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ATG Tutorials - Promotion.


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ATG Tutorials - Promotion.

  1. 1. > promotions in oracle atg 10.1 > author > sanju thomas > date > 19th july - 2012
  2. 2. outline coupons upselling conception variants typeswhat
  3. 3. whatThe publicization of a product, organization, or ventureto increase sales or public awareness. Contest Advertisement Discount
  4. 4. typesitem discountorder discountshipping discount
  5. 5. variants amount off fixed price free % off
  6. 6. conception acc bcc
  7. 7. acc conception pricing promotion file new >live demo
  8. 8. bcc conception >live demo
  9. 9. static designc dropletl promotion toolsi data store promotion repositorye actionnt pipeline servlets
  10. 10. static design a b c profile PromotionStatus promotionuser a == user has an active profile b == profile has an attribute called activePromotions. activePromotion:RepositoryItem c == a reference to the underlying promotion PromotionStatus also hold number of times that a customer can use the promotion.
  11. 11. pmdl promotion is described in ATG using pricing model description language qualifier discount rule targetqualifier == when a promotion may applytarget == what may be discounted p r i c i n g m o d e l d e s c r i p t i o n l a n g u a g e