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Build Your Team

  1. 1. SORT ™The Real Time Personnel Selection Solution
  2. 2. Contents About Us Recruitment Challenges Why just Interviewing is not sufficient. SORT- Real time recruitment tests Benefits SORT @ IBM Global Services
  3. 3. About Us Founded in 1982 by Senior Psychologist Prof. Giora Keinan, a world renowned researcher and lecturer . Among top three HR Firms in Israel Provides a fully integrated range of HR services and solutions Proud of its outstanding professional team, over 150 experts in the diverse fields of HR and Management
  4. 4. Recruitment Challenges  Talent Shortage  Attrition rate  Managing to low levels  Time constraint  Budget  Perennial pressure to bring down cost  Retention Right person at Right time for the Right Job !
  5. 5. A Good Selection Requires A methodical approach to the problem of finding the best matched person for the job.
  6. 6. @ IBM Global Services  Focus on Support Staff hiring  Process Outsourced to Kelly  ~ 2000 Team leads hired annually from Internal and external sources.  ~ 3000 Consultants hired annually  ~1000 Managers hired annuallyPersonal Interview used as only selection tool
  7. 7. Selection MethodsWhich one is for me?  Should be Reliable  Give consistent account of Candidate  Should be Valid  Accept good candidates and  Reject Poor Candidates  Deciding which application to proceed with and which to reject is called Sifting  It is often done inefficiently or unfairly
  8. 8. InterviewWhy Depending solely on interviews can be Risky  Mostly Analyzing candidates as a person rather than Knowledge, Skills / Attitudes, Integrity  Poor results  Biasness Creep in  Low validity  To keep Interview validity High  Lengthy interviews / more than one round  Results in High cost mainly due to executive time being consumed.
  9. 9. SORT™ -Real Time Selection Tests Aptitudes Personality Integrity • Intelligence • Globally accredited tests • Pre-employment • Performance based on Neo PI theory • Periodical SORT A Holistic Three Dimensional, Integrated Personnel Selecting Solution
  10. 10. SORT™ -Real Time Selection Tests  Flexible  Can be specifically tailored to every organizations need based on the Job descriptions .  Scientific  Tests design based on Knowledge, Skills and Aptitudes required for the job.  All the tests are Validated scientifically.
  11. 11. SORT™ - Aptitude tests Intelligence Tests: • Measures both General (G) and  Internal Specific abilities (S) Consistency • Tests formats: Quantitative, Formal Coefficient greater Reasoning Tests, Verbal Tests, Technical Tests, English Tests than 0.8  Availability of a Performing Style: great number of • Measures functional abilities tests for each • Tests: Instructions understanding, cluster precise performance, systematic and thorough approach and multi task abilities.
  12. 12. SORT™ - Personality tests Based on “The Big-5 Theory” or the Neo- PI Evaluation.  Global Evaluation Standards in Psychology  Comprehensive, Empirical, Data-driven Research Finding “The Big Five” Dimensions of Personality  Openness to Experience  The extent to which a person is curious and insightful  Conscientiousness  The extent to which a person is dependable and organized  Extraversion  The extent to which a person is talkative and sociable  Agreeableness  The extent to which a person is tolerant of other people & Cooperative  Neuroticism  Relates to a personality trait characterized by instability, anxiety, aggression, etc.
  13. 13. SORT™ - Integrity Tests Translated and Validated into 14 Languages Provides information on:  Personal Values  Integrity  Personal Background Comprises of Pre-Employment and Periodical Employees Evaluations / Screening A Decision Supporting Tool in Screening Procedures
  14. 14. SORT™ - Integrity Tests (Cont.) Credibility SORT Motivation Integrity Honesty Tests Checks all Four Diligence dimensions of Human Integrity
  15. 15. Benefits Improves the Interview to selection ratio. Interview Validation improved Significant Executive time saved Better Selection resulting to improved Business Productivity Better employee Retention Instant reports Significant reduction in Hiring costs
  16. 16. Among our customers
  18. 18. Candidate’s Interface - Start Test
  19. 19. Candidate’s Interface – Forms Test
  20. 20. Candidate’s Interface – Numerical Test
  21. 21. Candidate’s Interface – Numerical Test
  22. 22. Candidate’s Interface –Start Lingual Test
  23. 23. Candidate’s Interface – Lingual Test
  24. 24. Candidate’s Interface GeneralKnowledge Test
  25. 25. HR Interface – Candidate’s Aptitudes Score
  26. 26. HR Interface – Add a new candidate
  27. 27. HR Interface – Integrity Tests List &Query
  28. 28. HR Interface – Integrity Test Report
  29. 29. HR Interface – Integrity TestReport
  30. 30. HR Interface – Integrity TestReport
  31. 31. HR Interface – Integrity TestReport