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  1. 1. Project Report On “Online Examination System” Submitted Submitted by: 1. Sankhadeep Roy (CS39/10) 2. Hanif Zafor (CS21/10) Guided by: Prof. Rupam Baruah
  2. 2. Contents 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Synopsis Characteristics of the proposed system Data tables Entity Relationship Diagram Screen shots of form Conclusion Bibliography
  3. 3. Synopsis PURPOSE:  The purpose of on-line test simulator is to take online test in an efficient manner and no time wasting for checking the paper.  The main objective of on-line test simulator is to efficiently evaluate the candidate thoroughly through a fully automated system. SCOPE:  This can be used in educational institutions as well as in corporate world.  Can be used anywhere any time as it is a web based application(user location doesn’t matter).  No restriction that examiner has to be present when the candidate takes the test.
  4. 4. Technologies Used: Front end HTML, Javascript Back end PHP Querying language MySQL
  5. 5. CHARACTERSTICS OF THE PROPOSED SYSTEM • In comparison to the present system the proposed system will be less time consuming and is more efficient. • Analysis will be very easy in proposed system as it is automated • Result will be very precise and accurate and will be declared in very • short span of time because calculation and evaluations are done by the simulator itself. • The proposed system is very secure as no chances of leakage of • question paper as it is dependent on the administrator only. • The logs of appeared candidates and their marks are stored and can be backup for future use
  6. 6. Data Tables Administrator table: Sl No. Field Name Data type Description 1 ADMIN_ID varchar(5) Store Admin ID (primary key) 2 UNAME varchar(10) Admin Username 3 PASSWD char(8) Store admin password 4 ADMIN_NAME varchar(20) Store Admin name 5 ADDRESS varchar(30) Store Admin address 6 PHONE char(10) Store Admin phone number 7 EMAIL varchar(25) Store Admin email
  7. 7. Student Table: Sl No. Field Name Data Type Description 1 REG_NO varchar(10) Registration No. (primary key) 2 ROLL_NO varchar(10) Stores the Roll_no 3 SNAME varchar(20) Stores the Student’s name 4 PASSWD char(8) Stores the password
  8. 8. Faculty Table: Sl No. Field Name Data Type Description 1 FAC_ID varchar(6) Faculty ID. (primary key) 2 UNAME varchar(10) Stores the Username 3 PASSWD char(8) Stores the password 4 FNAME varchar(20) Stores the fname
  9. 9. Examination Table: Sl No. Field Name Data Type Description 1 Q_ID varchar(5) Question ID. (primary key) 2 REG_NO varchar(10) Registration No (primary key) 3 S_ID varchar(5) Stores the student ID (foreign key) 4 STDNT_ANS varchar(20) Stores the student’s answer 5 MARKS int(11) Stores the marks scored 6 EXAM_DATE date Date of the exam
  10. 10. Question Table: Sl No. Field Name Data Type Description 1 Q_ID varchar(5) Question ID. (primary key) 2 S_ID varchar(5) Studen’ts ID (foreign key) 3 QUESTN varchar(100) Stores the question 4 ANS1 varchar(20) Stores the first option 5 ANS2 varchar(20) Stores the second option 6 ANS3 varchar(20) Stores the third option 7 ANS4 varchar(20) Stores the fourth option 8 COR_ANS varchar(20) Stores the correct option
  11. 11. Subject Table: Sl No. Field Name Data Type Description 1 SUB_ID varchar(5) Subject ID. (primary key) 2 FAC_ID varchar(6) Faculty ID (foreign key) 3 SUB_NAME varchar(20) Stores the subject name 4 SHORT_FORM varchar(5) Stores the short form 5 MARKS_ADD int(11) Stores the marks to be added. 6 MARKS_SUB int(11) Stores the total marks
  12. 12. ER Diagram
  13. 13. Screenshot
  14. 14. Conclusion The Online Examination System has developed using PHP and MySQL. The system has reached a steady state where all bugs have been eliminated. The system is operated at a high level of efficiency.
  15. 15. Bibliography • PHP & MySQL Web Development All-In-One Desk Reference for Dummies by Janet Valade • Learning PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript 1st Edition (Paperback) by Robin Nixon • •