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Sankalp’s MLM BLASTER "MLM Software", SMS INTEGRATOR (Bulk SMS Software), BAZAAR SOFT (Retail Management Software), E-PIN GENERATOR, SMART CARDS & CHEQUE PRINTING SOFTWARE leads the way with innovative features.

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Sankalps Mlm Blaster Offer

  1. 1. _______________________________________________________________________________ Proposal Document for MLM SoftwareContent1) Why MLM Blaster ??? Proposal document for MLM software2) Offer price Includes3) Development Process4) Commercial offer5) Contact us6) Other MLM related services7) Requirements from you8) Testimonials 1
  2. 2. _______________________________________________________________________________ Why MLM Blaster ??  The #1 MLM software in India with more than 2000installations across the globe.  The #1 MLM software with more than 10 Million end users (Members) has used the software in last 9 years.  India’sfirstreal timeweb based MLM software.  First MLM software to integrate latest technologies like SMS &IVRS.  First MLM software to successfully integrate with Pre-paid vouchersystem in India.  First MLM software to successfully integrate with real time Inventory ManagementProposal document for MLM software system.  First MLM software to successfully integrate with Credit card payment gateway.  First & the only MLM software to integrate Smart cardtechnology.  First & the only MLM software to integrate with real time Event Management system.  The only Indian MLM software which is been used by every part of the globe.  First & the only MLM software to be developed in Foreign Language.  The biggest team sizein the globe (75 highly educated IT professional) to be worked on MLM software alone.  The only MLM software which follows the complete Software Developmentlife cycle.  Dedicated R&D team of 10 IT professional for continuous innovations.  First & the only MLM software to successfully integrate with Social Networking System.  And the only software which gets followed by every other MLM software developer in India. 2
  3. 3. _______________________________________________________________________________ Offer price includesWebsite DesigningEye cache web designing with web 2.0 international standards will be provided with following options.To see our latest creations please visit –  Home Page – Attractive Home page with combination of static & flash designing.  About us – This page will display the information about your company.  Business Plan – The details of the Income / Commissions will be explained with pictorials and Proposal document for MLM software diagrams.  Products – The details of the product information will be displayed here.  Legal – The legal documents like Company incorporation certificate, Pan Card etc. will be displayed.  Contact us – Contact details like office address, telephone no will display here.  News & Events – This section will display the latest news about your company. Facility to update the matter will be provided to you for quicker updations.  Pop Up page– This is the page which will ‘pop-up’ when the website will be opened first time by any visitor. The facility to design this page will be provided to you for quicker updations.Web Server & Domain name  One Domain name will be booked & provided for your company (.com, .in, .biz, etc.) for one Year.  Your website will be hosted on shared Web server. The web space of 500 MB for one year will be provided with this package. 3
  4. 4. _______________________________________________________________________________ Member / User Panel MLM Blaster Provides a very attractive, secured and user friendly member panel.Users can have more facilities to track his business and down line growth. The below are the unique links provided in this panel. You have a choice of selecting the Member panel design from the trendy templates which are specially designed to suit your website design.  Login Page– This is the page where user can logs in to the system. The adequate security measures have been taken to make this more secured from any theft on the web.  My Desktop - This is the front page which appears after successful login by the user. This page gives latest information to user related to his business.  Welcome MessageProposal document for MLM software  Last Login Details  Status of membership  Today’s Count etc.  Sign Up– MLM Blaster provides very secured and easy way of member Registration with user friendly environment. Sign up process is integrated with most secured E-pin payment system.  My Profile -Member can view the profile details & can able to edit some of the details.  My Network – This is the section where member can track the down line details. The details can be filtered with date wise. This section covers following  My Down line: Down line count detail like Total count, Paid count &Unpaid counts in tabular format.  Directs Members : Details about directly sponsored members  Binary Tree : Tree Structure of Down line expandable upto last level of joining  Down line Growth :This shows how your down line members are growing in terms of their earning4
  5. 5. _______________________________________________________________________________  My Accounts– This is the section where member can see the commission earned by him .The details of total earning, deduction & net payout can be seen for every payout. This section covers following  Income Summary: Payout Detail for Current & Total Payouts.  Income Voucher: A printable voucher with complete details about every payout.  TDS Summary: The details of the TDS deducted by the company.  My Messages - This is the section where member can manage the internal communication with the Head office regarding any of their queries. This section covers following  Inbox: All Incoming Messages.  Proposal document for MLM software Write Message: Member can compose new message.  Sent Item : All outgoing messages  E-Pin Section – This is the section where member can keep track of the E-pins ordered, received& used. This section covers following  E-pin Login – Secure login though user id & password.  Check E-pin – Here member can check the validity of E-pins received.  E-Pin order – Member can place the orders for new E-pins from this module.  Received E-pin - Member can see the new E-pins received from Company’s Head office.  More Links – Some other important links will be provided in this section  Receipt - Receipt printing facility  Welcome Letter - Welcome letter  Change Password - Change Password for securityAdmin PanelMLM BlasterProvides, Admin Panel which is designed in a way that it provides all the necessaryinformation required for a MLM business. The information provided is accurate &presented in a verysimple formats. The transactions are highly automated that no manual interference is required. This 5section covers following.
  6. 6. _______________________________________________________________________________  Member section  Edit Name & profile - This section provide the facility to change the profile details of a Member. The Log for important changes is maintained in the system.  Member profile details – This section gives the report related to all the members joined in the company. Report can be filtered to City wise, date wise etc.  Genealogy report - This section gives the details of the down line members of a particular member or for all the members. Report can be filtered to City wise, date wise etc.  My Directs - This section gives the details of the direct members sponsored by the member. Report can be filtered to City wise, date wise etc. Proposal document for MLM software Receipt Print – Here you can print the receipt of a particular member or the members joined in a particular period.  Commission / Income section – This is the most important section of a MLM Blaster. The Business logic as per your income plan will be customized and will provide under this section. a) Commission Calculation – This section calculates the commission earned by each member during the selected period. The Administrator has an option to decide the payout period like Daily, weekly or on monthly basis. The option for ‘Undo Payout’ & ‘Confirm payout’ is also provided in this section. After successful payout calculation the respective members will also able to see their earnings in ‘member section’. b) Income Voucher –From here you can print ‘Income Voucher’ of members within selective payout period. c) Income Summary –The report which shows the complete details of income earned deductions & net payable amount for each member for a particular payout. d) Payout Analysis –The complete analysis of amount collected & distributed for a particular payout. This helps to monitor company’s growth & financial position.6
  7. 7. _______________________________________________________________________________  Admin Tools – a) Company Information - Area where your company information will be updated & the updations will be reflected everywhere. b) Change Password –from here you can change admin panel password. c) Cheque Printing- From this utility you can print the commission Cheques. The record of the printed cheques is available for future reference. The records can also be edited &cheques can be re-printed if required. d) Helpdesk- This section gives complete information regarding a particular member. The information like Profile, earnings etc. can be seen from here. e) Address Print- This utility can be used to print Addresses of members. These printed addresses Proposal document for MLM software can be used for logistic of products, cheques etc. f) New User – This important utility is used to create new users in Admin panel.You can set limited rights to each user for the better operations and for the security purpose.  E-Pin Section –  E-Pin Master: From here you can create the different E-pin types with different cost.  Generate E-Pin - This section allows you to generate E-pins of different types as per the requirement.  View E-Pin- This section allows you to view the e-pins generated by you.  Block E-Pin –This section will be used for blocking the E-pins which are not required or not in use.  E-pin Summary –This section provides the detailed report for all e-pins generated, used, unused etc  PinsRequest –This section manages the E-pin request send by the Members. From here you can confirm the requests & assign the requested E-pins. Also generate the reports related to E-pin request. 7
  8. 8. _______________________________________________________________________________ Development Process The delivery model is transparent with window based communication and monitoring methodologies across locations. Thus the process and delivery quality remains consistent irrespective of the location of the users. Sankalpfollows internationally accepted quality processes and is in the process of getting Quality certification from International agencies.  Deployment of Resources This would be managed by the project Manager. He /She would deploy the Resources requiredProposal document for MLM software for the project.  Preparing Documents & and Getting it approved from the client This would be managed by the System Analyst .This phase involves making of SRS (System Requirement Specification) document & design of screens along with the proposed navigation / modules.  System Design This would be managed by the project Lead. This phase involves High Level System Design, basic Architecturalframework and Data base design for Application.  Development This would be managed by the Project Lead, and Developers. This phase involves development of application and its flow as per planned scheduled.  Quality Assurance (QA)& Testing This would be managed by the Test Lead and Testers. This phase involves QA testing for8 functional defects including stress testing, regression testing, integration testing and performance tuning. Any defects will be corrected prior to completion and launch of the application.
  9. 9. _______________________________________________________________________________  Release in Controlled Environment This would be managed by the Project Manager and Developers. This phase involves release of the application to a group of user for testing the functionalities on a testing server and gets their feedback.Sankalp makes uses of various tools like MIS report, Control orals to ensure data accuracy with regards to information been entered. Bugs and changes, if any would be done before final release/ delivery.  Final Delivery This would be managed by the project manager and Developers. All application related files will be transferred to the production server and implementation phase would be completed. Proposal document for MLM software  Documentation This would be managed by the Project Coordinator, QA member & Tester .Necessary documents would be provided to the client.  Training This would be managed by the Certified & experienced Trainers .Sankalp will be providing hands-on training to the designated user of the Clients.  Support system This would be managed by the Technical Support Executives (through Dedicated Technical Support Center operates in 2 shifts).Sankalp would monitor the system and provide technical support during the production implementation for three months from date installation.Sign-off this would be managed by the Project Co-coordinator 9
  10. 10. _______________________________________________________________________________ Commercial offer  Charges - The charges for the ‘MLM Blaster-standard version’ complete package would be Rs.95,000/- (Rs. Ninety Five Thousand only).  Taxes - Applicable taxes to be paid extra.  Payment terms –Proposal document for MLM software  50,000/- in advance at the time of finalization of the order  45,000/- on completion before going live (Through PDC )  Delivery time –  The delivery of the software would be managed within 2 weeks from the date of requirement document finalization.  Training –  The training for 2 persons will be arranged at our Pune office for one day with prior appointment. Or  Training can be given online through telephone using web technologies  Free technical support –  Support for first three months will be provided for free – As per the support policy mentioned on “Support policy” link on our official website  Complimentary software with this offer –  Bulk SMS sending software (MRP Rs. 2500/-)10  Cheque Management software (MRP Rs.5000/-)
  11. 11. _______________________________________________________________________________ Contact InformationSankalp Computer and Systems Pvt. Ltd.Survey No.440-441, 1st Floor, NarpatgiriChowkMangalwarPeth. Opp.Ladkat petrol pump.Pune -411 011 (Maharashtra) - India Proposal document for MLM softwareTelephone –+9120-41062300 (48 lines)Fax No –+9120-41062328E-mail -sales@sankalptech.comVisit us 11
  12. 12. _______________________________________________________________________________ Other MLM related Products & Services  Bazaar Soft- Software for Shopping Mall, Super Bazaar, Departmental Store, Traders with Barcode, Billing & Utility Card.  SMS Integrator( Mobile Messaging Software to send static & dynamic messages in bulk. MS Integrator provides fast, simple, effective & efficient real-time communication.  Smart Card Solution- Smart Cards is one of the emerging trend and likely to be popular inProposal document for MLM software coming time. A smart card contains a "chip" with memory and is typically used to hold customer account information / Points / Money / Balances. You can use it for Loyalty Programs, Electronic Cash, Health club, Library, Utility & Identity Card.  Cheque Printing Software( For printing of cheques for any Bank.  Inventory Management Software – Real time web based software to manage the complete inventory of products at Head office & at franchisee levels.  E-Pin Generator( Software for E-pin generation & management.  Event Management Software- Web based software for complete event management. This includes online ticket booking to Balance sheet of each event.  Logistic Software – Web based software to track deliveries of Product &cheques. This software12 also has courier module.
  13. 13. _______________________________________________________________________________  Pay Card System – Complete Pay Direct Card management software from ordering of pay card to transfer of payment to pay cards. Also integrated with Bank software for easy & fast transactions.  Web Related Services  Domain Name Registration  Web Development  Web Designing  Web Server Hosting Proposal document for MLM software  Server Collocation and Dedicated Web Server with Class A Service Provider  SEO (Search engine optimization)  SEM (Search Engine Marketing)  Other Related Services  MLM / Network Marketing Plan Analysis And Consultancy  Brochure & Logo Design  Presentation CD Development (Flash & Power Point ) 13
  14. 14. _______________________________________________________________________________ Requirements from you In order to deliver you the best solution in least possible time we would require some information from your side. We request you to provide the necessary information at one time as soon as possible. The accuracy & delivery of the software is completely depending on this information. So please make sure you provide us the information with at most care.  Business plan -Proposal document for MLM software The copy of your business plan with necessary illustrations need to be provided. The deduction applicable from the commission earned need to be mentioned clearly. Please make sure you also mention the conditions (if any) need to be incorporated while designing the business plan logic in the software.  The content of the website - The content for website design (like About us, contact us, product information etc.) need to be provided in soft copy at once.  Registration form - The copy of the Registration form along with the terms & condition need to be provided. Please also mention which fields on the registration form to be made compulsory.14
  15. 15. _______________________________________________________________________________ Testimonials  Rasheed A Gafoor – (MD - OSMS Global Pte Ltd- Singapore) “In a fast moving industry, we would need a reliable partner to move with us together and we are glad to have found that as a quality with Sankalp ”  KazeemAderibigbe - (Business Owner - My Qlique – Nigeria - India) Proposal document for MLM software "Often exceed expectations" is the quality you people possess.”  Mr.Stifan– (Director – Dynamic Travel Networks – South Africa) “Excellent Software service, getting back and supporting us even at odd hours of a day is something amazing we found in you.”  Ms.LibongangKhoza - (Director – True Riches– Ghana, South Africa) “Truly international quality product & services. The best MLM Software.”  Dr. SuresMandale - (Chairman - Blue Mormon Nature Club - India) “ Sankalp has helped our Company in all those critical times we needed. You all are doing a great job & I wish you All the Best for your future”  Mr. SachinRathi– (Managing Director - PoojaSyncotex Ltd.) “I have been pleased with the overall service quality and support given by Sankalp. ” 15
  16. 16. _______________________________________________________________________________  Ms. Queen Uzo - Ogbonna (Director -Genix - Nigeria) “The best choice in my life I ever made for Software services, truly inspirational team”  Mr. Aloke Singh – (CMD-Infocare India Ltd.) “We have worked with miles on a number of events. The team finds his vision, ambition and desire to push out the barriers, truly inspirational - it is rare in feedback for any organization to score so highly and to have such an impact.Proposal document for MLM software  Mr. Vijay Kumar Chaurasiya- (Chairman - PDC Pvt. Ltd. – India) “We have found their software to be of very good standard and their service and reliability has been very forthcoming.”  Mr. SantoshDubey - (Director -Standard Life – India) “I like mostly in SANKALP that Management always ready to listen our problems and also spreading this culture into down line. I am blessing success and hoping SANKALP will take a new height in this field.16