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Axial stress


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Axial stress

  1. 1. Course Name: PRE-STRESS LAB Name: SABIHA SANJIDA ID NO: YEAR: 4TH, Semester: 2nd Section: A
  2. 2.         CONTENT: Definition. Types. Examples. Basic Principals. Curves. Effect. Differences.
  3. 3. A tension or compression stress created in a structural member by the application of a length wise axial load.
  4. 4.    Loads pass through the centroid of the section. • Member is straight. • Load less than buckling load.
  5. 5.  Tensile stress: It is an Axial Stress The force is along the axis of the member)  It is a force that "EXTENDS“ the member. (Pulling it apart)  Compressive stress: It is also an Axial Stress  It is a force that "CONTRACTS“ the member. (Crushing it inwards) 
  6. 6. EXAMPLES OF TENSILE AXIAL STRESS Chain Carrying a Load Tension Cable On a Bridge
  7. 7.  Decorative Column in architecture  Steel Structure Of High Rise Building
  8. 8. The difference between the cracking patterns of the two beams (B-1 & B2) can be attributed to the effect of the compressive axial stresses that reduced the load tensile stresses and prevented the extension of the cracks.