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How I Built In A Week (using Yahoo Pipes)


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A talk I am giving at BarCamp Atlanta on October 18, 2008. Discussion will revolve around how to leverage Yahoo Pipes to build a site like in no time flat.

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How I Built In A Week (using Yahoo Pipes)

  1. 1. How I Built In A Week (Using Yahoo Pipes) Sanjay Parekh BarCamp Atlanta October 18, 2008
  2. 2. sŭn´ jā
  3. 3. Look familiar?
  4. 4. It should. I was inspired by V stole the design from XXXX Alltop. (no, I haven’t told Guy about it... yet)
  5. 5. What is Yahoo Pipes?
  6. 6. These are just some of the operators available on Yahoo Pipes.
  7. 7. But there can be problems. occasionally
  8. 8. So why use it? 1) Fast 3) Free Picture Taker 2 catharticflux 2) Easy
  9. 9. Lets try it out...
  10. 10. Questions? Sanjay Parekh Twitter: @sanjay www [dot] sanjayparekh [dot] com