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Old Mission Montessori School 5-27-2014


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Old Mission Montessori School 5-27-2014

Published in: Spiritual
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Old Mission Montessori School 5-27-2014

  1. 1. PRINCIPAL NOTES…. EMAILS AND CONTACT INFORMATION….IMPORTANT Please make certain our school office has your current address, email, phone number, cell number and alternate contact numbers. Updated information is crucial in case of any emergency…..please make certain we have your current and correct information! Thank you for your assistance in helping us to locate or connect with you when necessary. 2014-15 REGISTRATION PACKETS By now all re-registered families have received their 2014-15 enrollment packets; please let the office know if your packet did not include the complete Tuition Agreement. Please remember to COMPLETE and then return your Packet prior to Monday, June 2, this will then allow us to complete your on line F.A.C.T.S. agreement. Once we input the information then F.A.C.T.S. will notify you to provide an opportunity to review and allow you to make any necessary changes such as accounts or dates. This information must be completed in a timely fashion to allow OMMS and F.A.C.T.S. time to assist each family with their account. We would like to thank all who returned the 2014-15 Registration Form to indicate their return for the next school year or returned the form with their decision not to return as this information is necessary for planning. REMEMBER ALL ARE INVITED…… rescheduled events that were postponed due to the Fires Please feel free to come join us on Wednesday, May 28, at 6:30 p.m. in the Serra Center to view students within our Sr. Elementary as they present their MULTICULTURAL PROGRAM! This will be their final program for the year so please consider joining us in support of their “work”! Our annual tradition of honoring Mary will take place on Friday, May 30, at 11:00 in the Chapel. All are welcome to join us as we celebrate then place crowns on Mary, one in front of the school, one at the entrance to the horseshoe drive and one located in Primary…..Come join us, honor Mary and lend your voices to our celebration. St. Augustine of Canterbury Augustine was an Italian monk who was living a quiet life as the head of a group of monks in Rome. All that changed when his friend, Pope Gregory decided that Augustine was just the person to take leadership of the Christian faith in Britain. Augustine and his missionary team of 30 monks started from Rome on their journey. When they got as far as Provence, in southern France, they heard some frightening tales. Britain, they were told, was still a place of uncivilized tribes. The monks convinced Augustine to tell Gregory the trip was a bad idea. But Gregory said he wished he could join them himself, and he was sure that the time was right. It turned out that Gregory was correct. After several years, King Ethelbert of Kent in England was baptized. His people followed his example. Before long the English people would themselves be sending out missionaries. Augustine worked among the English for eight years before he died. He is honored as the apostle of England. St. Augustine of Canterbury, pray for us. OLD MISSION MONTESSORI SCHOOL Tuesday, May 27, 2014 DATES TO REMEMBER!  Wednesday, May 28th , Multicultural Event (4th and 5th grade), 6:30 p.m., Serra Center, Everyone is invited to attend!  Thursday, May 29th , Jazz Recital  Friday, May 30th , Crowning of Mary, 11:00 am all school Mass, 3:00/3:15 pm  Saturday, May 31st , OMMS/MSLRP Yard Sale, 7:00 am – 2:00 pm  Monday, June 2nd , 7th grade play, 6:30 p.m., St. Francis Hall  Thursday, June 5th , Annual Spring Program, (Primary – Jr. Elementary), 6:30 pm, Serra Center  Tuesday, June 10th , Eighth Grade Graduation Ceremony, Chapel, 7:00 pm  Wednesday, June 11th , Ice Cream Social  Friday, June 13th , Last day of school
  2. 2. Our Spirit Week ended with our community! Our entire community joined together on Friday to enjoy a variety of midmorning games then ending with a picnic lunch! I happened to be involved in a meeting during the festivities, but from the “Cheers” and sound level everyone had a GREAT time! Many, many thanks to the parents who assisted, brought in additional food items or drinks, and to the Boone Family who not only “grilled” the lunches, they donated the all you can eat hotdogs and buns……all truly appreciated the yummy lunch as a precursor to the traditional annual Memorial Day BBQ’s! We would also extend our appreciation to the Knights of Columbus for the use of their portable BBQ, to Joey B. for the wonderful music and sound system plus all of our teachers and students who assisted with the day’s event…..complete FUN for everyone!! UPDATE from OMMS TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE …… Another meeting was held on this past week Wednesday, May 21. Members include two parents, three teachers, our Pastor, Chief Operations Officer, an individual within the technical business world, a parishioner, and principal. During this meeting it was announced that Rick Lewis, a parishioner and Director of Technology and Information Systems for Carlsbad Unified School District, was appointed Chair of the Technology Steering Committee. We reviewed the necessities and reached a decision to establish our short term goal as being to complete the Smart Board Technology project within in Jr. and Sr. Elementary, plus change the projection system within Middle School prior to the beginning of school. We are now in the process of obtaining bids to compete this project. Other established goals are to create a multi-media room to support all classrooms from Transition to Primary and upgrading our two Computer Science Labs. In addition a new Technology Plan will be written document as we move forward into the future. We are very blessed with the dedication and commitment from each member as each brings experience and expertise relative to their various fields. On behalf of everyone at OMMS, especially the students, we thank you for your willingness to assist with this endeavor. CONGRATULATIONS, ALTAR SERVER, KATIE N. Our congratulations to Katie N. She has completed four years of service as an acolyte for the Parish and for our school. She was awarded the San Damiano Cross for her service! PTG NEWS 2014-2015 PTG Position and Committee needs are announced! Please read the attached informational sheet for details, and let us know where you want to be more involved for next school year. We hope to see everyone at the Ice Cream Social! Needs: Core Position: Treasurer Committee Chair/Co Chairs: • Social Events • First Semester Fundraising Event • Second Semester Fundraising Event • Hospitality • Volunteers • Publicity/Marketing PTG is revamped and excited for 2014 - 2015, please let us know if you want to join the party! Jawrad Tressler (, Danielle Campos ( or CinJ Family Work Schedules Thank you to all the families that have already picked up their work schedules. This will be the final week schedules will be available. Please see Leticia Madril in the horseshoe, from 8:05 a.m. to 8:40 a.m. if you haven’t picked yours up. Please remember as a school we rely on the funds generated from this event. Therefore, many hands are necessary for a successful event! Thank you for your dedication and commitment. CinJ Baked Goods The sights and sounds of Christmas in July will soon be upon us. We will soon be enjoying the homemade baked goods of our OMMS Families. Attached to today’s newsletter you will find the guidelines for your CinJ baked goods. Even if you choose to “buy- out” of your baked goods obligation ($60.00), maybe you would consider baking a smaller portion and “buy- out” of the remainder.
  3. 3. YOUR JEWELRY IS NEEDED FOR OUR CHRISMTAS IN JULY JEWELRY BOUTIQUE Do you have jewelry, watches, or costume jewelry that you are no longer wearing? Please consider donating any jewelry to our Christmas in July Jewelry Boutique. Our volunteers will be outside of 10:00 am Mass on Sundays, or you can drop it off at the school office anytime. Thank you for your support. & BIG YARD SALE Coming This Saturday, May 31st !! The proceeds from this rummage sale will benefit our school technology program, here at OMMS!! Please consider lending a hand (The hours you volunteer will count towards your second semester hours!) We are in need of volunteers to help with set up on Friday beginning at 1:00 p.m. and Saturday, from 6:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. during the sale. Please come out to lend your hand or do some shopping! Donations for the yard sale will also be accepted and appreciated on Friday, May 30th , out on the front lawn of the school (adjacent to the horseshoe driveway). Thank you in advance for your support. We also will have an e-waste vendor to take your electronic recyclables especially computer monitors and old TVs. Anything with a screen is of greater value.…another great way to support our school! is offering gift cards for 3 oil changes worth $120 for only $40. The best part is OMMS gets to keep $20 (that's half!) of each sale. If we sell 200 gift cards we would earn $4000. If we sell 500 gift cards we would earn $10,000! The money to be earned is endless because everybody NEEDS oil changes. Please see Ms. Cyndi in the office to buy yours; grab a few more to sell at work to your coworkers. ATTENTION: All Primary through Junior Elementary Students… Our Annual Spring Concert for all Primary, Transition, and Junior Elementary students is scheduled for Thursday, June 5th , 6:30 p.m., in the Serra Center. A special thank you to Mr. Sharp, our art teacher, for helping the students create “T-shirts of Art” for this event. . Please keep the following members of our school family in your prayers: ~ Blanche Lindsey, Mrs. Lindsey’s mother-in-law ~ The Cornett Family ~ Rita Baldwin, forever remembered, forever missed ~ Pamela and Eugene Edwards ~ The Bell Family ~ Jidsel Donahue ~ Mrs. Pat Bickford, Ms. Lindsey’s mother ~ Mrs. Jane Blackmon, Ms. Denise’s mother ~ Hannah Higgins and Family ~ Fabio Perez ~ Vanessa & Andres’ Grandfather ~ Christina Ruiz ~ Jacob Donahue (7 months old) and his family ~ Mrs. Bush ~ All of our military families .