Tuesday, February 4, 2014


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Saint Blase, Bis...
PTG Fundraisers!
There is a new member of the Orta Family!!
Welcome to the world, little Isla!!

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Old Mission Montessori School 02-04-2014


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Old Mission Montessori School 02-04-2014

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Old Mission Montessori School 02-04-2014

  1. 1. OLD MISSION MONTESSORI SCHOOL NEWSLETTER Tuesday, February 4, 2014 office@omms.org rtin’s ne. T n was Saint Blase, Bishop and Martyr (died in the year 316) Saint Blase was a physician, bishop of Turkey, and martyr who was born sometime in the third century and died around the year 316. The earliest written reference to him doesn’t appear until the fifth or sixth century, where he is reputed to have healed a boy who was choking on a fish bone. For this reason, his intercession is invoked for illnesses of the throat, and it is customary for throats to be blessed on his memorial, using crossed candles. The instruments of his martyrdom were steel combs that would normally have been used to comb wool, and for this reason he is the patron saint of the wool trade. He was very popular in the 11 th and 12th centuries, and is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers whose story is retold in the Golden Legend. The Fourteen Holy Helpers are a group of saints who are invoked against disease. The tradition of blessing throats began at a time when the church’s calendar was filled with blessings for the saints’ days. Many of these are no longer practiced, but somehow, the custom of blessing throats survived. It is no surprise that this custom coincides with the peak of the sore throat and flu season. Years ago, wintertime illnesses were very dangerous. Before the discovery of penicillin, a person could die from complications of a sore throat. Saint Blase, pray for us. DATES TO REMEMBER!  February 4th-6th – ACRE Testing (5th & 8th    grade only) Wednesday, February 5th, PTG Meeting, 6:30 p.m. (meet in the school office) Thursday, February 6th, PTG Meeting, 8:45 a.m., Art Room Friday, February 7th, Deadline for Family National Catholic Educational Association as a tool to assist school and parish catechetical leaders in providing a sound comprehensive religion program. Variety Show – Date Change The Variety Show date has been changed to May 8th. Life permission slips  February 7th, 11:00 am All School Mass,   12:30/12:45 pm dismissal Friday, February 14th, Valentine’s Day February 17th, Presidents’ Day, Christmas in July - We are in need of volunteers to co- chair positions for… NO SCHOOL  Friday, February 21st, 11:00 am All School Mass, 12:30/12:45 pm dismissal  Thursday, February 27th, General PTG Meeting, 6:30 pm, St. Francis Hall In the (formerly McKeon Center) res PRINCIPAL NOTES……….. ACRE Assessment Students in our fifth and eighth grade level will once again participate in an Assessment of Catholic Religious Education (ACRE) beginning today (Feb. 4th through Feb. 6th). This assessment is required for all Diocesan schools and has been developed by the ~ Raffle Tickets ~ Artisan ~ Beverages ~ Carnival ~ Fiesta ~ Personnel ~ Sanitation ~ Sister Gladys ~ Traffic Remember, if you co-chair a Christmas in July position, your second semester parent participation hours are fulfilled! To find out more about these positions and the duties associated with the, please contact Laura Visco or Elizabeth Bickford at ChristmasinJuly1@yahoo.com. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.
  2. 2. PTG Fundraisers! CONGRATULATIONS!! There is a new member of the Orta Family!! Welcome to the world, little Isla!! HELP NEEDED IN OMMS LIBRARY Ms. Szymczak is in need of a few parent volunteers willing to help re-shelve books, etc. in the library. If you have an hour or two to spare during the week and would like to work in the library, please let the office know. Thank you. TEAM SPORTS NEWS Boys J.V. Basketball Games this week: Thursday, February 6th ~ OMMS vs. St. Michael’s @ Notre Dame (3;30 p.m.) Saturday, February 8th ~ OMMS vs. Tri-City Christian @ Tri-City Christian School (2:00 p.m.) Good Luck OMMS! GO KINGS! PTG NEWS PTG FEBRUARY MEETING Please mark your calendars for the February PTG Meeting. We will have two time options again this month: ~ Wednesday, February 5th @ 6:30 pm (meet in the office) OR ~ Thursday, February 6th @ 8:45 a.m. (Art Room) We will be finalizing the events and PTG positions for the 2014-2015 school year. Your input is greatly appreciated! We would like to thank everyone who participated in our Chick-fil-A Restaurant Night! So far we have raised $431 from our “Restaurant Night” fundraising events. We would also like to thank those who purchased tickets to the Farmer’s Golf Tournament. We sold 26 tickets and raised $520! Please keep the following members our school family in your prayers: ~ The Falbee Family ~ Marilyn Clark, Brooke B’s cousin ~ Fabio Perez ~ Vanessa & Andres’ Grandfather ~ Christina Ruiz ~ Jacob Donahue (7 months old) and his family ~ Mrs. Bush and Ms. Suzanne ~ Sr. Joyce Hampel, CSJ, Associate Principal Academy of Our Lady of Peace ~ All of our military families