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05 01 lesson_01


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This is Lesson 01 for standard V. This is a part of syllabus for GCL (Gita Champions League).

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05 01 lesson_01

  1. 1. STANDARD V CHAPTER 01 ARJUNA’S CONFUSION Should I fight or should I run away Arjuna asks Krishna – please show me the way Lesson-01 SCENARIO Go 5000 years back. The famous Mahabharat war, or the war of Greater India is about to begin. That time, practicallywhole earth was called India. Thus the king of India would be the king of whole world. So this is not an ordinary war. The future of whole earth is dependent on it. Two parties Pandavas and Kauravas have assembled on Kurukshetra with immense armies. Kauravas are the hundredevil sons of Maharaja Dhrtrastra. They cheated the innocent Pandavas in a gambling match and took away their kingdom. Pandavas are the five sons of Maharaja Pandu, the brotherof Maharaja Dhrtrastra. They are the rightful owners of the
  2. 2. kingdom and want their kingdom back. Krishna, the Supreme God, wants to relieve mother earth of the evil miscreants like Kauravas and thus wants Pandavas to fight with Kauravas. Now both Pandavas and Kauravas are face to face. The great battle is about to begin. Dhritarashtra, who is blind from birth, is sitting in his palace and is inquiring from his minister Sanjaya as to what is going on at the battlefield. Sanjaya by the blessings of his guru Vyasadeva is able to see the whole scene of Mahabharatawar, sitting in the place. Thus he narrates everything that he is able to see with his empowered vision. Krishna, although being God, becomes a charioteerfor His devotee Arjuna (one of the Pandava brothers)who is fighting the war. If Krishna wants He can destroy whole Kaurava army within moments because He is the Supreme Lord. But He wants to give credit to His dear devotee, Arjuna. IS MY GOD BETTER THAN YOUR GOD? All the scriptures (like Gita, Bible or Koran) declare that there is only one God. Some peoplecall Him Krishna, some call Rama, some call Him the Almighty, some call Allah, some call Jehovah, some call Om, but ultimately He is the same person. The most important criteria of God
  3. 3. is that the God must be all-attractive, which in Sanskrit means “Krishna”. Thus Krishna is the most appropriate name for God although He has millions of othernames. There is no “Your God” or “My God”. There is only one God, one master and we are all His servants. He appears in different forms to different people just like an actor may wear different dresses and play different roles in different movies. The master and the dog Two peopleare discussing about God. Both are from different religions. Anotherperson interruptssaying, “You two are from different religions, how come you are discussing and relishing the topics of God with each other?”They reply: A dog can recognize his master even if he changes his dress. If we can’t do even that then we are worse than dogs. MORAL: All the religionsare talkingabout the same God, Some call Him Krishna, some call Him Rama, yet some call Him Allah or the AlmightyLord THEN WHAT ABOUT LORD GANESH, LORD SHIVA, LORD BRAHMA, GODDESS DURGA & SO MANY OTHERS WHO ARE WORSHIPPED AS GOD? ARE THEY ‘NOT’ GOD?
  4. 4. Just as a countryhas one president and all other ministers are under him, similarly Krishna is Supreme God and all others like Shiva, Brahma, Ganesh, Kali are ‘demigods who are working under Krishna as His employees or ministers. They manage different departmentsof the cosmos underdirection of Krishna. They are all representatives of Krishna and thus are respectable. DOES KRISHNA OR GOD PERFORM ACTIVITIES? Yes. But Krishna does it for His own pleasures and for the pleasure of His devotees. His actions are not like ours. Krishna does not have to memorize tables and appear for board’s exam because He is all knowing. But still when He appears on earth He takes education. This is called pastime - activity for pure pleasureand fun. Krishna does not have to work from 9 to 6 to enjoy His life. Thus there is difference between our work and His pastimes. This kurukshetra war and His speaking of Bhagavad gita is also one of His pastimes especially to guide all of us on right path. We are discussing His pastimes to get purified because Krishna is all-pureand by touch of all pure we will also be pure.
  5. 5. WHY IS KRISHNA DRIVING ARJUNA’S CHARIOT? WHAT KIND OF GOD IS HE WHO DRIVES SOMEBODY’S CHARIOT? Krishna, the God, takes pleasurein serving His devotees like Arjuna. That is His sweet relationship with His devotees. Is it not natural?Read ahead. Gladstoneplays horsefor his child There was a British Prime minister named Gladstone. One of the parliament members comes to his house to meet him. Gladstone’ssecretory says, “You can’t meet him, he is busy now.” And he keeps him waiting for long time. Later when the member enters his living room, he sees that Gladstoneis playing with his small child by taking him on his back. Although Gladstonewas prime minister of the entire country, at home he was playing as a horse for his child. MORAL: So thisis love. Originof all love is in Krishna. Although He is God, He can take any role for pleasing and caringHis devotees.