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earth day


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earth day

  1. 1. Nelson was deeply concerned about theenvironmental problems facing thenation and frustrated that theenvironment seemed to have no place inU.S. politics. Inspired by the success ofteach-ins being held on college campusesbyVietnam War protesters, Nelsonenvisioned Earth Day as anenvironmental teach-in, which wouldshow other politicians that there waswidespread public support for theenvironment.
  2. 2. Earth Day is the world’s largest civicobservance, with more than 1 billionparticipants worldwide.The first Earth Day was held on 22 April,1970.The day was founded by US SenatorGaylord Nelson, inspired by anti-war protestsand appalled at a major oil spill in SantaBarbara,California in 1969.The date was chosen to avoid conflict withother holidays. However, Arbor Day falls onApril 22 in Nebraska.Another reason for the choice is that thedate is the official first day of spring in theNorthern Hemisphere and fall in theSouthern Hemisphere.More than 20 millionAmericans took partin the first Earth Day.
  3. 3. Joyful joyful we adoreour Earth in all itswondermentSimple gifts of naturethat all join into aparadiseNow we must resolve toprotect herShow her our lovethroughout all timeWith our gentle handand touchWe make our home a
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