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Ged 302

  1. 1. Evaluation of Old Master Painting & Modern ArtMuseum is the archive of civilizations. Bangladesh National Museum isthe biggest storage of our culture, history, Art, Archaeology, civilizationetc. it also introduce us about the culture throughout the world.The Essential Humanities definition of art is “a beautiful human creation”.Art has the aesthetic quality and it gives us pleasure. Art is the historicaldocuments. it reflects the society and culture of a particular period. Art is ameans of expression and it also used as a political tools.In Bangladesh museum I see the Italian renaissance art, modern art etc.which influenced me to get more interest to know about the art. I haveseen some Botticelli works, Leonardo da vinci works, Raphael works, Picassoworks.In this paper I am going to discuss, Firstly the emergence of the Italianrenaissance and draw comparisons between the painting of the Italianrenaissance artists.Secondly, I am going to discuss the secrets revealed by Leonardo da vinci’slast supper in the movie vinci code.Thirdly, I’m going to discuss modern art and compare Old Master paintingswith Modern art.Finally, I am going to present conclusion about my work which I haveanalyzed.Italian Renaissance; painting is the painting of the period beginning inthe late 13th century and flourishing from the early 15th centuries(1300-1550). Italian Renaissance painting can be divided into three periods:
  2. 2. Classical Antiquity, Middle age of renaissance or dark age, and highrenaissance- rebirth of classical antiquity.Classical Antiquity is the mixer of Ancient Rome &Ancient Greek. It beginswith professional life of a painter. That time artist is trying to get perfectionin their art.Midd renaissance or Dark Age of renaissance period is only focused on therise of Christianity. More god center & less human center. Chars controlledeverything in the society. Scolastism is the education system of the middleage to directly related to the chars. It never focused on litterateur, history,philosophy. It only prepared, there was scientific intellectual decline duringthe middle age. That time main focused on religion, there have not anyhumanism. Due to that reason decline the artist revolution.High renaissance is the rebirth of classical antiquity. The society of therenaissance was more human center& less god center. Rebirth ofrenaissance in the Italy then it spread in Europe. Humanism is anintellectual movement which emphasized on the value & importance ofhuman being. Petrarch is called father of humanism. Humanistic studies oreducation it focused on the study of literature, philosophy & history. Ex;Revile of classical text. Self glorification is an important fetcher, the artistglorify there self with their work.Italian renaissance artist; they dissected death body of human beings tostudy the details of human anatomy. Which help them to achieve realism inart. Botticelli, Leonardo da vinci, Mantegna, Michelangelo, Raphael was oneof the famous painter during the renaissance period.In keeping with the Renaissance man reputation for versatility, the twoleading architects of the Early Renaissance made a vital contribution to theworld of visual art. Brunelleschi worked out the mathematical laws of linear
  3. 3. perspective, and Alberti developed a practical system to apply them topainting. This system, which was refined throughout the Renaissance.High Renaissance painting was led by three artists: Leonardo, Michelangelo,and Raphael. While the careers of Leonardo and Raphael peaked andconcluded with the High Renaissance, Michelangelo’s career soared duringthe High Renaissance and continued into the Late Renaissance. Theinfluence of mannerism can be seen in Michelangelo’s later works.Leonardo da Vinci, He known as master of chiaroscuro; the strongcontrast between light and dark to achieve a sense of volume in modelingthree dimension object. He used Leonardo smoke or shadow for making tomysterious the painting. He studied on human anatomical detail forperfection in his painting and also famous for scientific and anatomicaldrawing; Fetus as an example of it.Raphael, was one of the another brilliant colorist at high renaissance. Heexamined architecture of classical antiquity & applied them in his painting.He emphasized on proportion, harmony & symmetrically arranged in hispainting. EX; Madona Virgin Marry as an example of that.Michelangelo, called as divine, he believes that sculpture is the highestform of art, because it is associated god of creation. He did not follow theunit of measurement, does not use liner perspective & chiaroscuro in hispainting and he is not a great colorist like Raphael but his characteristic ofhis painting objects so muscular because he studied anatomical detail ofhuman death body to depict strength accurately in his figures . He alsoclaimed that Raphael followed his painting technique. Where we can seeboth Michelangelo & Raphael’s painting so muscular. But the different isthat Michelangelo used male model for his female nude where Raphaelused female model.
  4. 4. In my opinion I like the style of Leonardo da vinci’s work. Whose survivingworks are few but established standard compositional structure for HighRenaissance paintings. He is an universal jennies because of his multitalent. His scientific & anatomical drawing , portrait painting. Ex; Vitruviusman, fetus, monalisa(reaction portrait).Modern Art: Modern art includes artistic works produced during theperiod extending roughly from the 1860s to the 1970s, and denotes thestyle and philosophy of the art produced during that era. The term isusually associated with art in which the traditions of the past have beenthrown aside in a spirit of experimentation. Modern artists experimentedwith new ways of seeing and with fresh ideas about the nature of materialsand functions of art. A tendency toward abstraction is characteristic ofmuch modern art.As compare with the old muster art and modern art, there have a hugegap between style of the art. Where old muster art had more naturalisticthen modern art. Because there have absent of naturalism on modern artpainting. Also absent of tactine value. In modern art painting we can’t seethe use of chiaroscuro, absent of linear perspective. But modern art painterhas the freedom of experiment & innovate their art where old musterpainter had not that opportunity; there painting was Biblical andMythological. In modern art we see the use of geometric form had beenused. Modern artist distort the line form & color express their inner filling &emotion. EX; Pablo Picasso- The Brother of Avignon. I like the style ofPicasso.Raphael Marry Magdalene with Titian’s Mary Magdalene:The Mary Magdalene is a 1565 oil painting by Titian of saint MaryMagdalene. Titian has covered Marys nudity and introduced a vase. Itscoloring is more mature than the earlier work, using colors harmonizing
  5. 5. with character. In the background the sky is bathed in the rays of thesetting sun, with a dark rock contrasting with the brightly-lit figure of Mary.The subject of the Magdalene as a prostitute and fallen woman returned tothe path of virtue by Jesus was very popular in the 16th century, allowingartists to create erotic compositions without courting scandal.Raphael, Mary Magdalene; has covered Mary’s emotion. Here theproportion and measurement are symmetrically arranged. The draperysoftness come out on the painting. As a colorist he depicts the jester muchbeautifully. But titian’s Magdalene is more colorful and strong contrast thenRaphael does.Botticelli’s Three Graces with Picasso’s the Brothel of Avignon:Celebrates of love in spring lyrical painting the Three Graces painted byItalian Renaissance artist Sandro Botticelli. While most critics agree that thepainting, depicting a group of mythological figures in a garden, isallegorical for the lush growth of Spring, females also in diaphanous whitejoin hands in a dance. Botticelli was the great master of line. The ThreeGraces on the symmetric in line in their position. the clothed, albeit in thin,transparent garments. He depicted the sexuality in the painting. And easilywe can say he was brilliant colorist.Picasso, The Brothel of Avignon; Perhaps the most radical painting of thetwentieth-century, The Brothel of Avignon, hangs unobtrusively at theMuseum of Modern Art. This large canvas was to revolutionize modernpainting by charting a new way of depicting reality. Pablo Picasso, broke allof the rules that the "artistically correct" learned at the art academies. Hedisposed of three-dimensional perspective, abandoned harmoniousproportion, used distortion, and borrowed from the art of primitivecultures. The painting is quite different, these women are not the traditional
  6. 6. nudes, Their flesh is not depicted as being soft and inviting but sharp andknifelike. In fact, their flesh suggests castration and fear of women.I have analyzed that, Italian renaissance was the revolution of art. Thattime innovation of art is growing rapidly and the artist of that timeintroduced us the art of painting. They teach that art create the value ofcivilization. As we know Art is a historical document.Reference: Frederick Hartt, A History of Italian Renaissance Art, (1970)