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Tobacco & its effect

It is a slide show about tobacco. It can be used for college seminars & other seminar related to cancer or tobacco......For description you can collect info's from internet of all slides.....A little editing is required as your need....

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Tobacco & its effect

  2. 2. Tobacco is an agricultural product & ‘Nicotine’ is a drug found in tobacco which is highly addictive.
  3. 3. Tobacco can be consumed in the forms of smoking, chewing, dipping or sniffing.
  4. 4. Many people use smokeless tobacco products,such as snuff and chewing tobacco in the form of Gutkha, Khaini, Mawa, Pan masala etc.
  5. 5. Cigarette smoking is the most popular method of using tobacco which contains more than 4000 toxic chemicals & 60 carcinogens.
  6. 6. Smoking decreases the blood supply to your brain, constricts the blood vessels and causes ‘atherosclerosis’.
  7. 7. Smoking & chewing tobacco are the main causeof cancers of the tongue, salivary gland, mouth, pharynx and for brown teeth.
  8. 8. Smokers are ten times as likely to get lung cancer and emphysema as non-smokers.
  9. 9. Nicotine causes the blood clots & development of plaque which leads to Risk of heart attack.
  10. 10. Esophageal cancer in esophagus happens due to smoking.
  11. 11. Tobacco smoking or chewing accelerate the process of Stomach cancer.
  12. 12. Kidney cancer is more common and aggressive among tobacco users.
  13. 13. Poor blood circulation damages the bloodvessel lead to death of body tissue which increases risk of ‘Gangrene’.
  14. 14. Tobacco smokers suffer more fractures due to higher rate ofOsteoporosis (Decreased bone density).
  15. 15. Tobacco in some cases used as a pesticide and in the form of nicotine tart rate used in some medicine. But directly tobacco consumption is dangerous. It kills.
  16. 16. So Quit Tobacco smoking as soon as possible