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this is good presentation for who are searching for cyborg.

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Cyborg original

  1. 1. Cyborg Presented by Sankar 10g21a05a6
  2. 2. SCIENCE has achieved wonders. One of the thing that science has given us is “CYBORG”
  3. 3. » CYBORG is short name of “cybernetic organism” » CYBORG is a combination between man and machine » Different from a robot » Used to repair or overcome physical and mental constraints
  4. 4. history The idea of a man-machine mixture was popular in science fiction before world war II. In 1960 manfred clynes and nathen kine had combined the words cybernetics and organism to form a new term ::CYBORG. The beginning of the cyborg creation began when HCI(human computer interaction) began.
  5. 5. » Kevin warwick is professor of cybernetics at the university of reading. » The world’s leading expert in cybernetics. » He fired an array of 100 electrodes himself into his nervous system in order to link with internet to control a robotic hand ,a loudspeaker and amplifier.
  6. 6. Kevin Warwick
  7. 7. » In recent science fiction movie “IRON MAN 3”, Tony Stark injected electrodes into his hands like Kevin Warwick for sake of recognizing him by his iron suite.
  8. 8. CYBROGS ROBOT  Cyborgs are a combination of a living organism and a machine. It doesn’t necessarily have to be human; it can be a dog, a bird, or any other living thing.  A cyborg is a combination of an organism with a machine.Its a part of living beings.  Cyborgs are typically very complex.  A robot is basically a machine that is very advanced . It is often automated and requires very little interaction with humans.  A robot is an automated machine.Its not alive.  Robots can be simple or very complex.
  9. 9.  It looks like a contact lens with additional features.  We are recognize people Very smartly using this.
  10. 10.  All of u know that this kind of lens used in MACHINE IMPOSSIBLE MOVIE.
  11. 11. Jesse Sullivan
  12. 12. » Goal of this project is to help people see better and remember 2 things better. » Ex.: you can associate a name with a face, so that it can help to not forget faces.
  13. 13. Rob Spence
  14. 14. medicine Military Art Application of cyborg technology MARINE POPULAR CULTURE DEAF STUDIES
  15. 15.  There are 2 types of cyborgs1. Restorative-retore lost functions, organs & limbs. 2. Enhanced-follows a principle,& it is the principle of optimal performance.
  16. 16. DAPRA is developing remote control mechanical shark. It provide data feedback in relation to enemy ship movement or under water explosives.
  17. 17. DAPRA has announced its interest in developing “CYBORG INSECTS”. It transmit data from sensors implanted into the insect. The insect’s motion would be controlled from a Micro-Electro-Mechanical system(MEMS)
  18. 18.  The concept of art is often associated with science fiction.  Many artists have tried to create public awareness of cybernetic organisms.  These can range from paintings to installations. Such works are neil harbisson , steve mann ,orlan etc…
  19. 19. MARINE CYBORGS Cyborg Dolphin Sea Cyborg Cyborg Jellyfish
  20. 20. CYBORGIZATION IN CRITICAL DEAF STUDIES “Cyborgization" is an attempt to codify "normalization“. Hearing aids are widely used and can help assist individuals that are hard of hearing.
  21. 21. CYBORGS IN POPULAR CULTURE Cyborgs have become a wellknown part of science, fiction literature and other media. Examples of fictional biologically based cyborgs include Iron Man, Robo Cop etc.
  22. 22. » » » » » Star Wars universe Eliminators Johnny Mnemonic Terminator Salvation Ironman 3
  23. 23. » Enables to lead a normal life » Gives artificial sight to blind people. » Long life of the mechanical parts. » Gives a part of the body back.
  24. 24. » Cyborgs have physical limitations. » Cyborgs do not heal Body damage normally » Cyborgs are very expensive. » Requires maintenance » The risk of rejection/infection.
  25. 25. » It seems that in future we may have more and more artificial body parts like eyes,nose,hands and legs. » It act as a boom to human body by improving the quality and the life . » But it also act as a curse.
  26. 26. ANY QUERIES?