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  1. 1. Strategy, Architecture, Product Management <br />Sanjeev Kumar<br />Software<br />
  2. 2. Key Accomplishments<br />Social Applications Engine<br /><ul><li> 3000 applications, 6 Million users
  3. 3. Envision, Design, Deliver
  4. 4. Extensible architecture – supports all</li></ul> social networks<br /><ul><li> Strategy, Partnerships, Resource </li></ul> management<br /><ul><li> Cash positive
  5. 5. Eclipse plug-in based RAD tool
  6. 6. $250,000 in license/services revenue
  7. 7. Envision, Design, Deliver
  8. 8. Flexible architecture, $ savings – MDA
  9. 9. Marketing and sales
  10. 10. Amdocs, L&T InfoTech, ATM (France), </li></ul> Lockheed Martin, Infokaw (Brazil)<br />Founded Invivo as a offshore development and consulting company. Delivered high quality solutions at 75% profitability.<br />
  11. 11. USP<br />Proven track record in creating pyramid structured teams to optimize resource costs, while delivering high quality solutions.<br />Strategy, Architecture, Design patterns<br />Experience<br />Detailed design, implementation patterns<br />$ - Resource costs<br />Coding, testing, deployment and support<br />
  12. 12. USP - Product Engineering<br />Application foundation for multiple applications to minimize cost of change / maintenance.<br />Clarify CRM (case-1)<br /><ul><li>Multi-layered architectures
  13. 13. Encapsulate complexity in core layers
  14. 14. Customizable, Configurable and Extensible
  15. 15. Highly customizable, configurable application
  16. 16. Managed Customization core and UI core teams
  17. 17. Rapid application development tools for </li></ul> ‘assembling’ applications<br />
  18. 18. Product Engineering<br />SwixEditor (case-2) – One product core, multiple applications<br />Corners(case-3) – Multiple views and delivery channels<br /><ul><li> Model Driven Architecture – EMF based
  19. 19. Can support any UI library: Swing, SWT, or</li></ul> Custom – using model annotations<br /><ul><li> Can support any XML representation of UI
  20. 20. Content centric social network
  21. 21. Content packaged in multiple application templates. </li></ul> Delivered through multiple social networks.<br /><ul><li> Core application blocks, made new applications easy</li></li></ul><li>Team building<br />Built highly productive teams in USA as well as India.<br />Worked around the shortcomings of resources in India vis-à-vis technical aptitude, quality of experience, and commitment levels.<br />Leverage high availability of fresh talent in India.<br />Judicious resource management aligned with product engineering practices, to deliver high quality solutions. <br />
  22. 22. Innovation, Strategy<br />Dell <br />Corners<br />Clarify / Amdocs<br /><ul><li> Solution strategy using Microsoft PS/MOSS 2010
  23. 23. Two patent disclosures in process
  24. 24. Social applications strategy. 6M users, No SEO $
  25. 25. Patent compilation and disclosure
  26. 26. Extending Dreamweaver as RAD tool
  27. 27. Visual Inheritance for Java Swing UI
  28. 28. Architecture for migrating from client-server to web-based,</li></ul> and then web-based to smart client.<br />
  29. 29. Innovation, Strategy<br />SwixEditor<br />Invivo Software<br /><ul><li> IP shared with the sponsoring customer; Multiple returns.
  30. 30. Test driven development for superior quality.
  31. 31. Recruit only fresh engineering graduates majoring in</li></ul> Computers.<br /><ul><li>Started a 6 month internship program. Served as buffer</li></ul> for resource turnover.<br /><ul><li> Test driven development, and reusable application cores,</li></ul> ensured high quality delivery.<br />
  32. 32. Startup DNA<br />C-DOT (1992-1994)<br />Talisma(1994-1995)<br />Clarify – Pre IPO through acquisitions(1996-2002)<br />Invivo – My first startup (2004-2008)<br />Melamesa (Corners) – My second startup (2007-2010)<br />
  33. 33. Personal effectiveness <br />Ability to engage at CXO level. <br />TOGAF 9 certified enterprise architect.<br />A formal training in cinematography, provides an edge to my communication artifacts.<br />Two successful entrepreneurial ventures.<br />One successful community engagement venture, against several odds and risks.<br />
  34. 34. Professional Experience Summary<br />Software product development management – Enterprise CRM product, Clarify/Amdocs (California, USA) – 10 years<br />Offshore Product development and consulting<br />Software Architecture and Design<br />Business Solution Architecture<br />Social Media and Consumer Internet Products<br />