Wikidsmart PM: Requirements Management within Confluence, Integrated with JIRA


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Defining requirements and tracking them through the software delivery process is a constant challenge. Challenges include: tracking requirement completion, quality (bugs and test execution against requirements), and traceability (changes across releases). zAgile's Wikidsmart PM offers an open source and pragmatic approach to Requirements Management by enabling Atlassian's Confluence wiki and JIRA issue tracker to manage Requirements in a powerful, flexible way, while addressing all of the challenges mentioned earlier. Wikidsmart is an open source platform which enables integration of software engineering tools as well as business applications like CRM. In addition, it enables composite applications - such as Wikidsmart PM for Requirements Management - to be manifested within your existing tools and applications.

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Wikidsmart PM: Requirements Management within Confluence, Integrated with JIRA

  1. 1. Requirements ManagementWITHIN Confluence, Integrated with JIRAAndrew Lampitt, Co-FounderSanjiva Nath, CEO and Founder
  2. 2. zAgile  Corporate  Overview   •  Mission: Integrate Teams, Tools, Processes, and Knowledge –  First targeting Application Lifecycle Management / Software Engineering –  Platform extensible to any domain and applications •  Founded: 2006 in San Francisco, launched v1.0 in 2009 Technology Services •  Partners •  Press Coverage •  Selected Customers2008-­‐2012  Proprietary  and  Confiden4al,  zAgile,  Inc.   2  
  3. 3. Agenda   •  What  is  Wikidsmart?   –  Overview   –  Benefits   –  Wikidsmart  Solu4ons,  focusing  on  Wikidsmart  PM   •  Demo   •  Summary   •  How  zAgile  Can  Help   •  Next  Steps  2008-­‐2012  Proprietary  and  Confiden4al,  zAgile,  Inc.   3  
  4. 4. Wikidsmart  Overview  •  A  hub-­‐and-­‐spoke  integra(on  pla-orm   –  Today:  integra4ng  your  soRware  engineering   environment  (requirements,  tasks,  tests,  code,  etc.)   and  CRM  (accounts,  contacts,  etc.)   –  Tomorrow:  integra4ng  your  cloud  enterprise   applica4ons  (ZenDesk,  Intacct,  etc.)  •  Template-­‐based,  model-­‐driven     composite  applica(on  pla-orm,  for  example:   –  Requirements  Management   –  Test  Case  Management  and  Automa4on   –  Customer  On-­‐Boarding   –  Case  Management  
  5. 5. Wikidsmart  Pla8orm  Benefits   •  Instant  Integra4on   •  No  development  required,  integra4ons  are  pre-­‐built   •  Each  connector  instantly  integrates  all  tools  and  applica5ons   •  Smart  Solu4ons   •  Cohesion  of  content  flow  between  tools  and  apps   •  New,  template-­‐based,  composite  applica5ons   •  Insigh[ul  Informa4on   •  Easily  find  content  with  faceted,  precision  search   •  Lineage/Traceability:  Traverse  tangen4al  ar4facts/concepts   •  Dashboards  &  reports  bridge  content  between  tools  and  teams   •  Future-­‐Proof  Pla[orm     •  Open  Source,  Open  Standards,  Any  Tools  and  Applica4ons  2008-­‐2012  Proprietary  and  Confiden4al,  zAgile,  Inc.   5  
  6. 6. Tradi<onal  Apps:  Silos  of  Content  &  Concepts   GUIData Store FishEye  (File Structure, JIRA  Repository,) Git   SVN  Concepts, •  Users •  Project •  UsersFeatures, •  Spaces •  Pages •  Users •  Issue/Task •  Code •  VersionLogic, etc. 6  
  7. 7. A  Wikidsmart,  Coherent  Informa<on  System  GUI Other Wikidsmart Context Server’s Enterprise Knowledge ModelDomainConcepts,Features,Logic, etc. Software Engineering CRM OtherDataStore Other 7  
  8. 8. Introducing  a  Knowledge  Model  (a.k.a.“Graph”)  •  Encapsulates  knowledge  of  a  given  domain   –  Concepts,  and  how  they  relate  to  one  another   –  People  and  their  roles   –  Func4ons   –  Process  •  For  Example   –  SoRware  Engineering:  Developers  Create  Code,   Code  has  Issues,  Tests  are  done  against  Code,  etc.   –  CRM:  Prospects  can  become  contacts,  Accounts   have  contacts  and  opportuni4es,  etc.   8  
  9. 9. Knowledge  Model  Opens  New  Opportuni<es  •  Disparate  applica4ons  and  tools  “look  like”   one  informa4on  system   –  Guaranteed  interoperability  of  applica4ons   –  Repor4ng  and  dashboards  across  all  content   –  Find  precise  items  and  tangen4ally  related  ones   –  Answer  ques4ons  never  before  possible  like  “how   much  revenue  did  that  feature  generate?”  •  New  composite  applica4ons  can  be  created,   manifested  within  exis4ng  GUIs,  wiki,  or  portal  
  10. 10. Wikidsmart  Architecture  Overview  (1  of  2)  2008-­‐2012  Proprietary  and  Confiden4al,  zAgile,  Inc.   10  
  11. 11. Wikidsmart  Architecture  Overview  (2  of  2)  2008-­‐2012  Proprietary  and  Confiden4al,  zAgile,  Inc.   11  
  12. 12. Wikidsmart  Composite  Applica<ons  /  Solu<ons   •  Wikidsmart  PM   –  Requirements  management  within  Confluence,  4ed  to  JIRA,   GreenHopper  and  other  tools  for  traceability   •  Wikidsmart  QA   –  Test  Case  management  within  Confluence,     integrated  with  JIRA  and  Selenium  for  workflow-­‐based   automa4on  and  traceability   •  Wikidsmart  ALM   –  PM  and  QA,  plus  integra4on  with  Jenkins  and  FishEye  (version   control:  Subversion,  Git,  CVS,  Perforce,  and  Mercurial)   •  Wikidsmart  CRM   –  JIRA  and  Confluence  integra4on  with  for   Customer  On-­‐Boarding,  Customer  Case  Management,  etc.  2008-­‐2012  Proprietary  and  Confiden4al,  zAgile,  Inc.   12  
  13. 13. Product  Management  “Integra<on  Challenges”      •  PRD  /  Development  disconnect  •  PRD  /  Tes4ng  disconnect  •  Status  update  for  managers  •  Cohesiveness  within  SoRware  Delivery   –  Traceability:  Requirements  -­‐>  Code  -­‐>  Issues   –  Search  of  ar4facts  or  concepts  across  project  •  ROI   –  How  much  revenue  did  that  feature  generate?   –  How  much  did  that  bug  cost  us?  
  14. 14. Wikidsmart  PM:  Requirements  Management   Within  Confluence,  Interoperable  with  JIRA/GreenHopper   as  well  as  other  tools  and  applica5ons
  15. 15. Complete Requirements Lifecycle Management•  Create  &  Manage  Product  Ar4facts  in  Confluence     –  Features,  Use  Cases,  Requirements,  etc.  •  Ini4ate  Approval/Review  Workflow  Processes  in   JIRA  from  Confluence  Pages  •  Ini4ate  Implementa4on  Tasks/Workflows  in  JIRA   from  Confluence  Pages  •  Associate  with  other  concepts   –  Project,  Story,  Epic,  Stakeholder,  Component,  Test  Case,   Build,  Bug  •  Manage  Requirements  Delivery  and  Quality  via   Auto-­‐generated  Reports  &  Dashboards  
  16. 16. Demo  •  Formally  capture  Requirements  in  Confluence    •  Link  Features  to  GreenHopper  stories  •  Create  a  Requirements  hierarchy  •  Link  Requirements  to  Use  Cases,  Design  Document   and  Technical  Specifica4ons  •  Trigger  approval  workflows  •  Link  ac4vi4es  (development  tasks,  bug  fixes,  code   checkins)  against  Requirements  •  Define  Test  Suites  and  Test  Cases  against   Requirements  (With  Wikidsmart  QA)  
  17. 17. Summary     •  Open  source  and  ready-­‐to-­‐go:  no  dev.  required.   •  Use  for  tac5cal  (e.g.,  Confluence  and   integra4on)  or  specific  solu5ons  (e.g.,  Requirements   Management)   •  Wikidsmart  contextually  integrates  content  from  any   soRware  engineering  tool   •  Guarantee  traceability,  interoperability,  and  faceted   search  of  all  content  across  your  environment   •  Achieve  composite  applica5ons  using  the  GUIs  of   your  exis4ng  tools  and  applica4ons,  wiki,  or  portal  2008-­‐2012  Proprietary  and  Confiden4al,  zAgile,  Inc.   17  
  18. 18. How  zAgile  Can  Help   •  Support:  to  secure  your  project  and  make  sure   your  informa4on  flow  con4nues  at  peak-­‐ performance   •  Services:  implementa4on  services  to  fast-­‐track   your  projects  and  ins4ll  best  prac(ces,  tailored   to  your  internal  processes   •  New  Connectors:  for  your  environment,   whatever  tools  and  applica4ons  you  have  2008-­‐2012  Proprietary  and  Confiden4al,  zAgile,  Inc.   18  
  19. 19. Next  Steps   •  Videos:  YouTube  and     •  Download  Wikidsmart:  open  source  and  free  to  use   within  your  organiza4on,  see  DOC  folder  for  install.     •  Community  Q&A:     –  Example  Hosted  Wikidsmart:  Post  Ques4ons  in  Wiki  page   Comments  sec4on  (   –  Wikidsmart  Group  on  LinkedIn.   Contact  2008-­‐2012  Proprietary  and  Confiden4al,  zAgile,  Inc.   19