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08 08 lesson-02


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This is BG 08 Lesson 02 for Standard VII. This is a part of syllabus for GCL (Gita Champions League).

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08 08 lesson-02

  1. 1. STANDARD VIII CHAPTER 08 THE QUESTION OF LIFE AND DEATH What you think, you become Lesson-02 WITHOUT PRACTICE, WILL I BE ABLE TO REMEMBER KRISHNA AT THE TIME OF DEATH? Can you waste time here and there for the whole year and become topperby studying on last night before exam? Definitely not. You need to prepare whole year nicely to become a topperin exams. Similarly, life is a preparation and death is an examination. Krishna instructs Arjuna to always think of Him. So we need to practice remembering Krishna by chanting His Holy names regularly in order to pass the examination of death confidently.