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Revised forum presentation 2007 format


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Published in: Technology, Spiritual
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Revised forum presentation 2007 format

  1. 1. for Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Mandir ISKCON, Chowpatty, Mumbai By Ashish Mehta (
  2. 2. Current Method
  3. 3. Proposed Method
  4. 4. What is a Discussion Forum Web based software (application) For long distance discussions Access restrictions Levels of users Each discussion in its own thread Anywhere/anytime participation Email notifications of posts (i.e. replies in threads)
  5. 5. Forum Home Page (for logged in users) Section #1 (with 2 sub-sections) Section #2 (with 7 sub-sections) There is no limit to the number of sections or sub-sections a forum can have. Any section can be kept private with only a particular user group having access to it.
  6. 6. List of Threads in sub-section Button to start a new thread in a sub-section List of Threads (chronological, based on last post) Some important threads can be made “sticky” to make them stay at top and ignore default behavior.
  7. 7. A Thread (top of the page) Post #1 (opening post) Post #2
  8. 8. A Thread (bottom of the page) Last post “Quick Reply” box
  9. 9. The 1st step – start a thread … A. Enter a title of the thread B. Type the opening post C. Submit the thread There are some more optional settings with a new thread like • Anonymous OR Open Poll • Uploading an attachment
  10. 10. The 1st step – start a thread … Each topic of discussion is called a thread A unique link per thread First information of a new thread:  an email with link of new thread OR  Regular visits Chronological list of threads (last updated thread is at the top) Open or anonymous poll TIP: Different topics should be kept in different threads. TIP: Multiple threads can be started one after the other. All threads can run simultaneously within their own unique links. TIP: Threads requiring immediate discussion can be made “sticky”. TIP: Threads can be closed at the end of discussion.
  11. 11. 2nd Step – Subscribe to the thread What is “subscribe” – Joining a thread / discussion Who can subscribe – logged in users with access rights How to subscribe – click on “subscribe” link or post a reply Why subscribe – to get intimations of updates Subscribe to any number of threads at a time Un-subscribe at any time Note: A person who starts a thread automatically gets subscribed to it.
  12. 12. 2nd Step – Subscribe to the thread Subscribe to thread (without posting a reply) OR Post a reply Quick Reply box has limited formatting options. Clicking on “Reply to Thread” button opens a reply box in a new page with more options.
  13. 13. How a discussion progresses … Start a new thread One time manual intimation by email Subscribe / Post a reply Reply again on update Note: An email notification / intimation is sent (with the unique link of the thread) to every subscribed member when a reply is made in the thread. Note: There can be any number of posts in a thread. Note: Posts are chronologically arranged with most recent post at the bottom.
  14. 14. How a discussion progresses … When a new post (i.e. a reply) is made in the thread, an email is sent to all the subscribers of the thread. If there are multiple posts between 2 visits by a participant, an email notification is sent to him only for the first post after visit. There is one email notification per thread. The email notification contains the unique link of the thread. NOTE: If there is a poll in the thread, a mail notification for a new vote is not sent; notification is sent only for posts. Posts appear in the thread along with the user name, profile picture (avtaar), date and time of the post. Images, links, videos, etc. can be embedded in a post.
  15. 15. User groups & AccessSections in forum User groups in forum (Different Committees) Access permissions 1 A 2 Access permissions B Access permissions C 3
  16. 16. User groups & AccessSections in forum User groups in forum (Different Committees) 1 A 2 Access permissions B C 3
  17. 17. Forum terminology revisited … A Thread = A topic of discussion (or a combination of replies on a topic arranged chronologically) A Post = Each reply in a thread Subscribe = Joining a thread Sticky Thread = A thread that always stays on the top of the threads list ignoring the default chronological behaviour. (Note: There can be a sticky Thread, not a sticky Post) User-group: A group of users having same access rights in the forum
  18. 18. Advantages of forum Saves time Full quorum always Convenience - any time, any place Concurrent discussion and not Sequential discussion Minimises delay Ease of record maintenance. Resume vis-à-vis Restart Guidance from Maharaj, irrespective of his location and time zone.