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InRhythm Introduction

  1. 1. An Agile Web & Mobile Technology Consulting Firm Get in touch InRhythm™ 79 Hudson Street, #506 Hoboken, NJ 07030 p (800) 683-7813 f (888) 618-8957 InRhythm ™ Accelerating Market Value Technical Enterprise Agile Elegant User Technical Consulting Process Rollouts Experience Design RecruitingSome of our clientsWe are conveniently located in the NY metro area. 76 Hudson Street, Suite 506, Hoboken, NJ 07030 p (800) 683-7813 f (888) 618-8957
  2. 2. Our InRhythm™ & Agile Rhythm™ Enterprise Agile & Lean ProcessIt is not enough for product development alone to be Agile – all company functions must act in unison to achieve excellence. We havesuccessfully coached more than 100 teams and learned that standard agile methodologies can struggle at scaling across the enterprise.Hence we designed InRhythm™. InRhythm™ enables all critical functions of an enterprise to seamlessly work together and regularly deliverhigh-value breakthrough products. We have successfully customized agile principles individually for each of our clients & best positionedthem for success.Services offered:Agile CoachingAgile TrainingPerformance assessments InRhythm™’ Team Alignment PracticeBottle-neck analysisOrganizational assessments StructureBench-strength analysis InRhythm™’ Business Immersion & Product Discovery Practice Business & Product Execution Strategy AgileRhythm™We are conveniently located in the NY metro area. 76 Hudson Street, Suite 506, Hoboken, NJ 07030 p (800) 683-7813 f (888) 618-8957
  3. 3. InRhythm™ Training & BootcampsAn organization’s agility begins in the mindset of the its employees. The InRhythm Bootcamps introduce teams to the agile methodologyand the InRhythm™ framework. Starting from core agile principles all the way to extremely specific details of the InRhythm framework,our Bootcamps challenge and reorient the mindsets of employees, especially those in pivotal organizational roles.Bootcamps We Offer:InRhythm™ Certified Agile Product Managers for translating these plans to measurable work amongst everyone involved in the process, and tasks for teams to carry out. The InRhythm thereby making sure the entire team enjoysThe InRhythm Product Managers Bootcamp will Functional Managers Bootcamp teaches and creating and delivering high quality software.teach you how to facilitate a nimble but scalable provides tools to Functional Managers to helpproduct planning process delivered under the them conduct their work with dexterity and ease. InRhythm™ Certified Agile for QAguidelines of the InRhythm Framework, atrademark series of evaluation and planning This an immersive course for testers and InRhythm™ Certified Agile Product Ownersactivities. developers. It focuses on what testers can do An intensive, immersive way of orienting Product to provide up- front, "test-first" acceptanceInRhythm™ Certified Agile Executive Leadership Owners to this novel and dynamic method of tests, which also serve as readable, executable developing software. In addition to introducing specifications. Then the team will implementStarting from core agile principles all the way to them to the incremental and iterative software and execute the tests using a pre-selected testextremely specific details of the InRhythm development process, this bootcamp also framework’s primary format.framework, this bootcamp challenges the furnishes the Product Owners with techniques toorganization leaders to make them more agile. It handle their pivotal roles with mastery whileequips them with the tools & framework to apply InRhythm™ Certified Agile ATDD/TDD for having fun creating exceptional software. Developersit to achieve excellence in their organization. An immersiive course for developers, providing InRhythm™ Certified Agile Scrum Masters hands-on experience with the techniques ofInRhythm™ Certified Agile Functional Managers This Bootcamp will orient Scrum Masters to an Test-Driven Development (TDD). This course isFunctional managers have a vital role in any incremental, iterative style of software develop- designed for developers who are comfortableorganization. Unlike product managers, who work ment, open their minds to new roles and with their programming language and thewith visions and large scale plans for a product, responsibilities in their organization, and initiate a basics of object-oriented design.the functional managers are largely responsible means of honest, unobstructed communicationWe are conveniently located in the NY metro area. 76 Hudson Street, Suite 506, Hoboken, NJ 07030 p (800) 683-7813 f (888) 618-8957
  4. 4. Web & Mobile Technology ConsultingInRhythm™ offers a sprawling network of technical and leadership talent. 50+ engagements and counting - our practitioners create great weband mobile enterprise applications. We have been a part of several high profile projects and have demonstrated our competence in manydifferent ways. And now our technology wizards are available to take on their next assignments - maybe with you.Elegant User Experience Design rch ReqAt InRhythm, User Experience Design is all about striving to make the customer’s ea uir es e R mwebsites and web application users answer ‘Yes’ to questions like: “Does this website en tsgive me value? Is it easy to use?” As companies try to compete to elevate their brand in idationthe web space, the User Experience experts at InRhythm know how to make their Concustomers’ websites and applications rich, interactive & high value. Val ce ptOur expertise in three components of User Experience (Experience Architecting, DesignInteraction Design, User Interface Development) is unmatched in the industry.We are conveniently located in the NY metro area. 76 Hudson Street, Suite 506, Hoboken, NJ 07030 p (800) 683-7813 f (888) 618-8957
  5. 5. Technical RecruitingWe offer a wide range of Technology Recruiting Services. Our recruitment team has the capability to sieve through the talent pool and find theright match for a position. We are known to narrow down the pool of suitable candidates to exactly meet the unique needs of your organization.Our consulting & recruiting services cover:Sr. Delivery Executives Agile QA Automation Specialists Agile Front-end DevelopersWith a unique combination of industry wisdom From Mercury QTP to Selenium to Cucumber, our The Front-end Developers at InRhythmTM areand subject matter expertise, our Delivery QA Automation Specialists are well versed in all experts in CSS 3, HTML 5, and JavaScript. TheyExecutives can tackle complex problems while automation technologies. They know how to have the ability to jump right in to any projectpromptly delivering exemplary products. integrate these methods with the Agile process and immediately start contributing. so that there is increased automation coverageiOS / Android Developers on the code-base, therefore guaranteeing Agile Java / .Net Developers efficient product development.From developing high performing back-end Our Java / .Net Developers are not only expertsarchitectures to support high volume real-time in web and mobile technologies but also avidtraffic, to designing refined user interfaces to Scrum Masters / Agile Coaches practitioners of Agile practices such assupport multiple screen resolutions, our mobile Our certified Scrum Consultants not only facilitate test-driven development, domain-driven design,developers are accomplished in delivering successful adoption of the Scrum and Agile refactoring, and continuous integration.exquisite results. methodologies, but also help increase develop- ment velocity, manage project risks, and increase alignment among teams.We are conveniently located in the NY metro area. 76 Hudson Street, Suite 506, Hoboken, NJ 07030 p (800) 683-7813 f (888) 618-8957
  6. 6. What our clients have said They successfully created an approach that InRhythm was instrumental in positioning our If anyone tells you they will help you do agilecombined business vision, product strategy, ux company for accelerated growth and greater or scrum “by the book”, then run away from themdesign, project resourcing and agile execution. success. They’re a highly experienced team with and talk to these guys – they will buildTheir expertise in web and mobile product an effective methodology, and delivered sound something that fits you.development was key, and helped position us for recommendations that have made a positive Jeff Dernavich, VP of Product Managementsuccess. The difference in the teams and their impact to our organization.productivity are night and day, and we have James Hemmer , CEOInRhythm to thank!Sara Bial, Vice President, Product Management and InRhythm team-members are outstandingCreative (eCommerce) experts in the field of Enterprise Product They come up with a prioritized list of Development. Their practitioners had an uncanny technical debt that needs to be addressed, and ability to get immediately at the root of gave us a critical resource to augment our project organizational issues and solve them with a It was InRhythm that paved the path for needs. We highly recommend them. structured, insightful approach. With their help,repeatable success. They transformed my staff we turned a struggling development team intointo a rhythmic team that had the right tools to Fred Lizza, CEO one of the most great products again and again. Thank you! Rachel Jarrett, Vice President, Kids and SpecialtyDavid Uyttendaele, Founder & CTOWe are conveniently located in the NY metro area. 76 Hudson Street, Suite 506, Hoboken, NJ 07030 p (800) 683-7813 f (888) 618-8957
  7. 7. They have deep expertise in agile practices I am confident that I am in a better position in Master at training and leading people in Agile/and the field experience to know how to introduce my career and my company is in a better position Scrum development….superb motivator of peopleand apply them successfully to achieve lasting to be a leader in our industry because of the and an excellent judge of talent and results. diligent training and implementation of the new Court Cunningham, CEO InRhythm & Agile Rhythm process.John Merryman, CTO Tora Lutz, Sr. Product Manager They get product, people and technology likenobody else. Period. They have been been active We received real tools and built tangiblepart of our leadership team and helped us make models for product delivery. They understand theimportant decisions regularly. Highly recommend difference between getting the job done andthem! getting it done WELL.David S. Levy, CEO Tanuja Gupta, Product Manager, NookStudy, Digital EducationWe are conveniently located in the NY metro area. 76 Hudson Street, Suite 506, Hoboken, NJ 07030 p (800) 683-7813 f (888) 618-8957
  8. 8. Get in touch InRhythm™ 79 Hudson Street, #506 Hoboken, NJ 07030 p (800) 683-7813 f (888) 618-8957 www.inrhythm.comWe are conveniently located in the NY metro area. 76 Hudson Street, Suite 506, Hoboken, NJ 07030 p (800) 683-7813 f (888) 618-8957