Social media baithak: Information Handout and reports


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An informal gathering of people from two different fields to share knowledge and collaborate for social good.

Social Media and Social Activism coming together for the first time; City techies to meet the NGOs over a cup of coffee to put 100% focus on use of internet based social communications technologies for the benefit of Non-profit sector

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Social media baithak: Information Handout and reports

  1. 1. Social Media Baithak, 11th Sep 2010, 4.30 pm to 7 pm Café Coffee Day, Janpath, Connaught Place, New Delhi An informal gathering of people from two different fields to share knowledge and collaborate for social good. Social Media and Social Activism coming together for the first time; City techies to meet the NGOs over a cup of coffee to put 100% focus on use of internet based social communications technologies for the benefit of Non-profit sector SOCIAL MEDIA BAITHAK - INFORMATION HANDOUT An initiative by Dhyaan Design and Samyukta Media
  2. 2. Our little effort of creating a bridge between the tech and social has received immense positive responses. Even as we prepare this document we are getting calls from the NGOs to seek a seat. We thank each one of you who have registered for the event and have decided to be a part of this initiative. This is the first time we are doing such an event in India, also perhaps the first of its kind social tech event where the focus is on non-profits. We have no budget to organize this, so we have tried to keep it at minimum cost, the calls and emails we sent out were borne out of our own pockets. It has been our effort to individually reach out to various city based NGOs and Social Media Gurus telling them about this event and inviting them. Given the time and resources we had, we barely managed to call about 30 of them. It is our believe that this is an immensely powerful and much needed initiative. We intend to make it a regular event and also wish to spread across various cities. If you know anybody who can help us with resources to scale it up, let us know.
  3. 3. NOTES Please reach sharp at 4.30 pm – Café Coffee Day has informed us that they will not be able to hold seats for more than 15 mins. If you have a laptop and wifi internet card please bring them along. It will help in live demos, you might also be able to quickly learn a few things as we speak. We don’t have a venue or snacks sponsor. For those of us who would like to munch on the Café Coffe Day delicacies, the rule of ‘pay for what you eat’ will apply. Bring along your camera, camcorder etc if you have any, we would love it if you would take photos and post them online. If you don’t already know how to do that, well you’d learn it at the Baithak Spread the word, join the community – If you are on Facebook you can ‘Like’ the Social Media Baithak page – If you have a blog, you can write about your experience at the Baithak. If you don’t have a blog, the Baithak will be a great place to start one. Tag for Twitter, blogs, Flickr & ors: SMBaithak
  4. 4. MEET THE GURUs (strictly in no particular order) We know life is a school and we all remain students forever but let us still call them Guru :) Abhishek is an average geek next door with some interesting perspectives on technology and social media. He is an early adopter, and a prolific knowledge-sharer. Abhishek has been very active in technical and social communities, both as a connector and as a participant. He deeply values his indulgence in social media, talks incessantly on Twitter, authors a few blogs, and hosts an online show on Microsoft technologies. A photography and movies fan, he brought Photowalking to India and writes film reviews for the kick of it. Abhay Adhikari is a multimedia designer based in York, UK (but a pucca Diliwala). He also teaches at University. For the past 11 months Abhay has been running the Social Media Surgeries on behalf of the local government in York, UK. Vijayendra Mohanty is a Delhi-based writer. He makes his living (or at least a part of it) telling stories. He writes stories and scripts for comics and graphic novels in addition to working on his own personal projects (a novel, a short story collection etc) and hobbies (like sketching, reading, studying religion and science). He is a familiar face in the desi internet scene and can be found tweeting as @vimoh all through the week. He also regularly posts articles, stories, reviews, and interesting links to his personal website at Sanjukta is a TED fellow and a Social Communication Consultant, committed to the cause of bridging digital divide and bringing social good by using social communication technologies. Mamta Mamta is an avid user of the social media technologies, currently manages the online community for the Shirdi Sai Baba School for the under privileged. She has 25 years of experience of entrepreneurship in retail, manufacturing of garments, brand building & exports of garments & business management & finance & banking.
  5. 5. Swagat Sen After studying cinema at the Film and Television Institute of India, Swagat have worked as a documentary filmmaker for more than 20 years. Some of the significant projects are, a history of India for Doordarshan, a series on the history and monuments of Delhi, an Imax film on tigers and a four part series on the MahaKumbha Mela. He also taught MA students Mass Communication. He presently teaches children of Nithari village, Noida using internet and linux based teaching tools. For the last few years Swagat has researched and shared on the internet new media tools which can have great impact on low cost education and social communication for gradssroots social workers. Praval is the Co-founder at Media Redefined, which is a Social Media Marketing & New Media Agency, based out of Delhi. He heads the Strategic Solutions wing. Prior to this, Praval has been a professional blogger for clients like Zoho and was an independent consultant for global businesses for 3 years. Harish is a mechanical engineer with 5 odd years of experience in social media, content & content-based products, across web, print and mobile media. Presently working with SlideShare as a Product Manager, previous experience includes Big 92.7 FM, SMS Gupshup, HT Horizons. A SlideShare presentation ‘My Story So Far’ got Harish the present job, so needless to say he has high faith in the power of Social Media Naina Redhu photographer and a logo designer have offered to cover the event on her camera
  6. 6. MEET THE PARTICIPANTS Name Organisation / Activities if independent Disha Sethi Administrative Liaison, The Butterfly Project Rachit Sai Barak Project coordinator, The Butterfly Project The YP Foundation Vaidehi Krishnan Honorary Board Member Women’s Synergy (a non-profit informal group of women on the verge of gaining legal identity) Sayantoni Datta Independent activist working in the field of child rights, environment and livelihood rights(land, water, forests), women’s economic, social, cultural rights. Kuber Sharma Coordinator, Media & Policy CYC / The Youth Collective Bharat Chandra Sarkar Doctor and a social activist A homeopathic doctor practicing in Nithari village, Noida. After the Nithari murder incidents, he, along with some others started a small informal school for children of migrant workers. His vision is to start a small knowledge centre for these children in Nithari to teach them computing , English and other subjects using internet based tools. Chandni Parekh Fund A Cause Rahul Nainwal Mitra / I-Volunteer Geetika Kumar Gupta Librarian and research and documentation expert. Worked with Center for Development of Instructional Technology (CENDIT), UNICEF and TAARSHI amongst others, extremely interested in learning how to effectively use the Social Media tools to increase my outreach.
  7. 7. Name Organisation / Activities if independent Chaitali Bhatia CREA Rakhi Sehgal National Trade Union Federation Monu Bana Independent Vikram Shoreon and Jessica Cohen Center for Social Research Dhirendra Pratap Milaan
  8. 8. Post event report by Abhay Adhikari – Delhi’s First Social Media Baithak Post event report by Sanjukta – “A great initiative which got equally great response from Delhi techies and social activists” Wonderful photo documentation by Naina Mainstream Media Coverage by ‘The Sunday Guardian’ dt 12th Sep 2010 titled “Techies teach newcomers and NGOs power of Social Media” Join us: Social Media Baithak Google Group Social Media Baithak Facebook page
  9. 9. MEET THE ORGANIZERS Dhyaan Design: A flexible network for interdisciplinary collaboration setup by Abhay Adhikari in 2003. Dhyaan Design works with developers and designers from various cultural backgrounds to deliver sustainable multimedia projects for corporations, small businesses and individuals from UK, India, USA, Japan and Australia. This includes BBC, British Council, Hertz, Penguin, The Human Rights Law Network and Zubaan Books. Samyukta Media: A communication consultancy, with special focus on Indian non-profits, launched by Sanjukta Basu in May 2010. Samyukta Media is an initiative dedicated to undertake social communications consultancy, training, media outreach and convergence projects for non-profit and other informal sectors. The world is witnessing a revolution in information and media technologies and usages. Samyukta Media is born with a mission to take this media revolution to every doorstep.
  10. 10. Contacts: Sanjukta Basu Abhay Adhikari Thank you