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New product launch-en


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New product launch-en

  1. 1. Achieving New Product Launch Success - Identifying, Creating and Maintaining Product Leadership in the Fierce Competition July 18 – 20, 2007 Renaissance Pudong Hotel, Shanghai Conference ChairYour new product is out the door Barry Feigu Has the market noticed? Presidentu Are revenue and profits ramping faster than costs in the first six Center for Product Success months?u Has the competition reacted, the market changed? Eminent Speakersu Are you reaching new markets and grabbing share from your competitors? David Lee Marketing Directoru Are you ahead of your projected profit curve or behind? Infineonu What’s the right post-launch strategy? Patricia CuiIn recent years, product launching has become an art which can make or Marketing Directorbreak a product. A successful launch makes potential customers aware of Motorolathe new product and keen to try it. Tony YipThe new product launch process plays a critical part in ensuring your Marketing Directoroffering gets to market in a timely and cost effective manner. Moving Henkelthrough the product launch process can be a resource intensive exerciseand laborious exercise. Yet, when product launch processes are executed Yao Hua Luwell they can make the difference between success and failure for your Vice Presidentorganisation. BrightDairyThe Achieving New product launch Success will be the best opportunity Michelle KY Chenfor you to energize and galvanize your new product launch strategies, Marketing Category Directortactics and processes and integrate them with local and global best practice Avonto increase the likelihood of success. Steve Betz Marketing Director General Motors Who should attend? Scott Sun Footwear Manager President, VP, GM, Director and Manager of: Nike u Marketing u Marketing Communication Angelo Giardini u New Business Development Director u Product Promotion Nestle Shanghai u Brand Development Harvey Liu u Business Planning and Development Marketing Director u Consumer Marketing Electrolux u Public Relations Ke Cheng Marketing Director A.O.Smith1 Tel: 86 21 5128 7858 Fax: 86 21 5128 7873 Email:
  2. 2. Achieving New Product Launch Success July 18, 2007 - Conference9:00-9:45 Keynote Speech-Nestle 14:00-14:45 Keynote Speech-InfenionDeveloping comprehensive integrated Product Taking use of the pricing strategy to win aLaunch strategy to drive the launch process fierce warexcellence Are you searching for ways to improve your profit margin? IsThe secret of a successful product launch is to start planning early, it time to increase prices? How do you avoid or minimize aplan meticulously and focus on maintaining the momentum up to price squee ze? One of the f our major elements of theand beyond launch. To create a dynamic set of plans (strategic and marketing mix is price. Pricing is an important strategic issuetactical plans created and refined primarily during the product because it is related to product positioning, furthermoredevelopment phase) made within the constraints of the projects pricing affects other marketing mix elements such as producttime, resources, scope and quality parameters, to achieve the best features and promotion.results possible for your product and your company. u Understanding how costs, competition, and customeru Define launch objectives values influence the price you chooseu Structure and organize resources for success u Determining how customer values drive segmentationu Develop launch strategy, action plan, budget and timeline decisions, which in turn affect the benefits they seek andu Reducing uncertainty inherent in launching new products the price they are willing to payu Shaping a customer-oriented management process u Identifying lifecycles to establish prices for currentu Organizing a independent launch group and highly authorize it and future market conditions9:45-10:30 Case Study-Avon 14:45-15:30 Case Study-GMIdentify your strongest strength to position and Managing launch risk-- reducing there-position your product likelihood of a failed new product launchu Product positioning made simple: defining your space in the marketplace Protecting your new product from other followers-identifyingu Seeing the problem and your product from the customer’s eyes direct and indirect competitors for price, availability, uniqueu Competitive differentiation and the incremental differentiation strengths and distinguishing features trapu Without positioning a customer won’t know who you are and u Avoiding the misunderstanding of the trend of market why you’re different through further employing surveys, focus group, interviews and sample testing u Carrying out testing toward the target market of you11:00-11:45 Case Study-Henkel current product regularlyLaunching a promotional campaign to reinforce u New product market sampling before launch processyour key messages, benefits and identity u Shaping the market not following itActivities designed to increase market share, product promotion isne cessary to ke ep a product-oriented busine ss ahead of its 16:00-16:45 Case Study-Motorolacompetition, especially to drive a new product launch. Productpromotions are a requirement for any business looking to expose its Optimal Product Launch Strategy :new products to the consumer marketplace and should be used Balancing Product Cost with Pricingto increase brand awareness.u Exploiting the most appropriate and prefect channels to u Analyzing the Pricing Methodology for structure publicize new productu Making public relations red-hot to fuel a new product to early u Understanding Perceived Value and the communication of returns value through priceu Capturing the media’s attention u Pricing Contacts with Product Lifecyclesu Promotional products can deliver multiple impressions cost- u Choosing low cost providers effectively11:45-12:30 Case Study-BrightDairy 16:45-17:30 Panel DiscussionIntegrating and aligning the branding process -Nike, A.O.Smith , Electroluxwith the NPD process to increase the likelihood Ensuring ingredients to improve theof launch success comprehensive strength of your team You cant succeed without the proper tools. A professional and effective product launch normally requires a good sixCreating and developing a brand and turning this concept into a real months to handle all the unexpected issues, delays andbusiness market winner is a real challenge. Only one in ten new snafus that will arise. You also need an adequate budget,brands and products succeed. All the elements must be right – the resources, systems and most importantly, healthyproduct itself, the packaging, pricing and marketing strategies. You relationships with all team members, sales channels, analystsneed to identify the right ideas early on; then elaborate and express and editors. Repair any broken relationships before productthem in the right way; and finally turn them into winning concepts launch because these types of issues are the greatest time-b e f ore inv e sting more heav ily in f ull-scale b rand build ing. eaters.u Understand customer needs by researchu Research to find right recipe to support the productu Build position and brand diamond based on consumer needs2 Tel: 86 21 5128 7858 Fax: 86 21 5128 7873 Email:
  3. 3. Achieving New Product Launch Success July 19 – 20, 2007 - WorkshopDay One - July 19, 2007 Day Two - July 20, 2007Critical Success Factors that Make the Leveraging Your Brands, Building Bold NewDifference Between Winning and Losing at Brands, and Increasing Sales for Both the BrandInnovation and the New ProductBest practices for generating new ideas. Strategy New product failure can often be caused by a poor brandbegins with the goals for the business’s product image. Haier learned this by doing an analysis of howinnovation effort and how these goals tie into the consumers felt about the brand. Haier found that Haier meant inferior quality products. They turned this around bybroader business goals. Many businesses find dramatically demonstrating how they would build up theirthat they lose sight of these goals, or they are not products quality. This enabled them to successfully enterarticulated or communicated well. new areas where they had not previously gone. A strong brand can be worth more than the factory that builds theu How to do the job right and do the right projects product. Both the product and the brand should have au Avoiding the pitfalls that can cause failure and synergistic effect on each other. The product should enhance money the brand and be enhanced by the brand. This section shows how to profit by integratingu The Innovations Triangleu Where to find the big idea u How to create the ideal brand or leverage existing brands u How to integrate your marketing and brand strategyu Techniques for motivating brainstorming sessions u Creating a good, better, best brand strategy that allowsu Leveraging your assets you to profitably sell to different marketsu Idea Screening -- The three questions you must u How to brand new technologies and new products ask to eliminate unsound concepts prior to u How to cut through the "message clutter" by creating the ideal communications mix devoting resources to them u Creating and reinforcing your leadership position throughu Ongoing research: integrated communications -What decisions are you trying to make? -What information do you need? Putting it all Together in a Flexible "Winning -Where and how will you get this information? Game Plan“u The Critical Path Analysis -- planning the The NPL process must be flexible to tailor to the needs of manufacturing and launch time frames different types of development projects. In this session, youu Where should you get new technologies. will learn the steps and outputs (as well as the cost, schedule From inside or outside the company? Indicia and and risk) of developing totally new products with new formulas. processes and new markets. This session will help you maximize productivity, flexibility and speed. u Why things rarely work as plannedThe Art Positioning and Repositioning Your u Best ways of finding out about your competitionProduct and Brand u Targeting the "moving" customer market u Creating steady success in a fast moving marketProper positioning of your products is a launch (and China is one of the fastest moving markets today) u How to attack from a position of strengthpad to success. This section will help you define u The ideal process flow -- the blueprint to NPL successyour space in the marketplace to achieve greatersales and reduce wasted resources. Tools and Checklists That You Can Use Evenu Morphological analysis and Matrix Analysis, Before You Leave the This Workshop including Attribute Management Cut your launch time in half. These are hands-on materialsu Tools for sending the right message to the to make your launch a success. It includes specially right people developed materials to make sure the process flowsu The Product Lifecycle -- how to use it to your s m o o t h l y, i n c l u d in g w o r ks h e e t s , c h e c klis t s , id e a own advantage starters and more.u 16 key buying motivations u Specific launch strategies you can mix and match –u Create marketing strategies for the life of your for your particular company – for consumer and B2B success product u Matrices to ensure youre right on target and dontu Why and how you should customize your brand miss any key steps messages u The key factors in managing risku How to make sure your advertising delivers the u The key launch process road map u The Question/ Lawyering Analysis (developed goods exclusive by us for use in our brainstormingu Strategies for electrifying consumers and the programs) that finds pitfalls and "need-to-dos in a trade simple, readily implementable format u The ultimate product launch questionnaire -- ignore at your own risk u Many more tools and worksheets 3 Tel: 86 21 5128 7858 Fax: 86 21 5128 7873 Email:
  4. 4. Achieving New Product Launch Success July 18 – 20, 2007 Renaissance Pudong Hotel, ShanghaiAbout Barry Feig Best-sellersB ar ry F ei g , a w or l d -r en o wn ed m ar ke t i n gstrategist, has been responsible for generating in The Latest Book:excess of $3 billion in sales for companies suchas American Express, First Brands, Colgate- Hot Button Marketing: PushPalmolive, American Cyanamid and Pepsico. the Emotional Buttons That Get People to BuyHis untraditional "the consumer drives themarket" approach has been responsible for the Book Descriptionsuccess of countless household items like Glad Consumers buy products for two reasons-the rationalLock Storage Bags, Colgate Baking Soda with reason and the real reason. While your customer mayPeroxide, Colgate Junior Toothpaste, American say they want your product because of its features andExpress Gift Cheques and Membership Savings benefits, their decision to buy is based on emotion-notProgram, Arm & Hammer Dryer Sheets, Ralston- intellect.Purinas Kibbles & Chunks and Lucky Dog Dogfoods, R.T. Frenchs Vive La Dijon, and Deli Hot Button Marketing shows you how to identify andSingles. He has also created a medical glove that push the hot buttons that will prompt consumers tois revolutionizing burn treatments in hospitals purchase your product over a competitors-even if itsacross the country. Feig, has authored more than a parity product! Filled with tips and insights that canfifty articles, published in Advertising Age, be applied at every stage of marketing-from productExecutive Female, American Demographics, and devel opmen t t o on e-t o-on e sellin g-H ot Butt onMarketing and Sales Management. He writes a Marketing shows you how to hit the sixteen hotmonthly column on marketing strategy for Food buttons and get your product sold.& Beverage Marketing and other trade magazines.Hi s book, The New Products Workshop, Book DescriptionHands-on Tools for Developing Winners, Most new products fail despite the factpublished by McGraw-Hill, allows the reader to that theyve been developed bytap into his breakthrough techniques to conceive, experienced managers in majordevelop and market successful products -- or to corporati ons. In The New Productsrevitalize existing ones. Workshop, Barry Feig shares his years of experience in guiding large and smallHis second book, Marketing Straight to the companies successfully through all theHeart, has been published by Amacom and has stages of product development.recen tly been t ransl at ed in to Chinese and Through his unique workshop method, managers learnGerman for the burgeoning markets of Mainland how to match their products with consumers needs.China and Germany. Packed with scores of new product-launch histories, check-lists and charts, The New Products WorkshopPrior to founding the Barry Feigs Center for explains each essential step, from generating workableProduct Success. Feig owned two advertising product ideas to assessing market success potential,agencies, Ad Ventures and Feig Communications, from testing the waters before committing a majorboth in New York. investment to giving products winning names and in trodu cin g t hem in t o a receptive marketplace.Specializing in the automotive, packaged goods Nowhere else can managers developing new productsand high technology fields, his clients included find the marketing survey necessary to ensure thatIBM, Schenley Distillers, and Curtis Instruments, their products sell... and sell and sell.Feig has taught M.B.A. level courses in StrategicMarketing at the University of New Mexico. Heh a s h e l d m e m b e r s h i p s i n t h e A m e r i c anM a n a g em en t A ss o ci at i o n , i n cl u di n g t h ei rPres i den t s Cl u b, Produc t Dev el opm en tManagement Association (PDMA), the AmericanM a rk et i n g A s s o ci at i on an d t h e S al es an dMarketing Executives Club.4 Tel: 86 21 5128 7858 Fax: 86 21 5128 7873 Email: