Shakespeare presentation (4)


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Shakespeare presentation (4)

  1. 1. By: Raymond Le
  2. 2. Essence of Tragedies Dark subject matter: Murder, Deceit, Betrayal A relatable protagonist A fatal flaw/trait of a hero In the end, the death/destruction of the heroSource:
  3. 3. Common Themes The hero is usually a high public figure: king, military officer Bloodshed False hope from the hero Gives audience relief in the endSource:
  4. 4. Influences From other people’s work: Books, Plays, Poems Myth, legend and folklore Real and/or current life eventsSource:
  5. 5. Names of Plays Hamlet King Lear Macbeth Romeo & JulietSource:
  6. 6. Relationships to Shakespeare The sad things in his life caused Shakespeare to make tragedies Events like: The death of family members and his son Hamnet Queen Elizabeth I was also reason why he started writing moretragediesSource:
  7. 7. By: Paris, France
  8. 8. Plays Written The Two Gentlemen of Verona The Comedy Of Errors The Taming of the Shrew Love’s Labour’s Lost A Midsummer Night’s dream The Merchant of Venice The Merry Wives of Windsor As you like it Much Ado about Nothing Twelfth Night The Two Gentlemen of Verona All’s Well That Ends Well Measure for MeasureGazdag, Julia. Theater review: Friendship and forgivenessthemes flourish in . 2010. Photograph. Oregon LiveWeb.23 Apr 2013.
  9. 9. Elements Multiple story lines A natural area away from the city/court Disguise Mistaken identity Conflict Misunderstanding A sorted out endingDRISCOLL, KATHI . Joshua Koopman doesShakespeare — in RI. 2009. Photograph.CapecodonlineWeb. 23 Apr 2013.
  10. 10. Common Themes contained funny, ironic and dazzling word play start off in mystery and confusion and ends with a happy endingand or a marriage awful puns and the use of sarcasmGeinert, Joe.TheShakespeareTheatre ofNew Jersey.2012.Photograph.StahomeWeb.23 Apr 2013.McGlone, Peggy. All thestates a stage:N.J. performingartists beginprogram toconnect withlocal theaters.2012.Photograph.NewJerseyWeb.23 Apr 2013.
  11. 11. Influences early comedies similar parts of other plays, stories and books written by other writers “The Comedy of Errors” was written based on a Roman comedy called “Menaechmi” whichwas written by Plautus is “The Taming of the Shrew” which has elements of an Italian comedy named “commediadell’arte” Later on he starts to incorporate politics and events that took place around himTheatre/DanceISU to presentcomedy play“TheMenaechmi”.2009.Photograph.Idaho StateUniversityWeb. 23 Apr2013.Muecke, Frances. Plautus:Menaechmi.1998.Photograph.BloomsburyWeb. 23 Apr 2013.
  12. 12. Relationships to Shakespeare like his other plays are affected by the day to day events that tookplace in his life added a touch of humor to his and the people of the ElizabethaneraThe Shakespeare Birthplace Portrait ofWilliam Shakespeare. 2009.Photograph. ShakespeareWeb. 23Apr 2013.<>.
  13. 13. CHARACTERS ANDSETTING Character are introduced and then removed so they’re never seenagain Sometimes female leads disguise themselves as men The weather of the scene usually parallels with the charactersemotions Loves Labors Lost . 2009.Photograph. SouthernOregon UniversityWeb. 23Apr 2013.<>
  14. 14. By: Sanjot Boyal
  15. 15. Impacts on his Plays Historical events and kings that ruled at that time impactedShakespeares plays greatly The books he read also made an effect on his plays Common myths and beliefsSource:
  16. 16. Holinshed Most of his plays were from this original book called theHolinshed Major theme: wars abroad and civil wars Remembrance of great men and moral lessons taught Many stories & legends of kings, including historiesSource:
  17. 17. Superstitions Fear of the unknown and evils Many people believed in witches during that time Shakespeare used this in Macbeth Common superstitions of warding of evils, bad eye, spiritsSource:
  18. 18. Myths & Folklore Many Mythical creatures that were mentioned instories, Unicorns, phoenix and dragons Magical creatures were widely believed to exist Greek myths were widely known, Shakespeare used informationfrom Wrath of Achilles and other Greek textSource:
  19. 19. Actual History Violent changes in nation & People Many powerful rulers reign Changes of power within society Events that lead to warsSource:
  20. 20. Ove r all Summar y & Re lation to Shake spe ar e “Shakespeare breathed new life into these beliefs by making them partof his characters’ daily lives and incorporating them into thesymbolism, attitudes and folklore presented in his plays.” Characters came from myths, Titania from MSND was a mythical fairy Superstitions & beliefs provided character (Macbeth Witches) andstories Greek myths, stories and books provided story lines for playsSource:
  21. 21. By: Samarth Agarwal
  22. 22. Poems Made many poems during the Black Death About love and death 5 long narrative poems Lucrece Venus and Adonis – started off his career as a poetSource:
  23. 23. Sonnets 154 sonnets Related to love Many feelings First 17 sonnets – Shakespeare encourages a young man to getmarried Sonnets 18-126 – talks about the young man Last 28 sonnets – female who Shakespeare likesSource:
  24. 24. Writing Style Some of his words not used today Some words are still used but with different meanings Sonnets have fixed rhyme structure 3 out of 154 sonnets didn’t follow the structure Single stanza had 6 or more short sentencesSource:
  25. 25. Influences Other great writers Old stories and legends Daily events Classical texts ImaginationSource:
  26. 26. Relation to Shakespeare’s Life Reflected incidents in his life Sonnet 20 – love relationship between Shakespeare and someoneelse Young man could be his patron Some poetry lines were learned in school First FolioSource:
  27. 27. SOURCES OF MULTI-MEDIA Source for Shakespeare Song: Source for Beat: Source for Scary Sound “Witch Scream”: