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Kalar of homo

  2. 2. KALAR (COLOUR) OF HOMO SAPIENS INTRODUCTION: How we came in to this Earth? Who is responsible for our birth? Are we able to choose our parent? And what mission has been assigned to us in this Birth? Whether all those things are predetermined? When we ask such question for ourselves and if we meticulously explore a possible solution with our divine knowledge for all such problems and we will be getting ourselves moved towards our Scriptures which will give a clear enunciation and make us to understand about these provisions of Scriptures and that will be a universal Panacea for our entire Ailment. The janma of human being is one of the greatest gifts given by God to the soul. The other greatest gift waiting to be given by God is mingling our soul with Maheshwaran Siva(The Almighty) through this human Janma. Therefore the Manida Janma will pave the way for Mukthi The Holy Communion with God, which is the ultimate goal of the soul. II.Freudian Theory: Man being a social animal scientifically called as Homo sapiens, which means no specific species but only has races with different customs and cultures. Sigmond Freuid the father of psychology classifies the human beings according to their character, which rule over their mind (manam). They are as follows: 1. Id people. 2. Egoistic people. 3. Super Egoistic people 1. Id people: normal people who never bother for anything 2. Egoistic people: is a kind of people who like their own flattery and lives on that pleasure. 3. Super Egoistic people: They only like their flattery and lives in their imaginary world and build castles in the air and do not like to face the realistic worldly affairs. III. Thirumanthira Kalars(Colours) of human beings: Accoarding to Thirumanthiram the human souls are classified according to the Malams- the impurities of mind. They are (1) Aanavam (2) Kanmam (3) Maya. The three vatieties of human beings are as follows: (1). Vingganakalar- Having one malam that is Aanavam. (2). Pralayakalar- Having two malas that is Aanavam and Kanmam (3). Sakalar-Having three malas that is Aanavam kanmam and Maya 2
  3. 3. He further classifies the above three categories as follows: (1). Vingganakalar: (a). Vingganar. Having one malam the Aannavam and be normal without any important attachment. Again subdivided in to three (1) Uthamam exactly fit (2). Mathimam exactly half fit (3). Adamam exactly unfit (b). Angganar. Having Aanavam and always used to doubt about the genuiness of Brammam. Again subdivided in to three (1). Uthamam (2). Mathimam. (3) Adamam as above. (c ). Engganar. Having Aanavam and used to question about the genuiness of Brammam. Again subdivided in to three (1). Uthamam(2). Mathimam (3). Adamam. (d). Meigganar. Having Aanavam and tries to understand the All Mighty and takes earnest effort to get mingled with the Brammam. They are also sibdivided in to three (1). Uthamam (2). Mathimam(3). Adamam. Thus the above Vingganar has been classified in to12 varieties as indicated above. IV. Prlayakalar:. Having two malas Aanavam and Kanmam again subdivided in to three (1). Uthamam (2). Mathimam (3). Adamam. V. Sakalar. Having three malas Aanavam Kanmam and Maya again subdivided in to three (1). Uthamam (2). Mathimam (3). Adamam. Thus the above three varieties of soul are subdivided in to 18 characters and these are hidden in the mind of the people that leads them in the game of life which is more or less like gambling. This can be under stood through song number. 2866, Out of the above 18 characters some of them are phenotypic having expressed externally in the present janma and some are genotypic and passed on to the ensuing generation by means of linkage and crossing over which has been scientifically proved by Cytological Theory of Stern’s Experiment, a great Biological Scientist. VI. The Ingredients of Human Genesis are: (1). Anma The soul 1 (2). Five Ganendrium. The five sense organs 1. Skin 2. Ears. 3. Nose. 4. Mouth.5. Eyes. 5 (3). Five Kanmendrium. 1. Kamam.2.Krotham. 3.Lobam. 4. Matham. 5. Macharium 5 (4). Nine pores in the body with specific vayu (air or nadi) 9 3
  4. 4. (5). Measurement of body on its own palm length. 8 (6). Characters of soul as detailed above (18) (12+3+3) 18 Total 46 VII.Baking In The Womb Thus the above ingredients are mixed and baked in the womb of the mother during gestation like a brick in a Kiln and coming out as Human Being depending upon the karma of previous birth and leads a life in the current birth and thus the entire plan of the soul has already been determined by the Almighty and no one can understand His Secrets assigned with the birth. This can be very well under stood by a song of Thirumandirum: Song No 486. The father who inject the Sukilam in to the womb of mother does not know about the Embryo. The mother who take it Passionately and also does not know about the Embryo. The Bramma the creator of the soul knows about the fate but does not reveal about that. The Lord Shiva who also dwell with the soul and does not declare any thing. Thus the soul covered with a sheath of Maya came in to existence. I. The Scientific Concept: The chromosomal number is constant for every living being and it is 46 numbers in the case of human beings. The 46 numbers of chromosomes which has DNA molecule coined as Genes determines our skin colour, height, wisdom, longevity, immunity and so on. It is surprising to note that divine prediction and its ingredients in the genesis of human being are strikingly similar with that of scientific observation. This can be very well understood through a Thirumandiram song in the Karpagakiriai: Song no; 468: Under the influence of kamam the father and mother make an Embryo and it constitutes one Aanma, with nine pores with nine vayu on that, five Ganaendrium, five Kanmendrium and has the measurement of eight units of its palm length mixed with the 18 characters along with Mortal remains of bones blood and muscles are baked in the womb of the mother like a brick in a kiln. Struggle of the Soul: Thus the soul baked out from the womb of the mother with its blindfolded eyes which means that its external peeping alone could be possible only on worldly bodies and 4
  5. 5. devoid of understanding and seeing the super insight of Bramma Ganam and that has been covered by a sheath of Maya. Our life in this earth is just compared to a gambling battlefield. The body is a gambling table and the platforms are 5 Ganendrium on which five Kanmendrium plays an important role and behave like five insane Elephants and they will swing in to action and dictate terms through its three agents. The manam which has three constituents the Ichai,(the passion) the Kiryai(the action) and the Ganam(the wisdom) which articulate from the mind and perform the deeds. Thus the soul in the course of life earns good deeds the punnium and the bad deeds the sins simultaneously and saves in his account. This can be very well understood by a song of Thirumular Song No. The soul thus generated under the influence of Kanmendrium tend to make mistake as if no one available to watch it. But the lord Shiva mingle with the air and with His omnipresence and ever watching the soul’s proceedings One who realizes His presence every where understands Him as the ever watching superintendent, does not commit mistake in this world. Song No: 2866 The human body is like a gambling table and with the influence of Kanmendrium and along with its three agents starts the game of life without any knowledge of realization and thus the soul is covered with a sheath of Maya and Illusion Universal Panacea for the Storm of the Mind: The five insane elephant dwelling in the mind make the soul to dictate without any control. To have an effective control on that five insane elephant we have to follow the medicine that will be a cure for every ailing in the all walks of life is none other than the chanting of the Almighty Shiva Namam comprising the five lettered word will become the weapon of Angusam which can control the five mammoth Elephants dwelling in the mind. This can also be understood by a song of Thirumular Song No. 977: The five Kanmendrium is compared to five insane Elephants and that can be tamed by the five-lettered word (in Tamil) NAMASIVAYA becomes the weapon of angusam, which is normally used to control an Elephant. 5
  6. 6. The Great Accountant General: The great Accountant General of the Heaven The Chitraguptha who used to open a folio for every soul in the books of account of the Almighty and used to account all our good deeds and bad deeds and convert them into Punnia and Pabas and at the time of the Judgment day this will be read out and accordingly the Soul will be weighed and final judgment delivered. Here in His Court balancing could not be done and the Pabas the sin will have to be punished and endured and the Punnia will have to be enjoyed and no one can escape from the ever-watchful divine Eye. This can also be very well understood by a Thirumular Song: Song No: 148: The soul in the process of life enjoys tasty food and have secret relationship with most beautiful woman. Suddenly on one day the heart on its left side just gives him pain and immediately the the soul depart from the body leaving all mortal remains Uncertainty of the life The moment we came in to this world death like a shadow gradually follows us. When it over take the soul no one knows. The body that got genessised is compared to a thatched shed and as and when it is getting exhausted it will tumble down and the soul departs from it leaving the mortal remains. At that time nothing will accompany with the soul and even the wife, son, daughter and other relatives who once ate with the soul could not be in a position to accompany along with it. But the thing of viratham through which you attained the wisdom alone come with the soul. This can be understood by the following song: Song No.144: The thatched shed of our body after getting exhausted tumble down one day at that time the wife and sons daughters who ate with the soul does not come with the soul. But the Virtham and the wisdom got from divine principle can alone come with the soul. 6
  7. 7. Universal Nomenclature for The Soul: After the death, the friends and relatives who used to weep loudly and that will be herd in and around of the people and then coin an universal name” the corpse” and took it to the cremation ground where it will be engulfed in to the flame and then take a dip on a pond and became oblivion of the soul. This can be very well understood by a song in Thirumandiram. Song No 145. When death came to the soul the people in and around and relatives weep loudly in order to be heard and coin an universal name ‘The Corpse’ to it and took it to the grave yard and dump in the fire and then take a dip in a pond and forget about the soul. CONCLUSION: Thus the human soul came in to existence from the womb of the mother and after fulfilling its mission in this world ends its life at the graveyard without any significance. The cycle of the immortal soul should not be allowed to take another inning in this world. Therefore at the time of our inner consciousness awakens, we have to be in touch with Lord Shiva who can alone mitigate our sufferings and sin and take to Mukthi the ultimate goal of the soul. By going through this article we can determine about ourselves and the kalar of our soul and uncertainty of our life and be watchful of the Divine Eye and take earnest effort through this human Janma and try to mingle our soul with the Almighty and seek eternal bliss without any punishment of birth. V.SANKARANARAYANAN A.D. Faculty. NICM. Chennai 7
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