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Madhya pradesh tourism brand analysis


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A complete brand analysis of Madhya Pradesh Tourism.

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Madhya pradesh tourism brand analysis

  1. 1. Abstract:The report is a study done to show that a A Brand Managementstate government owned entity can also be Project Reportbranded and can be hugely successful indoing so. It also studies variouscommunication strategies undertaken bythe Madhya Pradesh to communicates andbuild a powerful brand. The report alsotakes a peek at the future of the brand andvarious strategies that the Madhya PradeshTourism is planning to adopt so that thebrand is felt at an international level.
  2. 2. Brand Management Madhya Pradesh Tourism Sr. No. Title Page No. 1 Introduction 3 2 Marketing Mix 4 3 Branding Strategy 6 4 Communication Strategy 7 Internal Branding 11 Training and Development 13 Public Private Partnership Program 13 5 Result of the Branding 14 6 Future Endeavour 16 7 Reference 17 2
  3. 3. Brand Management Madhya Pradesh Tourism Introduction Madhya Pradesh is called the "Heart of India" because of its location in the center ofthe country. It has been home to the cultural heritage of Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhismand Jainism. Innumerable monuments, exquisitely carved temples, stupas, forts and palacesare dotted all over the state.Madhya Pradesh is also known as Tiger State because of the tigerpopulation. Famous national parks like Kanha, Bandhavgadh, Shivpuri, Sanjay, Pench arelocated in Madhya Pradesh. Despite having such a rich variety of tourist spots, MadhyaPradesh was unable to create any buzz about itself. Before the Madhya Tourism campaignbegan, the Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation had a very naïve andsimple way of going about promoting their state as a tourist destination. There was nospecific strategy and there was a complete lack of enthusiasm on part of the state governmentin promoting its state. MR. Hari Rajan Rao is considered to be the father of brand of the Madhya PradeshTourism. Under his supervision the Madhya Pradesh State Tourism DevelopmentCorporation created a brand for Madhya Pradesh Tourism. Under his command, MP Tourismhas been able to achieve high brand equity and has been able to do good business. 3
  4. 4. Brand Management Madhya Pradesh Tourism Marketing Mix Before going on to the actual branding strategy, let‟s have the marketing mix ofMadhya Pradesh Tourism.Product Madhya Pradesh tourism is a service product by nature and involves tours in the exoticlocales of Madhya Pradesh. There are different kinds of tour products. Caravan tourism Package – A product which provides tourists with their own caravan to travel Eco tourism package – As the name suggests, it is a tour for tourists who love landscapes and forests Rural tourism – Involves tours to Amla and Pranpur Adventure tourism – An interesting tourism concept wherein they invite tourists for the “Chambal challenge”Place Amarkantak, Bandhavgarh, Bhedaghat, Bhimbetka, Bhojpur, Bhopal, Chanderi,Chitrakoot, Gwalior, Indore, Jabalpur, Kanha, Khajuraho, Maheshwar, Mandu,Omkareshwar, Orchha, Pachmarhi, Panna, Pench, Sanchi, Shivpuri, Ujjain. These are theplaces where th tourism packages are conducted.Price Pricing of Madhya Pradesh tourism is competitive in nature. It competes with variousother private organisations such as Mahindra tours and travels as well as others and hence ithas to use competitive pricing.Promotions Madhya Pradesh tourism ads are known as one of the best and most creative adsacross India. Each of its TV commercials has been innovative in nature and have attracted alot of eyeballs as well as generated curiosity. Besides ATL communications, it also does BTLpromotions through publications as well as sales promotions. The tourism board also has a tieup with Jet Airways for promotional packages.Process Depending on the type of package, the process varies. In case of Caravan tours, theprocess would involve loaning caravans to tourists who can than return it in a given amountof time. Similarly in case of other tours, Guides as well as accommodation is included which 4
  5. 5. Brand Management Madhya Pradesh Tourismcompletes the whole tour with minimum hassles and maximum enjoyment for the tourist.Thus the process of Madhya Parades tourism is systematic in nature.People The people in Madhya Pradesh tourism consists of Tour operators, Tourist transportoperators, Hotel staff, Tourist guides as well as the main operations staff. Madhya Pradeshtourism board also has amazing ways of rewarding employees through awards such as Tourism friendly forester (Whoever maintains forests) Tourism friendly archaeologist (Taking care of heritage) Most frequent tourist visiting MP (Encouraging government to take part)So on and so forth. Thus Madhya Pradesh employs its people flawlessly.Physical Evidence Madhya Pradesh tourism has tie ups with the best city hotels, Wildlife sector hotels,Tourist center hotels, Restaurants and as mentioned the best service people to give the bestexperience to the tourists. Madhya Pradesh itself is exotic in nature and the locations such asBhopal, Udaigiri and Sanchi are beautiful thus making for excellent physical evidence. 5
  6. 6. Brand Management Madhya Pradesh Tourism Branding Strategy Given the 8 P‟s of the Madhya Pradesh Tourism, the branding strategy seems to bevery consistent and makes the brand comparable to any other private player operating in thesame market segment. Usually, every place has sufficient good things to attract a tourist which can be shownin a marketing campaign. The trick to a successful tourism marketing campaign is to stringtogether all the relevant things to develop a coherent positioning statement. Madhya Pradeshmarketing campaign doesn‟t lay much emphasis on the scenic beauty of Panchmarhi,Dhauladhaar waterfall etc., and focuses on traditional and historic things because that‟s whatthey have decided to be the projected USP of the state. The brand statementfor MadhyaPradesh is not unique unlike Kerala, which stands for “Exotic” or Gujarat, which stands for“Religious”. Madhya Pradesh Tourism is not able to define unique brand proposition. This isbecause of wide variety of tourist places ranging from forests to old temples to hill station totiger reservoirs. As you can see, the logo itself states that “The heart of Incredible India”, it is a clearlycase of extending brand of the Incredible India campaign. It also leverages the brand equitythat the Incredible India campaign has generated. Although the brand draws heavily from theoriginal campaign, it sets its self apart from the original campaign by some very innovativeand rather engaging way. One of the major things that i found while the research was that, the logo and thebrand statement has been used by the tourism board as well as the other vertical of stategovernment. This helps in communicating an uniform message across all the direct andindirect communication mediums. 6
  7. 7. Brand Management Madhya Pradesh Tourism Communication Strategy The first communication strategy says that “Hindustan kaDilDekho” and was createdby Ogilvy& Mather advertisement agency. It was launched in April 2006. This campaign hada theme of Bioscope. The film shows all the tourist spot of in Madhya Pradesh and veryartistically and aesthetically shot. The advertisement received a good response, and helped increating a brand equity that Madhya Pradesh Tourism never enjoyed. After the launch of thisadvertisement campaign, the perception for Madhya Pradesh Tourism had increasedexponentially. The advertisement was not only path breaking in terms of delivery but wasalso able to show its impact in terms of sales. In late 2009, a refurbished campaign was launched. This time the theme had change toEye. Through use of very beautiful eyes a very creative route has been adopted to explainwhat had been visited by the tourist and viewed by other.Interestingly, the first ad invitedtourists to come and „see‟ Madhya Pradesh, while the second ad narrates the tourist‟s taleafter he has visited the place. The creative idea for the new ad was, quite literally, taken fromthe word „sightseeing‟. Fig 1: Hindustan KaDilDekho, the “EYE” campaign Further this campaign was also extended to radio. Its media partner was My FM94.3fm. In this activity, the MY FM RJ travelled around all destinations in Madhya Pradeshand also described the locations, sites, eating joints, handicrafts, people, culture etc. of theplace. The RJ continued his journey as he narrated a brief account of the destinations live onradio so that listeners can get to hear and visualize the beauty of Madhya Pradesh. Thecampaign was also extended to print media. The complete television advertisement wasprinted into a strip format and was then promoted through printed media like Hindi magazineand journals. During the first campaign, the advertisement focused on the inviting the touristto Madhya Pradesh. It tried to imbibe Madhya Pradesh as an option while considering varioustourist destinations. There was a shift in the second part of the same campaign. The second 7
  8. 8. Brand Management Madhya Pradesh Tourismphase didn‟t invite tourist, but merely show various tourist attractions that are there to beexplored. 8
  9. 9. Brand Management Madhya Pradesh Tourism Fig 2: Hindustan kadildekho ad as appeared in the Newspaper. 9
  10. 10. Brand Management Madhya Pradesh Tourism There was again a change in the communication strategy for Madhya PradeshTourism. It was again Ogilvy & Mather that were responsible for the advertising campaign.This time the campaign stated “MP ajabhai, sabsegajabhai ”. it was introduced inNovember,2010. This campaign, the third in a series of hugely popular and successfulcampaigns done in the past, is based on the ancient art of shadowgraphy. This art form wovenaround an earthy and rustic musical jingle captures some of the unique and surprising factsabout Madhya Pradesh.The new advertisement has been positioned to capture peoplesimagination from religion, adventure to history that the state offers. Madhya Pradesh Tourism also has launched various tour guide books. The guide bookcontains detailed information about the place that helps the tourist understand the significanceof the place along with giving information about various tourist places. This helps inincreasing brand recall and hence furthers brand equity. Two new booklets have beenproduced by Madhya Pradesh Tourism. The first one is on MICE (Meeting, Incentive,Conference & Exhibition), the latest trend in tourism. The publication contains valuableinformation on the various business facilities, accommodations & other sightseeing options.It is aimed to target high - end clients from corporate & business world, planning a perfectbusiness meet coupled with delight, in Madhya Pradesh. Apart from highlighting MPTproperties, due importance have also been given to private hotels of the region. Fig 3: Cover of the MICE destination guide bookThe second in line is a book specially designed for the travel agents to market MPT hotels.This book contains visuals of the exterior as well as the interior of the properties which willserve them as a handy tool. 10
  11. 11. Brand Management Madhya Pradesh Tourism Fig 4: Cover of the itineraries guide book Very recently, Madhya Pradesh Tourism has launched a video log on YouTube. Itconsists of all the collection of videos that Madhya Pradesh Tourism has ever marketed. Thiscreates a unique location for all viewers that seek information about Madhya Pradesh and itstourist attraction. In today‟s world a website has become most important part of communicationmedium for any organisation, and when it comes to tourism industry, the importance ofwebsite increases exponentially due to involvement of foreign citizens. Madhya PradeshTourism has been ahead of the current as far as other states are concerned. It has acomprehensive website that gives all the necessary information and much more. This websitehas helped create a “professional” brand image for Madhya Pradesh Tourism.Internal BrandingNo branding exercise is complete without the stake holders in the brand accepting the brandas their own and delivering the promises that the brand statement make. Madhya Pradesh 11
  12. 12. Brand Management Madhya Pradesh TourismGovernment has shown great intent and commitment in terms of devoting lot of time andresources in development of basic infrastructure and training the people for delivering thebrand promise.The strategy for achieving the desired objective has been based on thefollowing :a) Revitalizing the state tourism development corporation and running the same on professional lines. All the commercial and non-commercial establishments of the corporation have been renovated and are now being run professionally. The corporation is now a profit making entity. The units of the corporation are divided into the following broad heads. i. Hotels ii. Restaurants/Way side amenities iii. Boat Clubs iv. Information Counters v. Sound & Light Shows vi. Adventure zones vii. Transport section viii. Marketing Offices, Regional Offices, Head Officeb) Improving tourist infrastructure – With assistance from the Government of India, Ministry of Tourism tourist infrastructure is rapidly being improved at almost all important tourist destinations.c) Improving connectivity – Over the last few years, roads linking almost all important tourist destinations have improved. Air connectivity to the state has also improved considerably with the starting of a number of new flights.d) Aggressive publicity & promotion – Creative and aggressive publicity and promotional campaigns in print and electronic media has considerably improved the image of the state. Regular participation in domestic and international events has also helped.e) Inviting private investment – Various steps, including creation of a tourism land bank have been taken to attract private investment for building hotels, resorts and entertainment centres. 12
  13. 13. Brand Management Madhya Pradesh TourismTraining and DevelopmentIn order to hone the skills of Madhya Pradesh Tourisms staff, Madhya Pradesh Institute ofHospitality Training (MPIHT), organized a series of training in various segments ofhospitality. A staff training programme was held in Hotel Payal, Khajuraho on the 2nd & 7thof May, 2011, followed by another training session organized in collaboration with theInstitute of Hotel Management, Gwalior and Indira Gandhi National Open University,Bhopal. The essentials of hotel industry like, food & beverage, housekeeping, front officemanagement etc. were included in the training.Public-Private Partnership (PPP) ProgramPPPs enable the public sector to benefit from commercial dynamism, the ability to raisefinances in an environment of budgetary restrictions, innovation and efficiencies, harnessedthrough the introduction of private sector investors who contribute their own capital, skillsand experience. This program will help government specifically achieve high serviceabilitydespite having severe resource constraints. Thelatest guidelines are expectedto set the stagefor rapid developmentof tourism infrastructureby attracting privateinvestment. 13
  14. 14. Brand Management Madhya Pradesh Tourism Result of the Branding Union Tourism Ministry statistics have recorded colossal growth in the number ofdomestic tourist arrivals in Madhya Pradesh, a scenario virtually unthinkable barely a fewyears ago. Moving up four notches from the number nine position in 2007, Madhya Pradeshis now ranked fifth as a destination of choice amongst domestic tourists. With the 2008figures, a 100 per cent improvement on the 1.10 crore tourist footfalls recorded in 2006, thestate now enjoys a 3.9 per cent market share in the country‟s domestic tourism segment. Fig 5: Madhya Pradesh Tourism‟s Tourist Statistics. Fig 6: Graph showing the trend in tourist arrival in Madhya Pradesh 14
  15. 15. Brand Management Madhya Pradesh Tourism More recently, Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation has baggedthree awards in different categories i.e. Best State in the Country, Best Civic Management ofa Tourist Destination in India and in the category of Innovative/Unique Tourism Project inthe country. The award was given at a function of National Tourism Award 2009-10organised by Ministry of Tourism Government of India.Its Caravan Tourism has beenappreciated across all the section of tourist market and has won “Most innovative TourProduct” given by GMR Express Travel World Awards.These awards are the fact that thecommunication strategy is not only successful in terms of achieving sales but is alsoacclaimed by an external entity. 15
  16. 16. Brand Management Madhya Pradesh Tourism Future EndeavoursMadhya Pradesh Government has announced various new incentives in state to promotetourism as a whole and bring about fundamental improvement in service delivery so that thebrand equity of Madhya Pradesh Tourism can be further strengthen. New set ofincentivesinclude luxury and entertainmenttax rebates andexemption for hotels, B&Bunitsand heritage properties.MPSTDC is also offering landson long lease at varioustouristlocations apart from concessionon energy, exemption onregistration and stampdutyfees and also to tourist vehicleson designated routes.The policy also proposes promotionof ecotourism,adventure tourism and water-basedtourism across its largenumber ofwaterbodiesthrough private-sector investmentand attractive supportfrom statetourismdepartment.Promotion of sustainabletourism practices, skilldevelopment and trainingforyouth etc. are some of theother areas the new tourismpolicy lays guidelines on. Also as oneof its kind initiativesin the country, MadhyaPradesh has taken initiative toform district tourism promotioncouncil to work fortourism development inthe area. ChambalTourismPromotion Council (CTPC),formed by the Bhind districtadministration, isworkingtowardsdeveloping tourismand essential infrastructure inthe Bhind district.TheChambal river andits richmarine life and the famousravines in the region is a greattourismresource that iswaiting to be exploited. State Government is also working on improvement of airconnectivity withinandoutside the State throughprivate sector. This is especially significant in case of foreigntourist that visit India. Because currently there are far fewer flights connecting MadhyaPradesh‟s major cities to other major cities in India, Madhya Pradesh is losing largecustomers. Also because of lack of air connectivity, the brand identity created by anextraordinary marketing campaign is at peril. 16
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