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Param Vir Chakra: History of India's highest gallantry award.


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Know thy history,know thy Nation. We honor our heroes in many ways. Let us also know how the medals are designed. To know this is to respect our heroes even more. Jai Hind.

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Param Vir Chakra: History of India's highest gallantry award.

  1. 1. History of the Param Vir Chakra  It was instituted on January 26, 1950, having been designed by a Hungarian-Russian woman, who was born Yvonne Maday de Maros in Neuchatel, Switzerl and.  In 1932, 19-year- old Yvonne ran away to India to marry army officer Vikram Khanolkar, who she had met and fallen in love with while he was training in the UK.
  2. 2. Being also in love with the spirituality of the country, Yvonne became an Indian, adopted the name Savitri Bai, immersed herself in Hindu scriptures and took a degree from the Nalanda University. Soon after Independence, the army's Adjutant General, Major-General Hiralal Atal, asked her to design the Param Vir Chakra medal.
  3. 3. Faced with the challenge of creating an Indian version of the Victoria Cross - the UK's legendary gallantry award that was reputedly minted from Russian cannons captured during the Crimean War in 1855 - Savitri turned to the Hindu scriptures. She chose the motif of Dadhichi, a Vedic rishi (sage) who made the ultimate sacrifice in the fight of good over evil. Asked by the Gods for help in overcoming a fearsome demon, Vrutrasur- Dadhichi gave up his body to let the Gods fashion a vajra - a deadly thunderbolt - from his thighbone. Armed with this vajra, Indra slew Vrutrasur.
  4. 4. Savitri designed a medal with a simple purple ribbon. Imprinted on the medal face are four replicas of Indra's vajra, reflecting Dadhichi's sacrifice. Between the vajras is embossed the Ashok emblem. The medal is cast in bronze.
  5. 5. Saturday is the birth centenary of Savitri Bai Khanolkar, who was born on July 20, 1913. It is also, by association, an anniversary for the Param Vir Chakra, an honour so rare that only 21 Indian heroes have won it till date.
  6. 6. Alongwith the Param Vir Chakra, Savitri Khanolkar also designed the Mahavir Chakra, the Vir Chakra and the Ashok Chakra, the highest peacetime gallantry award. In India's official order of precedence, the Param Vir Chakra is second only to the Bharat Ratna. Vikram Khanolkar retired from the Army as a Major-General. After his demise, Savitri became a nun of the Ramakrishna Mission, until her death in 1990..
  7. 7. Number Name Regiment Date Place Notes IC-521 Major Som Nath Sharma 4th Battalion, Kum aon Regiment November 3, 1947 Badgam, Kash mir Posthumous IC-22356 Lance Naik Karam Singh 1st Battalion, Sikh Regiment October 13, 1948 Tithwal, Kashm ir SS-14246 Second LieutenantRa ma Raghoba Rane Corps of Engineers April 8, 1948 Naushera, Kas hmir 27373 Naik Jadu Nath Singh 1st Battalion, Rajp ut Regiment February 1948 Naushera, Kas hmir Posthumous 2831592 Company Havildar Major Piru Singh Shekhawat 6th Battalion, Rajp utana Rifles 17 July 1948– 18 July 1948 Tithwal, Kashm ir Posthumous IC-8947 Captain Gurb achan Singh Salaria 3rd Battalion, 1st Gorkha Rifles (The Malaun Regiment) December 5, 1961 Elizabethville, Katanga, Cong o Posthumous IC-7990 Major Dhan Singh Thapa 1st Battalion, 8th Gorkha Rifles October 20, 1962 Ladakh, India
  8. 8. IC-7990 Major Shaitan Singh 13th Battalion, Kuma on Regiment November 18, 1962 Rezang La Posthumous 2639885 Company Quarter Master Havildar Abdul Hamid 4th Battalion, The Grenadiers September 10, 1965 Pakistan, Khem Karan Sector Posthumous IC-5565 Lieutenant- ColonelArdeshir Burzorji Tarapore 17th Poona Horse October 15, 1965 Phillora, Sialkot Sector, Pakistan Posthumous 4239746 Lance Naik Albert Ekka 14th Battalion, Briga de of the Guards December 3, 1971 Gangasagar, Ag artala Sector Posthumous 10877 F(P) Flying Officer Nirmal Jit Singh Sekhon No.18 Squadron, India n Air Force December 14, 1971 Srinagar, Kash mir Posthumous IC-25067 2/Lieutenant Arun Khetarpal 17th Poona Horse December 16, 1971 Jarpal, Shakarg arh Sector Posthumous IC-14608 Major Hoshiar Singh 3rd Battalion, The Grenadiers December 17, 1971 Basantar River, Shakarga rh Sector JC-155825 Naib Subedar Bana Singh 8th Battalion, Jamm u and Kashmir Light Infantry June 23, 1987 Siachen Glacier, Jammu and Kashmir
  9. 9. IC-56959 Captain Man oj Kumar Pandey 1st Battalion, 11t h Gorkha Rifles July 3, 1999 Khaluber/Jub er Top, Bataliks ector, Kargil area, Jammu and Kashmir Posthumous 2690572 Yogendra Singh Yadav 18th Battalion, Th e Grenadiers July 4, 1999 Tiger Hill, Kargil ar ea 13760533 Rifleman Sa njay Kumar 13th Battalion, Ja mmu & Kashmir Rifles July 5, 1999 Area Flat Top, Kargil Ar ea IC-57556 Captain Vikr am Batra 13th Battalion, Ja mmu & Kashmir Rifles July 6, 1999 Point 5140, Point 4875, Kargil Area Posthumous Based on an article by: Ajai Shukla JAI HIND