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Multi Level Marketing Blaster


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How MLM software work and all the features of mlm blaster. The leading software company sankalp technologies provides all kinds of MLM Software.

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Multi Level Marketing Blaster

  1. 1.  Why MLM Blaster ? Software Includes Development Process Contact us Other MLM related services Requirements from you Testimonials
  2. 2.  Real time web based MLM software. The #1 MLM software with more than 2000 installation across the globe. The biggest Team size in the globe (75 highly qualified IT professionals) to beworked on MLM software alone. Integrated with live Email and Mobile Messaging The only MLM software which follows the complete Software Development lifecycle. Dedicated R&D team of 10 IT professional for continuous innovations &improvements. The only MLM software which is been used by every part of the Globe. Integrated with live Email and Mobile Messaging
  3. 3.  MEMBER / DISTRIBUTOR PANEL-MLM Blaster Provides a very attractive, secured and user friendly member panel.-Users can have more facilities to track his business and down line growth. ADMIN PANEL-MLM Blaster’s Admin Panel is designed in a way that it provides all the necessaryinformation required for a MLM business.-The information provided is accurate & presented in a very simple formats.-The transactions are highly automated that no manual interference is required. OTHER EXCLUSIVE FEATURES-There are many add-on features you can ask to include in your software-software is flexible enough to update with any of our innovative features.
  4. 4.  UNIQUE LINKS PROVIDED IN MEMBER/ DISTRIBUTION PANEL :-- Login Page- My Desktop- Sign Up- My Profile- My Network- My Accounts- My Messages- E-Pin Section- More Options
  5. 5.  MY PROFILE :- Member can view the profile details & can able to edit some of the details.- Send Request for Edit Information to Admin & after approval by Admin, it will beupdated in actual data base MY NETWORK:-This is the section where member can track the down line details, This sectioncovers follows:My Down line: Detail like Total count, Paid count &Unpaid counts in tabular format.Directs Members :Details about directly sponsored membersTree View : Tree Structure of Down line expandable up to last level of joiningDown line Details : The details of members in your network
  6. 6.  E-PIN SECTION :To keep track of the E-pins ordered, received & used. It covers: E-pin Login – Secure login though user id & password. Check E-pin – Here member can check the validity of E-pins received. E-Pin order – Member can place the orders for new E-pins from this module. Received E-pin - Member can see new E-pins received from Company’s Head office.- Option to transfer E-pins within the Members/Distributors.- Option to send E-pins on Mobile by SMS.- Option to do sign-ups directly using un-used e-pins- For payment mode like E-wallet , Credit card immediate generation of E-pins. MORE OPTIONS: Receipt - Receipt printing facility Welcome Letter - Welcome letter Change Password - Change Password for security Pan Card Confirmation – Member can view the status of Pan card confirmation. Membership Renewal – Member can send request for “Membership Renewal” &can see the status of the same.
  7. 7.  LOGIN PAGE: This is the page where user can logs in to the system MY DESKTOP : Front page which appears after successful login by the user:- Welcome Message- Last Login Details- Status of membership- Today’s Count etc. SIGN UP: MLM Blaster provides very secured and easy way of memberRegistration Options to make payments are:- Cash , Cheque, Demand Draft- Integration with third party Payment gateway- use amount from E-Wallet- From “Genealogy” section directly- Free, Credit or Partial Membership- short registration form for quick sign up’s- Mobile messaging (M-Commerce).
  8. 8.  MY ACCOUNTS:- Member can see the commission earned by him It covers follows: Income Summary : Payout Detail for Current & Total Payouts- Option to send the “Commission Voucher” on email is available.- Details of Cheque issues against every commission period are available. Income Voucher : A printable voucher with complete details about every payout TDS Summary : The details of the TDS deducted by the company. Awards / Rewards :The status of the Awards / Rewards achieved .Also can see thenew schemes announced on time to time basis. MY MESSAGES :Member can manage the internal communication with the Headoffice It covers: Inbox: All Incoming Messages. Write Message: Member can compose new message. Sent Item : All outgoing messages Create group: Option to create Groups is available.
  9. 9.  THIS SECTION COVERS FOLLOWS: Member section Commission / Income section Admin Setting / Tools Utilities Web Manager E-Pin SectionE-Wallet Section
  10. 10.  MEMBER SECTION: Edit Name & profile – It provides the facility to change the profile details of aMember Member profile details – It gives the report related to all the members joined inthe company. Report can be filtered to City wise, State wise, date wise, Packagewise etc. Membership Confirmation – In case the Membership fee payment is not pre-paid,option to make it confirm from Admin section once the payment is received. Update / Renew Membership – Admin can update or renew the membershiprequest. Block/ Unblock ID – Admin can suspend/block and unblock a particular id ifrequired. Genealogy report – It gives the details of the down line members of a ID or for allthe members. My Directs - This section gives the details of the direct members sponsored by themember. Report can be filtered to City wise, date wise etc. Receipt Print – Print the receipt of a particular member or the members joined in aparticular period.
  11. 11.  ADMIN SETTING TOOLS: Company Information - Area where your company information will be updated &the updates will be reflected everywhere. Create Role – This is a section where you can create multiple roles within yourorganization and assign these roles to different users. Some of the roles can bePayout processing, Product dispatch etc. New User – This important utility is used to create new users in Admin panel. Youcan set limited rights to each users for the better operations and for the securitypurpose. Masters for setting Commissions Masters for setting Deductions Masters for entering Products Setting Roles for users Assigning Roles to users Creating User groups
  12. 12.  COMMISSION / INCOME SECTION : Commission Calculation : Calculates the commission ,The Administrator has anoption to decide the payout period like Daily, weekly or on monthly basis. Theoption for ‘Undo Payout’ & ‘Confirm payout’ . Income Voucher : To print ‘Income Voucher’ within selective payout period. Income Summary : Shows the complete details of income earned ,deductions & netpayable amount for each member for a particular payout. Payout Analysis : Complete analysis of amount collected & distributed for aparticular payout. This helps to monitor company’s growth & financial position. Cheque Printing: You can Print the commission Cheques. The record of the printedcheques is available The records can also be edited & cheques can be re-printed ifrequired.
  13. 13.  UTILITIES : Address Print- This utility can be used to print Addresses of members.These printed addresses can be used for logistic of products, cheques etc. Helpdesk- This section gives complete information regarding a particular member .The information like Profile, earnings etc. can be seen from here. Messaging – From here you can send messages to single member or group ofmembers. Also you can reply to the messages received from the members. Member Grouping – From here you can group multiple ID’s in order to club therepayouts and issuing single Cheque. Mobile Messaging (Bulk SMS) – From here you can send Mobile SMS to singlemember or group of members. Change Password – From here you can change admin panel password. Option to scheduling the SMS is also provided. Options to stop SMS can be provided.
  14. 14.  WEB MANAGER : News Section – This is the section where you can create the news which willappear on the website for the visitors. You can create any no of News categories &against every category option to create multiple news. The option to removenews is also provided here. If you specify the expiry date, news will automaticallyremove from the website. Events Section – This is the section where you can create the ongoingEvents/Seminars which will appear on the website for the visitors. You can createany no of Event categories & against every category option to create multipleEvents. On expiry date, events will automatically remove from the website. Photo Gallery - This is the section where you can create your own Photo Gallerieswhich will appear on the website for the visitors. You can create any no of PhotoGalleries. Video Gallery - This is the section where you can create your own Video Gallerieswhich will appear on the website for the visitors. You can create any no of VideoGalleries.
  15. 15.  E-PIN SECTION : E-Pin Master: From here you can create the different E-pin types with differentcost. Generate E-Pin - This section allows you to generate E-pins of different types as perthe requirement. View E-Pin- This section allows you to view the e-pins generated by you. Block E-Pin –This section will be used for blocking the E-pins which are not requiredor not in use. E-pin Summary –This section provides the detailed report for all e-pins generated,used, unused etc Pin Request –This section manages the E-pin request send by the Members. Fromhere you can confirm the requests & assign the requested E-pins. Also generate thereports related to E-pin request.- Dispatch of E-pins to non-members- Sending of E-pins on Mobiles through SMS- Sending of E-pins through E-mails- Printing of E-pins on pre-printed stationary
  16. 16.  E-WALLET: Transfer Amount - This section allows you to transfer the commission amount tothe members E-wallet account. Confirm Redemption Request- This section allows you to view & confirm the“Redemption requests”. The customize report for the same can be generated forpayment processing. Block E-Wallet –This section will be used for blocking the E-wallet accounts whichare not required or not in use. Account Statement –This section generates the Account statement for themembers as per selected criteria’s. Email notification on each transaction to a particular account holder. Real time SMS on each transaction. Auto Debit of E-wallet for Product purchase or for renewal etc.
  17. 17.  ADD-ON FEATURES YOU CAN ASK TO INCLUDE IN YOUR SOFTWARE , LIKE: Online Product Ordering E-wallet Website replication Payment gateway integration Multi-currency Multi Language Inventory Management Franchisee Management Online Shopping cart Logistic Manager Member wall Help Desk
  18. 18.  Sankalp follows internationally accepted quality processes and is in the process ofgetting Quality certification from International agencies. PROCESS: Deployment of Resources: Managed by the project Manager. He /She woulddeploy the Resources required for the project. Preparing Documents & and Getting it approved from the client: Managed by theSystem Analyst. This phase involves making of SRS (System RequirementSpecification) document & design of screens System Design: Managed by the project Lead. This phase involves High LevelSystem Design, basic Architectural framework and Data base design . Development: Managed by the Project Lead , and Developers. This phase involvesdevelopment of application and its flow as per planned scheduled.
  19. 19.  Quality Assurance (QA)& Testing : Be managed by the Test Lead and Testers. Thisphase involves QA testing for functional defects including stress testing, regressiontesting, integration testing and performance tuning. Release in Controlled Environment: Managed by the Project Manager andDevelopers. This phase involves release of the application like MIS report, Controlorals to ensure data accuracy with regards to information been entered. Bugs andchanges, if any would be done before final release/ delivery. Final Delivery: Managed by the project manager and Developers. All applicationrelated files will be transferred to the production server and implementation phasewould be completed. Documentation: Managed by the Project Coordinator, QA member & TesterNecessary documents would be provided to the client. Training: Sankalp provides hands-on training to the designated user of the Clients. Support system: The Technical Support Executives (through Dedicated TechnicalSupport Center operates in 2 shifts).Sankalp would monitor the system and providetechnical support
  20. 20.  SMS INTEGRATOR ( Mobile Messaging Software to sendstatic & dynamic messages in bulk. provides fast, simple, effective & efficient real-time communication SMART CARD SOLUTION : One of the emerging trend and likely to be popular incoming time. A smart card contains a "chip" with memory and is typically used tohold customer account information / Points / Money / Balances. You can use it forLoyalty Programs, Electronic Cash, Health club, Library, Utility & Identity Card. CHEQUE PRINTING SOFTWARE( For printing ofcheques for any Bank. Inventory Management Software : Real time web based software to manage thecomplete inventory of products at Head office & at franchisee levels. E-Pin Generator( Software for E-pin generation &management.
  21. 21.  EVENT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE: Web based software for complete eventmanagement. This includes online ticket booking to Balance sheet of each event. LOGISTIC SOFTWARE : Web based software to track deliveries of Product&cheques. This software also has courier module. PAY CARD SYSTEM: Complete Pay Direct Card management software fromordering of pay card to transfer of payment to pay cards. Also integrated with Banksoftware for easy & fast transactions. SALES PLANNER: Web-based sales CRM software for the tracking, analyzing andforecasting of individual and team sales pipeline and contacts. BAZAAR SOFT: For retail management E-COMMERCE: Refers to the buying and selling of products or services overelectronic systems, facilitation of commercial transactions electronically.
  22. 22.  Domain Name Registration Web Development Web Designing Web Server Hosting Server Collocation and Dedicated Web Server with Class A Service Provider SEO (Search engine optimization) SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Brochure & Logo Design Presentation - Flash & Power Point
  23. 23. - In order to deliver you the best solution in least possible time we would requiresome information from your side Compensation Plan -- The copy of your Compensation plan with necessary illustrations need to beprovided. The deduction applicable from the commission earned need to bementioned clearly. Please make sure you also mention the conditions (if any) needto be incorporated while designing the plan logic in the software. The content of the website -- The content for website design (like About us, contact us, product information etc)need to be provided in soft copy at once. Registration form - The copy of the Registration form along with the terms & condition need to beprovided. Please also mention which fields on the registration form to be madecompulsory.
  24. 24.  SANKALP COMPUTER AND SYSTEMS PVT. LTD.Survey No.440-441, 1st Floor, NarpatgiriChowkMangalwarPeth. Opp.Ladkat petrol pump.Pune -411 011 (Maharastra) – India LANDLINE–+91 020-41062300 (50 Lines), 020-41062333 MOBILE –+91 8605030333 E-MAIL VISIT US
  25. 25.  Ms.LibongangKhoza -(Director – True Riches– Ghana, South Africa) -“Truly international quality product& services. The best MLM Software.” Mr. SachinRathi–(Managing Director - PoojaSyncotex Ltd.)“I have been pleased with the overall service quality and support given bySankalp. ” Ms. Queen Uzo - Ogbonna(Director -Genix - Nigeria)“The best choice in my life I ever made for Software services, truly inspirationalteam” Mr.SantoshDubey -(Director -Standard Life – India)“I like mostly in SANKALP that Management always ready to listen our problemsand also spreading this culture into down line. I am blessing success and hopingSANKALP will take a new height in this field.
  26. 26.  Rasheed A Gafoor –(MD - OSMS Global Pte Ltd- Singapore)-“ In a fast moving industry, we would needa reliable partner to move with us together and we are glad to have found that asa quality with Sankalp ” KazeemAderibigbe -(Business Owner - My Qlique – Nigeria - India)- "Often exceed expectations" is thequality you people possess.” Mr.Stifan–(Director – Dynamic Travel Networks – South Africa-“Excellent Software service,getting back and supporting us even at odd hours of a day is something amazingwe found in you.” Dr.SureshMandale -(Chairman - Blue Mormon Nature Club - India)-“ Sankalp has helped our Companyin all those critical times we needed. You all are doing a great job & I wish you Allthe Best for your future ” Mr. SachinRathi– (Managing Director - PoojaSyncotex Ltd.- “I have been pleased with the overallservice quality and support given by Sankalp. ”