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Kiadb booklet 22 feb11-mysore dist. (1)


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Kiadb booklet 22 feb11-mysore dist. (1)

  2. 2. KARNATAKA INDUSTRIAL AREAS DEVELOPMENT BORAD • The Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board (KIADB) is a statutory organization established through KIAD Act of 1966 for the speedy development of Industries in Karnataka by acquiring land and forming Industrial Areas complete with all infrastructure facilities.KIADB – THE FACILITATOR • Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board (KIADB) strives to be the single point window to assist entrepreneurs to set-up base in quick time and in a cost of effective manner. • KIADB practices hand-hold approach with every investor, right from concept of commissioning. • With a proactive institution wide quality policy, KIADB is reckoned as having the best Response / Delivery time in India KIADB’s progressive leasing procedures enable sub-lease and delivering free-hold title to business establishments.OUR PERSPECTIVES • Promote rapid, orderly and timely development of industries in the State by providing land, water, power, roads, etc., • Assist in implementation of policies of the Government within the purview of the KIAD Act. • Function as a corporate entityCOMPLETE / ON GOING ASSIGNMENTS • 95 Industrial Areas developed all over the state, with 8 in and around Mysore City • Over 4500 acres of land acquired • Around 1306 units are functional in 3494 acres of developed land • Around 13 single unit complexes provided with land to an extent of about 1600 acres (List as per Annexure ‘A’) • Recently Mysore 2nd Phase Industrial Area and Koorgally Industrial Area have been developed in an area of 220 Acres and 600 Acres respectivelyComp-2DKIADB-Booklet-11May10 2
  3. 3. INDUSTRIAL ACTIVITIES PERTAINING TO MYSORE ZONALOFFICE JURISDICTION: The Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board had developedIndustrial Areas in the Mysore Zonal Office jurisdiction comprising of fourdistricts namely: 1. Mysore District 2. Mandya District, 3. Chamarajanagar District, and 4. Coorg District. The details are as follows:MYSORE DISTRICT1. MYSORE INDUSTRIAL AREA Mysore Industrial Area comprises of 6 Industrial Areas namely: a. Belagola (Metagally, General and Food) b. Hebbal (General and Hebbal Electronic City) c. Hootagally d. Belavadi e. Pura Angarahally – Mysore II Phase f. Koorgally – Mysore III Phase Locations within radius of 7 Kms. from Mysore City the aboveIndustrial Areas have been developed.a. Belagola (Metagally, General and Food) i. Land acquired : 519.00 Acres ii. Area formed : 519.00 Acres iii. No. of Plots formed : 162 Nos. iv. No. of Units allotted : 113 Nos. v. Length of roads (All roads are asphalted) : 6.50 Kms. vi. Civic Amenities (KIADB Office Complex) : 3.00 AcresWater Supply: Water supply to this Industrial Areas are being maintained byVanivilas Water Works, Mysore (KUWS & DB)Comp-2DKIADB-Booklet-11May10 3
  4. 4. List of Major Industries: 1. M/s. Vikrant Tyres Ltd., (J.K. Tyres) 2. M/s. Triveni Engineering 3. M/s. WIPRO Information Technology 4. M/s. Kingslay Readymade Garments 5. M/s. Boruka Steels 6. M/s. GRS Fantasy Park (Baliga Investment) 7. M/s. Falcon Tyres Ltd.,b. Hebbal - A. General i. Land acquired : 1387.00 Acres ii. Area formed : 1387.00 Acres iii. No. of Plots formed : 450 Nos. iv. No. of Units allotted : 501 Nos. v. Length of roads (All roads are asphalted) : 20.00 Kms. vi. Civic Amenities, Water Supply, Pumphouse, Quarters, GLRS, etc., (including Housing Area) : 22.00 AcresB. Electronics City i. Land acquired : 350.00 Acres ii. Area formed : 350.00 Acres iii. No. of Plots formed : 192 Nos. iv. No. of Units allotted : 5 Nos. v. Length of roads : 5.75 Kms. (24 Mtrs. Wide) (All roads are asphalted) : 1.20 Kms. (18 Mtrs. Wide)List of Major Industries: 1. M/s. Vikrant Tyres Ltd., (J.K. Tyres) 2. M/s. WIPRO Information Technology 3. M/s. OKS Lubricants Specialties Ltd., 4. M/s. Brooke Bond India Ltd., 5. M/s. L & T 6. M/s. RPG Telecom 7. M/s. San Transmission 8. M/s. SPI 9. M/s. Central Institute of Plastic Engineering and Technology 10. M/s. Sudarshan Telecom 11. M/s. Infosys IT ParkComp-2DKIADB-Booklet-11May10 4
  5. 5. c. Hootagally i. Land acquired : 876.00 Acres ii. Area formed : 876.00 Acres iii. No. of Plots formed : 321 Nos. iv. No. of Units allotted : 206 Nos. v. Length of roads : 3.80 Kms. (18 Mts. wide) (All roads are asphalted) : 4.60 Acres (12 Mts. wide) vi. Civic Amenities , Water Supply, Pumphouse, Quarters, GLRS, etc., : 2.00 AcresList of Major Industries: 1. M/s. Bharath Earth Movers Ltd., 2. M/s. Automotive Axels Ltd., 3. M/s. Rane Mysore 4. M/s. WIPRO Lighting 5. M/s. Avasarala Tungston 6. M/s. Recket and Benkiser 7. M/s. Therom Industriesd. Belavadi i. Land acquired : 238.00 Acres ii. Area formed : 238.00 Acres iii. No. of Plots formed : 47 Nos. iv. No. of Units allotted : 45 Nos. vi. Length of roads : 1.00 Kms. (18 Mts. wide) (All roads are asphalted) : 2.00 Kms. (12 Mts. wide) vi. Civic Amenities , Water Supply, Pumphouse, Quarters, GLRS, etc., : 0.75 AcresList of Major Industries: 1. M/s. Kirloskar Electric Company 2. M/s. Venlon Polyester Film Ltd., 3. M/s. Triton Vlaves 4. M/s. Flavours & Essences 5. M/s. Carbo CeramicsWater Supply to Industrial Areas of Mysore: The requirement of water for industrial purpose to Hebbal, Hootagalliand Belawadi Industrial Area is met out by tapping underground sources. AsComp-2DKIADB-Booklet-11May10 5
  6. 6. well as covering river source totally 1.00 MGD water is being supplied toMysore Industrial Areas.Power Supply: The requirement of power at Mysore is being met by a single circuit 110KVA, a line from Shimoga and a single circuit 220 KVA, a line fromBangalore. A double circuit 220 KVA line from Shimoga has also been drawnto meet these energy demands of new industries for the next 10 years. Thenearest substations are located in Metagally and Belavadi.Metrological Data:Temperature : Min. – 19.20C and Max. - 9.60CRainfall Average : 809.7 MMHumidity : Min. – 19% and Max. -79%Transport: Mysore is well connected by State Highway and Broad-gauge Railwayline to all major cities of India.Telecommunications: The Industrial Area is provided with telecommunication through Postand Telegraph Office and a Telephone Exchange with electronic system.Telex, Fax and Subscribers Trunk Dialing (STD) are also available at lowercost.Land Cost: At present land being allotted in Mysore Industrial Area at tentativeprice of Rs. 40,00,000/- per acre.Infrastructure:1. ESI Dispensary facilities available at Metagally 3.00 Kms from Industrial Area.2. M/s. Bharath Cancer Hospital, Central Institute of Plastic Technology Centre situated within the Industrial Area limit.3. All types of Health Care Centres and Government Hospital situated in Mysore city within 5.00 Kms. from the Industrial Area.4. All types of Educational Institutions, Nursery, Primary, High Schools, Colleges, Engineering, Medical and Diploma Courses, etc., Private and Government Institutions situated in Mysore city within 5.00 Kms. from Industrial Areas.Comp-2DKIADB-Booklet-11May10 6
  7. 7. 5. Post Office, Police Station, Petrol Bunk and Service Stations are established in the Industrial Area limit.6. Hotel facilities small canteens, restaurants and One Star Hotel are running in Industrial limit.7. Open drainage system: KIADB has open drainage system works on and when required for discharging rainwater and other small discharges from the industries through open drainage system formed along road side of the Industrial Area which finally leads to open tanks in the locality.8. There are two Universities namely: a. Mysore University b. Karnataka State Open UniversityMYSORE DISTRICTTHANDYA INDUSTRIAL AREA: Thandya Industrial Area is developed in Thandavapura Village nearNanjangud Town, Mysore District. The Industrial Area is located about 160Kms. from Bangalore and 20 Kms. from Mysore along the Bangalore – NiligiriState Highway. The Industrial Area is well connected by Road, Rail and theAirport is situated at a distance of about 5 Kms. The river Kabini andHullahalli Cannal Distributary runs very near to the Industrial Area. i. Land acquired : 144.00 Acres ii. Net Area available for allotment : 104.00 Acres iii. Total area allotted : 104.00 Acres iv. Land reserved for CA and Sump : 10 + 2.75 v. No. of units allotted : 44 Nos. In addition to this 144.00 Acres of land, 33.16 Acres of land forM/s. S. Kumars Nationwide Ltd., 43.16 Acres of land to M/s. Flair Garmentsand 63.37 Acres of land to M/s. Sai Lakshmi Industries has been allotted assingle unit complex, adjacent to Thandya Industrial Area. Further 1553.00 Acres of land has been proposed for acquisition insurvey numbers of Thandya, Immavu and Adakanahalli Village adjacent toexisting Industrial Area. At present the tentative cost at Thandya Industrial Area is Rs. 15.00lakhs per acre.Comp-2DKIADB-Booklet-11May10 7
  8. 8. The following infrastructure has been developed in the Industrial Area. 1. Formation of Roads 2. GLR Constructed 3. Electrical Infrastructure 4. Open Drainage System 5. Telecommunication System 6. Area has been reserved for commercial infrastructure line Canteen, Bank, Post Office, etc.,1. Roads: The following roads are formed in Industrial Area. a. 18.00 Mts. Road 1.20 Kms. b. 12.00 Mts. Road 0.80 Kms.2. Water Supply Works: The requirement of water to Industrial Area is being met out by theexisting borewells and 5 MGD water being drained from Kabini at the cost ofRs. 9.45 Crores through which water being supplied to SUC’s likeM/s. S. Kumars Nationwide Ltd., M/s. Sai Lakshmi and M/s. Flair Garments,pumps capacity of 2 pumps of 125 HP each.3. Electricity The entire Industrial Area is covered by one substation erected byKPTCL located near Nanjangud Industrial Area also one 220 KV receivingstation as under construction near Kadakola near Thandya Industrial Areas.4. Open Drainage System The KIADB has taken up open drainage system and also SSM drainsalong the roads for discharging the storm water, which is finally leads to nearany tank.5. Telecommunication System: The Telephone Exchange for the Industrial Areas is at presently locatedin Nanjangud Town which is nearby. The telephone cable has been alreadydrawn in the existing Industrial Area.6. Post Office The nearest Post Office is in Nanjangud Town, through which thepostal service are now available to the Industrial Area. Also an area has beenreserved for Post Office in the existing Industrial Area.Comp-2DKIADB-Booklet-11May10 8
  9. 9. 7. Commercial Infrastructure For commercial infrastructure like Canteen, Bank, local shopping, etc.,10.00 Acres of land has been reserved in the existing Industrial Area.8. Transportation The Industrial Area is located very adjacent to Bangalore – Niligiri StateHighway. Hence has a very convenient transportation system.9. Railways: The Thandavapura Railway Station is situated at a distance of 2.5 Kms.form Industrial Area. This Broad-gauge Railway line is from Mysore toChamarajanagar.NAJANGUD INDUSTRIAL AREA Najangud Industrial Area is developed near Najangud Town, it is about25.00 Kms., from Mysore and 175.00 Kms. from Bangalore. The area is developedalong Mysore – Niligiri National Highway. The Airport is situated at 10 Kms. TheRiver Kabini runs near this Industrial Area. i. Land acquired and developed : 564.00 Acres ii. Total Area allotted : 418.00 Acres iii. No. of units allotted : 53 Nos. iv. Land reserved for CA and Sump : 3.00 Acres1. Roads: The KIADB has developed the Industrial Area by forming roads of differentwidth as follows: a. 10.00 Mt. Width 1.70 Kms. b. 12.00 Mt. Width 2.00 Kms. c. 10.00 Mt. Width 1.70 Kms. 5.40 Kms.2. Water Supply Works: Water supply to this Industrial Area is being met by drawing water fromKabini River which passes adjacent to this Industrial Area. The pump house isconstructed on the Bank of River and pumping machineries, motors and pipes aredesigned to lift 2.50 MGD of water from river, by providing two nos. of 150 HPvertical turbines. Adequate arrangements have been made to store the water in 2ground level reservoirs of 2.00 laksh gallon capacity respectively.3. Electrical Infrastructure: The entire Industrial Area covered by one sub-station erected by KPTCLlocated near the Industrial Area at Nanjangud Town.Comp-2DKIADB-Booklet-11May10 9
  10. 10. 4. Open Drainage System: The Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board has taken up opendrainage system works as and when required for discharging rain water and othersmall discharges from the industries through open drainage systems formed alongthe road side of the Industrial Area which finally leads to open tanks in the locality.5. Telecommunication System: The telephone exchange for the Industrial Area at present which is inNanjangud town is having controlling system and the entire area has already beendeveloped by drawing telephone cables and wires suitable for getting connection tothe Industries.6. Post Office In respect of giving postal facilities at present Nanjangud Post Office has beenoperating and land is allotted for post office at the Industrial Area which is to bebuilt by Central Government.7. Commercial Infrastructures: Commercial Infrastructures like canteen, Bank and other shops have alreadylocated in the respective area the canteen building is handed over to the Associatingfor running the Canteen.8. Transportation: Transportation system has improved in the areas through KSRTC and privateoperator.9. Railway Station: The Nanjangud Industrial Area is having the Railway facilities and which issituated at a distance 2 Kms., from the Railway Station. This Railway line is fromMysore to Chamarajanagar.List of Major Industries:1. M/s. Nestle Limited2. M/s. AT & S3. M/s. Jubliant Organics4. M/s. Brakes India Ltd.,5. M/s. Kareen Silks6. M/s. Zenith Exports7. M/s. Superfine Aromatics8. M/s. Pasari Spinning9. M/s. Ballarpur Industries10. M/s. Kabani Paper Mills11. M/s. Eastern Jingying Ltd.,12. M/s. Ganga PhosphorousComp-2DKIADB-Booklet-11May10 10
  11. 11. MYSORE III PHASE INDUSTRIAL AREA (KOORGALLY):i. Land acquired : 594.00 Acresii.Area of land developed : 500.00 Acresiii. No. of plots formed : 40 Nos.iv. No. of units allotted : 45 Nos.v. Length of the Road1. 18.00 Mts. wide Road : 3300.00 Mts.2. 24.00 Mts. wide Road : 2500.00 Mts.3. 30.00 Mts. wide Road : 2100.00 Water supply GLSR Capacity : 1 MGDComp-2DKIADB-Booklet-11May10 11