ZNET INDIA<br />Private Label Partner Programme<br />Product Information<br />1<br />ZNet India<br />11/12/2009<br />
Product Information Index<br />Domain Registration<br />Windows Hosting<br />Linux Hosting<br />Business Email<br />Virtua...
Domain Registration<br />3<br />ZNet India<br />11/12/2009<br />ZNET INDIA<br />Domain Name is a textual version of an IP ...
Windows Hosting<br />4<br />ZNet India<br />11/12/2009<br />ZNET INDIA<br />Hosting your ASP-based website was never so ea...
Unlimited Data Transfer
Unlimited Emails
ASP.NET, My SQL & MS SQL 2008 Support
Fantastic Control Panel
SmarterMail 6.x </li></li></ul><li>Linux Hosting<br />5<br />ZNet India<br />11/12/2009<br />ZNET INDIA<br />Linux Hosting...
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Private Label Product Information


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Under the Unique PLP hosting program of Znet Technologies, this presentation actually profiles the list and type of products available for our worldwide partners to resell and grow their own brand and business revenues

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Private Label Product Information

  1. 1. ZNET INDIA<br />Private Label Partner Programme<br />Product Information<br />1<br />ZNet India<br />11/12/2009<br />
  2. 2. Product Information Index<br />Domain Registration<br />Windows Hosting<br />Linux Hosting<br />Business Email<br />Virtual Dedicated Servers<br />Dedicated Servers<br />SSL Certificate<br />Content Management System Website<br />Web Promotion<br />Search Engine Optimization<br />2<br />ZNet India<br />11/12/2009<br />ZNET INDIA<br />
  3. 3. Domain Registration<br />3<br />ZNet India<br />11/12/2009<br />ZNET INDIA<br />Domain Name is a textual version of an IP address, the number that points to a particular Web site. Each domain on the internet consists of numbers, but it would be very confusing if you had to remember such long combinations of numbers.<br />For example, the number is the IP-address for yahoo.com. Without domain names each and every Web site would have to be recalled by a number like this, similar to the telephone system, but much more difficult to remember! For this reason domain names were introduced, and have made navigation on the net much simpler! Once you have a domain, you are ready to launch your own website.<br />You can start, grow and expand your business by selling our domain name registration, search, transfer and renew services for domains.<br />
  4. 4. Windows Hosting<br />4<br />ZNet India<br />11/12/2009<br />ZNET INDIA<br />Hosting your ASP-based website was never so easy!<br />ZNET INDIA offers best-in- class Windows hosting services to users globally. We make Windows hosting easier and affordable.<br />Our innovative Windows Server Architecture is configured in such a way so that our Mail Servers, Web Servers and Database Servers could be managed independently. Further, our Mail Servers are powered by the cutting edge SmarterMail 6.x which leverages your power to connect users across.<br />Some Features:<br /><ul><li>Using Clustering Technology
  5. 5. Unlimited Data Transfer
  6. 6. Unlimited Emails
  7. 7. ASP.NET, My SQL & MS SQL 2008 Support
  8. 8. Fantastic Control Panel
  9. 9. SmarterMail 6.x </li></li></ul><li>Linux Hosting<br />5<br />ZNet India<br />11/12/2009<br />ZNET INDIA<br />Linux Hosting from ZNET India is a great inexpensive hosting solution if you:<br /><ul><li> Have a personal website
  10. 10. Run a small business online
  11. 11. Own a blog, forum or social networking website</li></ul>Creating an attractive, professional website and personalized email address was never easier before ZNET India’s Linux Web Hosting packagewithFantasticotool.<br />Some Features:<br /><ul><li>Using Clustering Technology
  12. 12. Unlimited Data Transfer
  13. 13. Unlimited Emails
  14. 14. PHP & MySQL Support
  15. 15. Cpanel Control Panel
  16. 16. Fantastico</li></li></ul><li>Business Email<br />6<br />ZNet India<br />11/12/2009<br />ZNET INDIA<br />Discover a Never-before professional mail account. Loaded with features and benefits of an enterprise level mailing solutions at an affordable price.<br />Our Business Mail provide robust anti-spam and AV protection, detailed reporting, events/notifications, throttling, email archiving, intrusion alert/prevention, and advanced synchronization with Microsoft Outlook™ and Over-the-Air support for iPhone™, BlackBerry™, and Windows Mobile™ devices<br />Some Features:<br /><ul><li>Over-the-Air BlackBerry™, iPhone™ & Windows Mobile™ Synchronization
  17. 17. WorldClass Webmail
  18. 18. Personal contacts, calendars, tasks and notes
  19. 19. Global address list (GAL)
  20. 20. Shared email folders
  21. 21. Microsoft Outlook™ 2007 Synchronization</li></li></ul><li>Virtual Dedicated Servers<br />7<br />ZNet India<br />11/12/2009<br />ZNET INDIA<br />The virtual dedicated server involves partitioning a server computer into multiple servers such that each has the appearance and potential of running on its own dedicated machine. Each virtual server can execute its own complete operating system, and each server can be rebooted independently.<br />The world of virtual servers has changed radically by the launch of Microsoft’s latest Hyper V technology. Hyper V based virtualization dramatically accelerates cost savings of virtualization via Windows Server 2008.<br />ZNet India’s latest Hyper-V based VPS packages give you remarkable control and performance edge over traditional VPS plans vended by competitors.<br />
  22. 22. Dedicated Servers<br />8<br />ZNet India<br />11/12/2009<br />ZNET INDIA<br />Dedicated Servers is a type of hosting service hardware wherein customer purchases an entire server not shared with other websites or owners. Dedicated serves give more control to owners in terms of operating system, hardware etc. Some of the Operating systems offered on Dedicated servers are Windows, Linux, CentOS, Fedora Core, Debian and many other Linux distributions or BSD systems FreeBSD, OpenBSD etc.<br />Server management includes services like: Operating system updates, Application updates , DNS hosting, Load balancing, Database administration, Server monitoring, Firewall services, Antivirus services, DDOS protection, Intrusion detection, Disaster recovery etc.<br />
  23. 23. SSL Certificate<br />9<br />ZNet India<br />11/12/2009<br />ZNET INDIA<br />In a virtual world, there is always an element of doubt when sending or receiving sensitive information. A large percentage of internet users leave websites when asked to provide any information about themselves, simply because the website was not a secure website. There is no better way of building users&apos; trust than by enabling SSL on your website and getting an SSL Certificate for your website.<br />To allow you to secure your website, we offer GlobalSign SSL Certificates<br /><ul><li>Some of the biggest global brands and many Government and Educational bodies choose GlobalSign
  24. 24. GlobalSign have been WebTrust for Certification Authorities compliant since 2002, and operating a global trusted Digital Certificate network (and PKI) since 1996</li></li></ul><li>Contact us for Sign up<br />10<br />ZNet India<br />11/12/2009<br />ZNET INDIA<br />ZNet Technologies (P) Ltd.<br />D-10/52, Chitrakoot, VaishaliNagar<br />Jaipur-302021<br />Rajasthan (India)<br />Phone: +91-141-4070666<br />Fax No. +91-141-4035853<br />Email: sales@znetindia.com<br />