Catholic Schools Week 2013


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Enjoy the beautiful slideshow created by our own 7th and 8th Grade Middle School Students at Old Mission Montessori School, in honor of Catholic Schools week. Great job students and teachers!

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  • Catholic Schools Week 2013
  • Catholic Schools Week 2013
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  • Catholic Schools Week 2013

    1. 1. “Raise the Standards”A Power Point Slideshow Created by the 7th and 8th GradeMiddle School Students at Old Mission Montessori School Honoring Catholic Schools Week January 27 – Feb 2, 2013 Slide created by Michael Grade 8
    2. 2. Dr. Maria Montessori Dr. Maria Montessori is the founder of the Montessori Method of education. The Montessori Method of education stresses the importance of respecting children. Dr. Maria Montessori was born in Ancona, Italy on August 31, 1870. She was the first woman to become a doctor in Italy in 1896. In 1901 she gave up her work in a clinic where she was working and studied philosophy, education, and pedagogical pathology. • Slide created by Kate– Grade 8
    3. 3. Old Mission Montessori School at Mission San Luis Rey- OMMS is a very caring and loving environment.- We learn how to respect the earth, and to treat each other with kindness.- Slide created by Kimmy – Grade 8
    4. 4. What I Think About My School… Our environment is beautiful! We haveflowers, a peace garden where students can goto read, study, or meditate, and a place to play different kinds of sports. In the classroom we have many different things to do. We learnmany lessons and do various types of projects. Slide created by Antonio Grade 7
    5. 5. †Old Mission Montessori School has a wide variety of races and religions. All students and teachers at O.M.M.S. are very accepting towards all ethical backgrounds and everyone is considered equal.†Both children and teachers show genuine care towards one another. Slide created by Katie Grade 7
    6. 6. Role Modeling at OMMSAt Old Mission Montessori School, role modeling is very important. When you reach eighth grade, you are assigned a class from Preschool to Junior Elementary to act as their role model during our many in-school masses. slide created by Theresa– Grade 7
    7. 7.  The students that Altar Serve are students who have received their First Communion, which is usually students from grades 4 through 8. Slide created by Christopher – Grade 8
    8. 8. SCHOOL MASSES AT OMMS On the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Friday of the month, our school holds a mass for all the students and teachers, and parents who would like to attend. At every mass a class isassigned to do the readings,and another class is assigned to bring the gifts up to thealtar. At every mass, four 7th graders are invited to beushers, and grades 2 through 8 are invited to be in the choir. Slide created by Lauren – Grade 7
    9. 9. Freedom of Religion at Old Mission Montessori School Some schools may not worship God at the start of their day, but here at OMMS we worship God all the time.We can say God’s name freely and we try to incorporate something good and holy every day. It may be a storyregarding our Catholic faith or the reading of a Holy Scripture. Slide created by Taylor – Grade 7
    10. 10. The Beauty of Our Environment• Here at Old Mission Montessori School, we are surrounded by the beautiful and historic grounds of the San Luis Rey Mission. With lush grass, tall trees, and the wondrous rose gardens, our environment is key to our education.• This piece of American history found only at O.M.M.S., inspires us academically every day. From the Stations of the Cross, to the mini- museum inside the mission, the beauty of our environment is truly something to appreciate. Slide created by Lauren
    11. 11. The Subjects That Are Taught at O.M.M.S.Subjects Religion Language Arts Math Science & Technology History & Geography Drama Slide created by Minh-Chau Foreign – Grade 7 Language
    12. 12. Difference inLearning Materials Our Montessori Catholic School has different sensorial tools used to stimulate a child’s brain into learning. Some materials used include red rods, the pink tower, the stairs, and the binomial and trinomial cubes. The rods help a child to learn the difference between long and short. Slide 1 of 2 created by Ximena - Grade 7
    13. 13. Here at Old Mission Montessori School, the studentsare permitted to get up from their seat to grab a tissue or quietly speak to another student if it is not lesson time. Slide created by Jimmy – Grade 8
    14. 14. OLD MISSION OTHER SCHOOLS MONTESSORI SCHOOL Not all students get  Small-class sizes allow one-on-one attention for more student- Do not always use teacher interaction concrete manipulatives  Enhances learning Teachers may not be with hands-on familiar with all of their manipulatives student’s names due to  Teachers know the the large number of names of each of students in one class. their students Slide created by Noelle Grade 7
    15. 15. Let’s Compare!Other Schools Old Mission Montessori School • More students per class. • Less students in one class. • Teachers cannot give as • To always ensure our much attention to each safety, we have surveillance student because of the cameras throughout our large amount of students campus in one class. • Our teachers are amazing and listen to our problems. Slide created by Lydianne Grade 8
    16. 16. What I Think About My School… I think my school is a place where you can be welcomed as though you have been here for along time. The teachers are very helpful and thestudents seem to bond with the teachers. If youare having difficulty with a subject, the teacher will go over it with you until you understand it well. Slide created by Antonio Grade 7
    17. 17. FREE MOVEMENT At OMMS, free movement is encouraged, although we still need to remain seated when necessary. If someone is moving around theclassroom when they should be seated,the teacher will politely ask that he or she return to their seat. One of the teachers’ main priorities is not to embarrass the student. Our teachers respect this priority and always help us to maintain our self esteem. Slide created by Mateo – Grade 7
    18. 18.  In class at OMMS, there are always religion lessons. We will first read out of the book, then we will talk about what we read. Religion is a big part of OMMS in everything we do. Slide created by Christopher – Grade 8
    19. 19. Differences Between Other Schools and Our Montessori Catholic SchoolOther Schools Our Catholic School Not all students listen to ¤ We listen and obey our and respect their teachers. teachers, especially when Students can be loud they are speaking. because they are more ¤ We are quiet in class and numerous than our respect our learning students. environment and our peers. Cell phones are often in use ¤ We don’t use our phones in during class times. class Slide created by Grace Grade 7
    20. 20. The students of Old MissionMontessori School are able toparticipate in a number ofactivities, such as:Jazz Dance ClassChoirArt and Crafts ClassChess ClubGolfVideo Story-telling Class Slide created by Matilda Grade 8
    22. 22. How We Help to Serve Our Community∞ We make food and gift baskets for the Military∞ In Mass we donate canned food for the poor and money for the parish∞ Sometimes we go on field trips to visit Senior Centers Slide created by Alexis Grade 7
    23. 23. The “Admirable” Montessori Student When I was in second grade, I recall a half-day Friday in which my friend and I went to McDonalds.While we were playing in the play structure, a very nice woman was observing my friend and I while playing. She asked me what school my friend and I attended. We explained to her how we attend Old Mission Montessori School and we also told her where our school was located. Slide created by Lea – Grade 7
    24. 24. If a student is AltarServing for the first time,the student who isassigned Cross position,is responsible for helpingthe other Altar Servers.After Mass is over, theAltar Servers help cleanup the Chapel andeverything usedduring the Mass. Slide created by Christopher – Grade 8
    25. 25. Student Interview With Simon, Grade 4Why do you like this school?Because the teachers are nice, andyou can make new friends.Are you happy to come to schoolevery day? If so, Why? I am happy to come to school everyday because I can talk with my friends and learn many new things.
    26. 26. An annual shopping extravaganza, “Christmas in July” draws thousands of people each year to the grounds of Mission San Luis Rey. It is an event that offers handmade arts and craft items (many with Christmas themes), by over 150 artisans that attend it. The event also includes a rummage sale, a bake sale, a food court raffle, a kids activity area and live entertainment.Christmas in July! Slide 1 of 2 created by Nadine Grade 8
    27. 27. What I Think Of My School….Although I have only attended O.M.M.S. for ashort time, it feels like I have been in thiswonderful school forever! It is really importantto feel comfortable and safe in theschool you attend. Our teachers at O.M.M.S. are very special.They love and care for us very much and theywant only the best for us. I truly love O.M.M.S.and I am so happy that I attend it. There is nothing else I can say aboutO.M.M.S. except that it is a wonderful school,it has beautiful, knowledgeable teachers, lovelyand compassionate students, and it is the mostheartwarming environment that onecould ask for. Slide created by Angelina – Grade 7
    28. 28. Dr. Maria Montessori Maria Montessori’s philosophy was based on two important aspects. One was that teachers should help rather than judge. She believed the teacher’s role is to direct, guide and help children to learn with the attributes of love and acceptance. Secondly, she believed that true mental work is never exhausting but instead, gives nourishment to the soul. • Slide created by Kate – Grade 8
    29. 29. Old Mission Montessori School at Mission San Luis Rey- Our Montessori environment helps and improves our way to treat each other with respect. - Our school is located on the beautiful grounds of Mission San Luis Rey de Francia in Oceanside, California. Slide created by Kimmy – Grade 8
    30. 30. † A wide variety of races and religions are present in all classes. Each class also has students with different personalities and appearances.† There are religions such as: Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, etc. Some of the different races at O.M.M.S. include: African-Americans, Asian- Americans, Caucasians, Filipinos, Hispanics, and Native Americans. Slide created by Katie Grade 7
    31. 31. Role Modeling at OMMSThe middle school students ( 6th to 8th grade) often help the younger classes during our annual Spirit Week. All of the younger students often look up to the older students and imitate their good behavior. At OMMS we follow the three R’s. They signify: Right, Responsibility, and Respect. slide created by Theresa – Grade 7
    32. 32.  We especially abide by the Golden Rule, treat others as you wish to be treated, because it implements good behavior and kindness in all of us. Slide created by Christopher – Grade 8
    33. 33. ALTAR SERVINGThe parish offers freeclasses to learn how toAltar Serve in themission church, theSerra Center, and thechapel. If you attendour school, you will beinvited to assist duringmass if you havereceived your First HolyCommunion and havetaken the requiredAltar Serving classes. Slide created by Lauren – Grade 7
    34. 34. Difference inLearning MaterialsThe pink tower helps a child learn the difference between thick and thin. The binomial and trinomial cubes teach a child to look at the differences between the size, shape, and color of the different blocks. It also helps to instill a sense of algebraic equations. Public and Catholic schools Slide created by Ximena do not have these materials. - Grade 7
    35. 35. Most schools would not allow for students to have this type of freedom within the classroom. Most schoolswould have the students staying seated for most of the day. We are fortunate to have freedom within our environment. Slide created by Jimmy – Grade 8
    36. 36. FREE MOVEMENTWhen a teacher is lecturing, we are all aware that we need to sit down, payattention, and quietly write down our notes from the whiteboard. When ateacher is busy checking something orassisting another student, we may get up and quietly talk to our peers, butonly briefly. The teacher however, will remind us when we need to settle down and return to our seat. Slide created by Mateo – Grade 7
    37. 37. OLD MISSION OTHER SCHOOLS MONTESSORI SCHOOL Some classes like art  Has amazing music and music, may not be and art classes. offered to students  Students write in Do not place that much cursive from first stress on cursive writing through eighth grade. Teachers must move all  Students are able to students at the same work at their own pace. pace. Slide created by Noelle Grade 7
    38. 38. Let’s Compare! Old Mission Montessori SchoolOther Schools Teachers pay more attention • More students per class. to their students because there are less students to a class. • Teachers cannot give as much attention to each Beautiful environment, student because of the including lush vegetation and large amount of students many trees for shade. in one class. Many fun events and fundraisers. Slide created by Lydianne Grade 8
    39. 39. The WonderfulTeachers The teachers here at the school all share a love for all of the students of the school, no matter how smart or small. The teachers often use the Montessori materials to help the younger and older students prepare for each of the higher levels they enter. The curriculum of the school is designed to bring students to more advanced levels than the public Slide created by Ximena school student. – Grade 7
    41. 41. The “Admirable” Montessori StudentThe woman admired our good behavior and she relayed to us that she Was looking for a good school to have her young ones attend.My friend and I told her all about the Montessori ways and their special teachers. We said that our school is like a small family and we were quite advanced in our education.Just a few days later, I once again saw this nice lady in our school’s main office , filling out enrollment papers for her children! Slide created by Lea– Grade 7
    42. 42. Events at Old Mission Montessori SchoolAt O.M.M.S., we are involved in all different types ofevents. Some of our events are: Christmas in July, whichincludes food, and hand-made crafts and carnival rides. Wealso have Saint Francis Day , when we can bring our pets toget blessed by one of our parish priests. There is also 6thGrade Camp in which all the 6th graders get to go to camp.To raise money for 6th grade camp, we conduct sales like theselling of Christmas trees. At our “Christmas Carol” schoolplay, we sell treats that our guests can buy. There is also aschool event called the Sock Hop, along with spaghettidinners and our annual, Catholic Schools Week. Slide created by Savanna– Grade 7
    43. 43. The Montessori Mile The OMMS Montessori Mile is an annual fundraising event aimed at raising money for the athletic facilities on campus as well as being a fun athletic event for the kids. The event promotes health and fitness and offers the students and their families a chance to test their stamina and determination by completing the mile-long course through the campus grounds. The event combines the races along with a fun-filled expo including local vendor booths that promote health and fitness products and services, along with demonstrations and a raffle. Slide created by Nadine– Grade 8
    44. 44. What I Think Of My School…. I am currently a student at OMMSand my first year at this wonderfulschool was in sixth grade. Thereason why I chose to attendOMMS was because I felt verycomfortable being at this school. Everyone I met at OMMS wasvery compassionate. If you get toknow all of the boys and girls andall of the teachers in each of theclasses, you can immediately feelhow they truly care about everyoneand how very helpful they are. OldMission Montessori School is aloving and beautiful school! Slide created by Angelina – Grade 7It is one big family.
    45. 45. OUR BLESSINGS…… Our Wonderful Teachers Our Wonderful Principal Our Wonderful PriestsOur Wonderful Parent Body and Parish Community