Social Media Saral for Shilpa Niketan - A case study


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Social Media Saral is a unique service designed for the benefit of NGOs, Social Enterprises and Micro Small and Medium Enterprises in non-metro, tier two cities in India. The service is aimed at providing online identity to local entities and put them on global online map, help them showcase their work, and build their staff capacity, so that they can derive benefit from the use of social media, digital and online communications.

This presentation outlines in detail the successful implementation of 'Social Media Saral' for a micro enterprise based in Kolkata, India.

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Social Media Saral for Shilpa Niketan - A case study

  1. 1. Shilpa NiketanSocial Media PortfolioA case study on use of Social Media byMicro, Small and Medium Enterprise
  2. 2. Background - story
  3. 3. micro enterprise Making HandBatik Saree• Started in 1995 by a sole entrepreneur, a middle class Bengali house wife from her own home.• Local underprivileged socially backward women from the neighbourhood are engaged in the art of making Batik sarees• Women are trained as well as employed at the workshop• Women get artistic outlet to express their creativity, dignified living, safe work space and other benefits like health care, education
  4. 4. Branding and Marketing• They have no business plan/structure to start with.• No budget for marketing and advertising• Purely self-funded. No investor or financer.• No retail outlet, distribution is done via popular Saree retailers in Kolkata• There is no logo, branding or tags affixed on the sarees• Marketing and promotion done only via word of mouth• No documentation of their work, product features, progress, learning etc.• No web presence
  5. 5. How we helped• We offered Shilpa Niketan a low cost social media marketing & Branding service called ‘Social Media Saral’.• This is a package service under which we created Shilpa Niketan’s complete social media portfolio, starting from the scratch.• We also created text, pictures and video content for marketing & promotional purposes to be used on the social media platforms.• We gave hands on training to Shilpa Niketan staff on how to use social media for their regular marketing activities so that they can do it on their own• By this service within 6 months brand have been able to launch its web identity and spread its business to GLOBAL market.
  6. 6. Social Media Saral includes the following• Website cum Blog• Facebook page• Twitter profile• Content – Articles, pictures, videos• Training
  7. 7. Website (Design, content, manage, SEO)
  8. 8. Facebook page
  9. 9. Product Photography
  10. 10. On Location PhotographyThese images were taken to bring the social enterprise aspectto its online presence.
  11. 11. Benefits1. High success rate with SEO & directcustomer via Google search:• Within the first month of creating the social media portfolio, Shilpa Niketan started to appear among top 5 search results on Google for key words, ‘Batik Saree India.’• If searched for ‘hand batik Saree India’ around 3-4 out of the top ten search results are of Shilpa Niketan• With key words ‘Ghicha Tussar Saraee’ Shilpa Niketan images appear at the top and the website appears at no. 3
  12. 12. Google Search engine screen shots
  13. 13. Benefits2. Direct customers and bulk businessqueries: Within 6 months of launching the Social MediaPortfolio, Shilpa Niketan started getting directcustomers and bulk business queries from variousplaces across the globe. A brand that did not even retail or distributeanywhere outside Kolkata is now going global fromDubai to Australia.
  14. 14. Direct customers & Business
  15. 15. Other Benefits• Relationship building – A direct relationship with potential and existing customers across globe. People are able to read and understand in details the social aspect of Shilpa Niketan & appreciate their art.• Customized Service – Existing and potential customers are able to express their preferences for particular texture, colour and design and get a saree specially designed for them. Customers can also ask questions and learn more about the art of Batik.• Personal Trust Building – Shilpa Niketan team keeps in touch with their existing customers and interact with them on the web pages. This adds to the trust factor for everybody. Potential customers are able to take reference of existing customers and have trust in the brand.
  16. 16. CostsThe minimum cost of this activity is Rs.25,000 for small entities intier two cities. The price may go up depending upon size of theentity and volume of work.Special Discount Rates and Gift Economy Rates is available forsocial businesses, specially those owned by women.Please write to me for details on how to avail discount at the belowemails:samyuktamedia@gmail.comsanjukta.basu23@gmail.comOr call Sanjukta Basu at 9953936006