shout Maaaaaammm/Siiirrrrrrrr as soon the lecture starts.6.Use only one book for our entire engineering course7.Make a Mexican Wave such that the professor notices it.8.Make different types of sound effects9.Always be the last one to submit the assignment10.Never write assignments and write-ups on our own11.Do not give any of the Weekly/Term tests. B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 612.Order of Preference :- Cricket Test >>>Term TestFor More Logon
  30. 30. 5. Quotes Famous EngineeringB.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 ENGINEERING QUOTES
  31. 31. ENGINEERING QUOTES On Being Late (Standing at the door... gesturing to a friend) "Andar aaon kya? Kab chalu hua?" "Attendance ho gaya kya??" IC "I was searching for the Classroom" SSC LA " Train was late" During the lecture "Khandekar ka assignment 2 tere paas hai??" "Kya bore ho raha hai. Bola tha bunk karenge." "Heads, we go home, Tails, we go home now!!!" IC "Journal sheet hai??" SSC LA B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 Lab "Expt. 2 likha??" "I thought it is a wednesday" (lab starts at 10:45 on wednesday) "Karna kya hai??" IC Arre.. mere liye bhi ek copy print nikal. SSC LA
  32. 32. Unit Test ENGINEERING QUOTES "Oh F***!!! Itna syllabus cover ho gaya ?" "Aaj kounsa test hai?" For attendance (Less attendance isliye attendance badane ke liye bahane) IC "I forgot the I-card , so watchman dint let me in" SS "Symphony (college festival) marketing"C LA Late submission of assignments "Maine Abhijit ko bola thaa ki copy karke mera assgnment bhi saath mein Submit kar dena" "Electronix ka last date extend hua thaa" IC "I dint know the last date" SSC LA Late submission of Journal (for printouts) "Format pataa nahi thaa" C "Printer is not working today" SI AS B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6CL "Friday ko light nahi tha" VIVA (after exam) "Yeh bhi syllabus mein thaa kya?" "Achha !!! ye aise hota hai kya?" "Ye subject ka reference book kounsa hai" "Vidyalankar mein to alag hai" "Oh!!! to exam mein yeh likhna thaa kya..... (may be 37 now!)" " What was she asking ??"
  33. 33. VIVA (Before exam) ENGINEERING QUOTES "Submission ab tak hua nahi hai , VIVA kya ghanta doonga" "Dekh Boss !! external bhi aadmi hai. Usko pata hai students ka ab tak preparation nahi hua hai......" VIVA (General) "Dekh , tu jo bhi padhega , woh (external) tereko woh nahi poochhnewaala ,then watz the point" "Roll no. 1 aur 2 ko wapas bulaaya hai" "External is asking Bermuda Triangle ka Magnetic force kitna hai" IC "Ye kounse subject mein aata hai" SSC LA "Aaj kounsa Viva hai?" "Jake Seedha internal ke samne baith" IC "External badla le raha hai, kyun jab apne college ka prof unke college ASSCL mein gayatha external banke tab usne unke students ki vaat lagayi thi" "Please file mat khol .. aur please please program mat pooch !!!!" "My lab partner has done the program. I was absent." B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 "Reference book se pooch raha hai ?????????? " "Kuch nahi hua toh internal ko dekh..." Submission " Ye bhi chhapna hai kya??" "Iska bhi print-out lena hai kya?" "Tujhe Harale ka sign aata hai kya?" "Ye tune kya likha hai????" IC "Jo word samajh mein aa raha hai woh likh , jo nahi samajh mein aa SS LAC raha hai uska drawing nikal""Phir bhi, kuch to idea hoga??"
  34. 34. ENGINEERING QUOTES "Maine Ashish se likha hai, mera assignment check ho gaya , tu bhi wohi kar." IC "Jo word samajh mein aa raha hai woh likh , jo nahi samajh mein aa raha SS LAC hai woh chhod de." " Arre ... Certification ke din pe Madam kaise bimar pad sakti hai." "Submission in one hour-- Number kab ayega.. entire file has to be cor- rected." "Anyone with an extra index sheet ????" IC "Page numbers bhi copy mat kar. Maine bhi Siddharth se liya hai." SSC LA "WHAT A WASTE !!!! " "Point kya hai paper , ink aur energy waste karneka.. " EXAM IC SS "Jo (mujhe)aata hai , woh (paper mein)aata nahi hai jo nahi aata hai wohC LA aata hai" "Ye question 2 saal se nahi poochha hai" B.EB.C. C O MPS 2002-200 6 "Ye last time hi poochha thaa" "Tere paas Vidyalankar ke notes hai??" " Woh chapter....... mark weightage 6 marks.....(facial ex-pressions speaks the story)" " Nahi samjha to rat le " (When someone is intensively doing his last revision) "Yeh nahi aayega !!!" . E O MPS
  35. 35. 6. Lingo B.E. COMPSB.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 B.E. COMPS LINGO
  36. 36. Chance Pe Dance-To make full use of opportunity B.E. COMPS LINGOMauka Dekh ke Chauka-Same as aboveChaatu(adj)-One who …….(u know it!!!)Chaatugiri(n)-It is an art at which Chaatus are expert at.Linking-Loading-Compiling-Art of Match-MakingTotal(pronounced as Toaaaatal)-Vasool, FultooAsli Cheez-Man of Honour.Naqli Cheez- Opposite of above.Yeh kya ho raha hain bhai? B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6-Often heard in the middle of a boring lecture.Parasgiri-Art of mixing Hindi & Marathi to make a meaningful sentence‘Sii..................rrr’-Madam has entered class 15 minutes before.‘Batsman’-Flirt‘Agentgiri’-Art of convincing the mass into a deal.
  37. 37. B.E. COMPS LINGO‘BE Comps.. BE Comps’- Nothing else to say‘Magix’-Supplements to survive the lecture.‘Cafe’-Playground for injuring classmates by giving bumps.‘Practicals’- !@$#$%&% ????????‘Triple Schzewan Rice’Synonym:- ‘Idli Chilly’- Cause of Junglee Behaviour‘Item’-Any human remotely resembling a female.‘Project Day’- Holiday B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6‘Assignment Writing’-Art of replicating‘PPM’-Pages per minute (unit used for replicating assignments)‘Proxy Server’-Samaj Sevak‘Attendance’-Reward for surviving torture‘Double lecture’-Two signature on attendance sheet ( for Back benchers )-Means to reach the goal of 24 (for Front benchers)
  38. 38. ‘R Mall’-First Floor Boys Toilet B.E. COMPS LINGO‘Mess’-Unlimited Khanna.. Budget mein‘RSDK’-Roti Shoti Daba ke’ B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6
  39. 39. 7. They Said ItB.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 THEY SAID IT
  40. 40. Ankit JhaveriChala Chala Chala…………………….…………………..Jaooya Jaooya!!! THEY SAID ITVivek JainAadonno(I Dont Know)Sanjay PaiKya Bhaieee……..Kuchch Bhii!!!Protik MukhopadhyayArey who sab naqli hai, Asli cheez toh idhar hainAmit KaulOye,kya sexxy mazaa aa gayeeAnubhav BhargavaArey Pandu ke paas dala hai B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6Kaiwalya KherSusaaaat aahe teRohan KapoorChalo yaar,thoda Naasta Vaasta ho jaayeGanesh DabholkarBECOMPS!! BECOMPS!!Jayaramakrishnan Venkateshwaranzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  41. 41. Nikhil Attarde THEY SAID ITKaay dhammaal aali yaar!Amrut BudihalKya Karu?? Bol naa yaar!!Shashank KarnikAyeeeeeeeeeeeee…………..Nikhil WethekarYe kya hai bossssPK‘%&$%*&(^)R!@!#$@*’ -- (Dont try, you can never understand what he talks ) B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6Santosh Lokhande:-Are Vrushali kuthe aahe re??....Chetan Khade :-Lecture samplyavar mala uthav…Rajeev Kamble :-Koi to bhi "chaipani" karo yaar
  42. 42. Pranali Lad"How mean!" THEY SAID ITUrvi Shah"Chod na....kyon tension lene ka?!!"Unmesh Kapil‘Scolors ... Scolors.. scolors’Prasad KalmatkarSYSTEM ERROR: Please input text in English and not Marathi.Sanket Joshi‘Har ghadi badal rahi hai.. (singing Kal Ho na Ho)’Vivek Gupta‘Today Sensex touched 9,000.. start investing into Reliance’‘Hey.. Zinia .. lets go to GOA’ B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6Paras Mantri‘Allah ke bande..’Guruprasad IyerO..A..E..I..O...A...E..ONiranjan Khandekar:-Kaay ghetoys khayla ?? .. Idli Chilli ??Unmesh Kapil :-No maam,its not like that..u know..its that..okay..
  43. 43. Mischelle Lobo -“Jhooth nahi bolneka..mummy ne bola hai !!” THEY SAID ITTanuja Varkanthe-" Mujhe vada sambar mein budavke nahi chahiye""arey patta pis pis ke vato yaar" B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6
  44. 44. 8. Famous Encounters Prof-StudentB.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 FAMOUS PROF-STU ENC
  45. 45. FAMOUS PROF-STU ENCEncounter no. 1:-Prof:-"Protik,I told u naa,not to attend my lectures"Protik:-"Maam,its all done.Everything is sorted out".Encounter no. 2:-Prof:-”What is this Amit?Tell me what is bubble sort?”Amit Kaul:-”Ma’am,Ma’am,Ma’am,Ma’am................”Encounter no. 3:-Prof:-”Salil,show me what have you done so far in the practs”Salil:-”Ma’am,doing,doing”(Scrolling up & down an already existing C program).(Scenario:-Term Test.No one has studied for it(as usual).Nikhil Wethekar getscaught while copying) B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6Prof:-”Nikhil,what are you doing?Give your paper and leave”Nikhil:-”I was not copying.Yeh naa insaafi hain.I’m sincere,I want to score.”
  46. 46. 9. Awards Lifetime AchievementB.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 LIFETIME ACH. AWARDS
  47. 47. Award For Best Singing Talent LIFETIME ACH. AWARDS-Sanket JoshiAward For 100% Attendance-Niranjan KhandekarAward For Best Java Programming-Kaiwalya KherAward For Hitting max. no of sixes & fours-Prashant GokhaleAward For Best Classroom entry-Shashank Karnik(Male Category)-Richa Lehar(Female Category)Award For Best Balancing Act-Studies & T.P. B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6-Kinshuk MishraAward For Best Lecture Time Utilisation-Jayaramakrishnan Venkateshwaran(Male Category)-Sharayu Sarode(Female Category)Award For Best Agentgiri-Ganesh DabholkarAward For Mesmerizing the professor with a killing smile-Ankit Jhaveri
  48. 48. Award For Best Musical Talent LIFETIME ACH. AWARDS-Rajeev KambleAward For Taking Max. no of Pangas with professorsShared jointly by-Sumeet Chaudhari-Amit KaulAward For Best Linking-Loading-Compiling-Shared Jointly by Devi Chandrasekar Reena GuptaAward For Best Voice Amplification Quality B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6-Ruchita Bansal(Female Category)-Guruprasad Iyer(Male Category)Award For Spending max. time on football ground-Akshay DarmwalAward For Cracking Max. no of Pathetic Jokes(PJs)-Salil JamdarAward For Receiving Max no. of Birthday Bumps-Vivek Jain
  49. 49. Award For Best Laughing Talent(Navjot Singh Sidhu Award) LIFETIME ACH. AWARDSShared jointly by-Meghana Bhavsar-Divya HariharanAward For Preponing Max no. of lectures-Namita ModakAward For ‘Most Sincere Student’Divya KapoorAward For Best Story Telling Talent-Protik MukhopadhyayAward For Having the Largest Fan-Club B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6-Tanuja VarkantheAward for Best Style Icon-Rohan KapoorAward for Max no. of hand movements-Amit PanhaleAward for Max no. of visits to Xeroxvala-Anubhav Bhargava
  50. 50. Award for Best Hindi-Marathi Fusion LIFETIME ACH. AWARDS-Paras Mantri(Male Category)-Tanuja Varkanthe(Female Category)Award for Having Lowest Attendance-Salil JamdarAward for ‘Writing Neatest assignments’ --Shraddha ChaudhariAward for ‘Giving most roses on rose day’Shared Jointly by- Ashish Desai- Vivek GuptaAward for ‘Longest GRE prep leave’ B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6Anand ShenoyAward for ‘Quietest student in class’Ashish NirmaleBest award for surviving in batch of diploma students:-Unmesh KapilBest award for "LAMPATGIRI" :-Jointly Shared bySantosh LokhandePrasad Kalmatkar
  51. 51. 10. Future CareersB.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 FUTURE CAREERS
  52. 52. Ganesh Dabholkar - Agent (LIC/Estate)Salil Jamdar- Indian IdolAnubhav Bhargava- Xerox FUTURE CAREERSRuchita Bansal - Prime MinisterAnkit Jhaveri- Speaker(Lok Sabha)Amit Panhale- News reader for the deaf and dumbSanmeet Dhokay-Cyber Café/CanteenVivek Gupta- Mobilewala/Big bull/Broker/Palm readerReena Gupta-Hafta vasooliNiranjan Khandekar - Head of CHATU oops CHATE classesPranali Lad- Head of FIGHT CLUBPK- Dhongi BabaAkshay Daramwal-Defence Minister B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6Surekha Deshmukh- Home MinisterSumeet Chaudhari- Gym InstructorArchana Deokate- Mrs IndiaKinshuk Mishra and Divya Kapoor-"Kajra re" dance academyAmit Kaul-Member of "Daler chaddo…saanu dekho" clubGuruprasad Iyer- AmplifierMeghana Bhavasar and Divya Hariharan- Judges of THE GREAT INDIANLAUGHTER CHALLENGE 2020
  53. 53. Nikhil Attarde- Hair SalonSudeep Kamat- Owner of FEVIQUICK FUTURE CAREERSKaiwalya Kher- Cyber copPrashant Gokhale-Host/Analysis on EXTRA INNINGSAmeya Karkhanis- Asian Paints LTD/Vada-Dosa dinnerAniruddh Saraf-Questions.comMinal Dongre- NegotiatorVivek Jain- Principal of KJ Somaiya College of CommerceZeenat Shaik -Go goa.comProtik Mukhopadyay- MacDowells ownerRoland -Jholer(Controller) of examinations.Santosh :- Laundry B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6Devendra :- Visual Basic ExpertAnil :- Computer AssemblerChetan :- ChaiwalaUnmesh :- PublicationsAshish Desai- Customer Care services
  54. 54. 10. Gaana BajanaB.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 GAANA BAJANA
  55. 55. GAANA BAJANA Our Anthem Saluting the spirit of BE Comps !! Pyaar hamein kis mod pe le aaya Ke dil kare haye, koi to bataye, kya hogaBattiyan bujhaa do ke neennd nahin aati haiBattiyan bujhane se bhi neend nahin aaegi Battiyan bujhane vaali jaane kab aaegiShor na machao varana bhabhi jaag jaaegi Pyaar hamein kis mod pe le aaya Ke dil kare haye, koi to bataye, kya hoga Aakhir kya thi aisi bhi majaboori B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 Mil gaye dil ab bhi kyon hai ye dooriAre, dam hai to unase chheen ke le aayenge Di na ghar vaalon ne agar manzoori Pyaar hamein kis mod pe le aaya Ke dil kare haye, koi to bataye, kya hoga.
  56. 56. Kaiwalya KherMar Java ,Mit Java ,Kar JavaCollege mein sirf ye,Karta hain programsIn Java Java……… GAANA BAJANAPrashant GokhaleYe hain Mister Prashant Gokhale,Somaiya college ke ubharte sitaare,Life mein inhone sirf maara chauka,Waited for loose ball,Mila dher saara mauka,Class mein rahi inke liye har position khali,Har ek ladki ke saath inhone apni pehchaan karayi,GRE dekar inhone aandhi machayee,Apni critics ko ungli dikhayee,Aaj bhi hain pakde ye umeed ki dori,Dont lose hope is the moral of the story,Jisne bhi shikha inse kabhi bhi naa ruknaa,USA mein jaake milega bhaiyya UMEED SE DUGNA!!! B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6Ashish Nirmalye:-(To be sung like Khalbali tune)Nirmalye hain Nirmalye,Nirmalye hain Nirmalye,Hain Nirmalye,Lamba-Gora dikhta hain,Shant-Shant ye rehta hain,Poonam pe line marta hain,Hain Nirmalye,Nirmalye hain Nirmalye,Nirmalye hain Nirmalye.
  57. 57. Amrut BudihalKya kare Kya naa kare,Ye kaisi mushkil haaye,Koi toh batade iska hal oh mere bhai. GAANA BAJANAAniruddha SarafJaane Kaise Kab Kahaan,Ye questions poochta hain,Hum answer karte hain,Aur yeh poochta rehta hain.Vivek GuptaWoh hain albela,sau mobile-wala,Jiski deewani somaiya ki har bala,Woh Gupta hain,woh gupta hain.Akshay DarmwalNaa hum Sanket Joshi ,naa Kinshuk Mishra,Naa kisi teacher ko chaate,Hum hain sidhe-sadhe Akshay Akshay, B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6Kabhi lecture kabhi football aise Akshay Akshay.Vivek JainPatli kamar,2D badan,Commerce ki shakal hain,Cafe mein maar khane ki iski aadat hain.....!Sanjay PaiRuk ruk ruk,arey Pai ruk,Project ke liye saath hain Kinshuk,
  58. 58. Prashant Krishnan:-(to be sung in the tune of main ramta jogi)Main ramta yogi main ramta yogi hoy hoyMain yoga camp mein ho aaya GAANA BAJANARamdev Baba se mil aayaSaare aasan main sikh aayaEk pal mein showoff main kar aayaMain PK Baba PK Baba hoy hoySudeep Kamat(to be sung in the tune of jab bhi koi ladki dekhun)Jab bhi koi Divya dekhunmere dil deewana bolechipakle chipakle chipakle chipakleDekhkar mujhko dono Divyas boleKatle katle katle katleKinshuk Mishra(to be sung in the tune of kajra re kajra re)Kinshuk ka chain vain sab ujhdaDivya ne maara jab jhatkaBarbaad ho gaya Sudeep B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6Aur Archit bhi hai latkaKinshuk ki angdaai na tute DK aajaKajra re Kajra re BE COMPS ka kajra reSalil Jamdar(to be sung in the tune of jab pyar kiya toh darna kya)Jab batting kiya toh darna kyaJab batting kiya toh darna kyaBatting koi chori nahi ki Salim DivyaBatting kiya koi chori nahi kiChup chup gaane gaana kya
  59. 59. Anubhav Bhargava:-(to be sung in the tune of dil dil main tere pyarmein)Xerox Xerox Xerox GAANA BAJANAMaine pandu ko diya haiMujhe concession bhi mila haiMain kya karooooDil dil dilMaine diploma girls ko diya haiUnhone pyar se le liya haiMain kya karooooNiranjan Khandekar:-(to be sung in the tune of main toh raste se ja rahatha)Main toh college mein aa raha tha100% attendance bana raha thaProffesors ki main chat raha thaPranali ko line de raha tha24/25 termwork la raha thaISTE chair bana toh main kya karooo?Jayramakrishnan:- B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6(to be sung in the tune of aaja piya tujhe pyar dun)aaja JR tujhe khaana dunIdli chilli aur vada dunSab kha ja tu sab kha jaTere liye khana tere liye ho hoGuruprasad Iyer:-(to be sung in the tune of tujhe kes bhuru bhuru)Tera naam guru guruTere baal bhuru bhuruKab hoga tu shuruAb toh bol
  60. 60. Shreya upadhyay:-stare kare ho Hitler stare kare,Stare kare ho Hitler stare kare,Questions bhi pooche, Sataye, GAANA BAJANABad PJs bhi mare ,Bich lecture mein hay naam mera pukareHo karke ishare,Ho hitlet stare kare…..(now keep guessing who the Hitler is!!)Protik Mukhopadhyay:-Tere Haath Mein Khamba re,Tere Haath Mein Khamba re,Naa Reference book,Naa kisi prof ka notesTere Haath Mein Khamba re,Aaya tha woh somaiya mein sapnon ka ek baadalThana ki ladki tot bahut thi ,man mein machi thi hulchulSaath jiyenge,saath padenge saath chalenge paidalPar pata chala ,nirmalye use utha ke le gaya aa karVaat lag gayi yaar ke toota sapnon ka mahalTere Haath Mein Khamba re,Tere Haath Mein Khamba re,Naa Mech ka haath ,Naa Porineeta ka saath. B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6Driver tha uska bada harami,Protik ka toda Corolla,Final year phir aaya gale mein dalke haath apna,GRE bhi uski khaas nahi thi,ROLA mein pad gaya jaana,IInd class mein travel kar raha,Jhooth hain uska hasna,Bail mil gayee yaar toh kya hain banega naya mahal,Tere Haath Mein Khamba re,Tere Haath Mein Khamba re,Naa Visa ka pata,Naa project ka data,Tere Haath Mein Khamba re,
  61. 61. 10. Other StuffB.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 OTHER STUFF
  62. 62. Kaul ke saath panga kyun nahi lene ka?A:-Kyunki 1.Woh Kashmiri hain 2.Jammu se aaya hain OTHER STUFF 3.Aur hostel main rehta hainHair Raising Experience - KisnaAll India Radio - MeghanaCandid Confession - SanjaliCreativity Personified - HemaliLaughter Champion - AnubhavYe dosti hum nahi chodengeGuruprasad & SalilAnubhav & Ashish B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6Pratibha & PoojaZeenat & FaizaaAarti and PoonamNisha and SheetalRohan- Mithun
  63. 63. Famous Books written by BE Comps JuntaReena - Most "ASTHETIC" dance moves OTHER STUFFNamita Modak - Tips to Complete aasignments & journals b4 timeNamita Pradhan - Presenting writeupsAshish Desai - All about making girls accept rosesNiranjan - Paise bachane ke 100 tarike (Courtesy ISTE)JRK - WHY BOTHER?!!!Sumeet - 101 ways to flirtHemali - Best Rangoli & Mehendi DesignsSanket - The RaagasKaiwalya - Java in the "SUSSSSAAAATT" wayAnubhav - Principles of Diploma Management B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6PK - Yoga at its BestRuchita - Cricket or Politics - Which is a better Deal?Pranali - 101 Ways to marofy lines on paperVaibhavi - Innocence Personified (??????)Anjali - Tips to Dress BestVivek Gupta - Hazaar Tarike Pakaane keSalil - Jhankaar Beats
  64. 64. Our State:-B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 OTHER STUFF
  65. 65. 13. Middle ?? namesB.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 MIDDLENAMES
  66. 66. Ankit Jaooya Jhaveri MIDDLENAMES Vivek 2D JainAniket Forearms Kunwar Salil PJ JamdarGuruprasad Woofer Iyer Amit Sir Kaul Sanmeet ‘Cyber’ Dhokay B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6Rohan Tug-of-war KapoorAmeya Rangoli Karkhanis Amit Don PanhaleNikhil Bindhaas WethekarPrashant 2 Stack Gokhale
  67. 67. Protik Baatli Mukhopadhyay MIDDLENAMES Ganesh BECOMPS Dabholkar Sumeet Before-After ChaudhariJayaraman Self-Destruction Venkateshwaran Aniruddha W5HH Saraf Amrut Confusion Budihal Akshay IAF Darmwal B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 Kaiwalya Susaat Kher Rajeev Musical Kamble Ashish Sajjan Nirmalye Adnan IEEE Lakdawala Anubhav Xerox Bhargava
  68. 68. Chandan Football Mahapatra MIDDLENAMES Akshat Zulfi Potdar Sanjay Ghai Pai Vivek Sharebazaar Gupta Prashant PK Krishnan Paras Hayden Mantri Ashish FSM Desai B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6Niranjan Ice-Tea Khandekar Prasad Aajkar Kalmatkar Kinshuk Mambo Mishra Nitin Palindrome Bhor Unmesh Anu Kapil
  69. 69. Nikhil Paparazzi Attarde MIDDLENAMES Archana Hehehe Deokate Meenal ‘Mean-Kad’ Dongre Namita Atttteee Pradhan Shrikanth ‘Acting’ MurthyDevi ‘Conference’ Chandrasekar Sanket ‘Singer’ Joshi B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 Aashish ‘Khalbali’ Nirmalye Surekha ‘Airforce’ Deshmukh Roland ‘Mohd. Ali’ Pereira
  70. 70. Reena ‘Gundi’ Gupta MIDDLENAMES Divya ‘Kajra Re’ Kapoor Divya ‘Train..Bus’ Hariharan Ruchita ‘Jay Narayan’ BansalMeghana ‘Laughter Champion’ Bhavsar Hemali ‘Rangoli’ Vadalia Pooja ‘IIM’ C B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 Tanuja ‘IIT-B’ Varkanthe Anjali ‘Sanjali’ Sattam Poonam ‘Diet’ Sawant Faaiza ‘Sixza’ Shaikh Zeenat ‘Mehendi’ Shaikh
  71. 71. Priyanka ‘Mother of Yoga’ Shah MIDDLENAMES Pranali ‘Puhlease’ Lad Vaibhavi ‘Pie’ Mogare Tanuja "Pavbhaji" Varkanthe Namrata "Rajdhani" Sawant Urvi " Tensionfree" shah Santosh "Dhobi" Lokhande B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 Yogesh "Gav-vala" Kulkarni Chetan "Baba" Khadye Shital " Ha Ha Ha" Ghuge
  72. 72. Mithun ‘Oye’ JadhavHemdeep ‘Dimag kharab’ Singh MIDDLENAMES Anand ‘Too good’ Shenoy Sanket ‘Hehe kyun?’ Patle Supriya "But obvious" Rane B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6
  73. 73. 14. Board MessageB.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 MESSAGE BOARD
  74. 74. B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 MESSAGE BOARD
  75. 75. B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 MESSAGE BOARD
  76. 76. B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 MESSAGE BOARD
  77. 77. B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 ATTENDANCE SHEET - B DIV
  78. 78. B.E. C O MPS 2002-200 6 ATTENDANCE SHEET - B DIV
  79. 79. THANK YOU!Daredevils Copyright 2006 All Rights Reserved