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Ccm Conference Brochure[1]


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Join the conference at The Business school, University of Jammu, Jammu

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Ccm Conference Brochure[1]

  1. 1. 3- NTERNATIONAL CON FERENCE I 3. Cross Cuttural Opportunities in Gtobat ..CROSS . Marketing context CULTURAL MANAGEMENT PRACTICE AND RESEARCH" 4. lntra-NationaI and RegionaI diversity within Nations MARCH 03-05, 2011 5. Cross Cultural Research Methodotogieslnternational Centre for Cross Cuttural Research and 6. Doctoral workshop on qualitative andHuman Resource Management (ICCCR & HRM), at The comparative researchBusiness Schoot, University of Jammu, fottowing the Besides the above, some of the other indicativesuccess of two lnternational Conferences on: "Cross areas within the ambit of broad theme are:Cultural Management: Practice and Research" heldin February 2009 and February 2010 respectively, BiculturatismandMutticulturatismannounces the 3d lnternational Conference on the Cuttural Diversitysaid theme during March 03-05, 201 1 . Workptace Stress and We[[ Being across CulturesCONFERENCE FOCUS ! Cross-CutturaI inftuences on organisational learningln the era of gtobat interdependence, organisationsand work situations have to be viewed as Cultural Change and its lmpactlaboratories for inter-cuttural cooperation. Cross Culturat LeadershipManaging individuats and organisations successfutly Cutture and strategyin turbulent and highty diverse environments Leadership in mutticultural contextrequire, among others, a better understanding ofcommonalities and differences of these contexts. CutturaI Consumer BehaviourAccordingty, the present times advocate the need CrossCutturalMarketingfor appreciating cross-cuttural perspectives and Cutture and Marketing Practicesorientations in the way the chattenges of Cross - cutturatcommunicationworkforce/ consumer diversity are addressed. This CutturaI value orientationsConference thus, aims at identifying mutticultural Cross - cultura[ tourismcontexts and, debating upon various cross- cultural Work-tife balance: cross-cutturaI perspectivesissues confronting todays business leaders for Comparativemanagementeffective management of gtobat enterprises. Strategic attiances among internationaI firmsCON FERENCE OBJ ECTIVES AN D TAKE AWAYS lnternationaI Ethics and Vatues across CulturesThe main objective of the conference is to set a Cross Cultural Research Methodotogiessynergetic platform for discussions and closerinteractions among participants coming from CONFERENCE PATRONdifferent backgrounds and countries. The detegates Prof. Varun Sahniwitt have the opportunity to present their Vice-ChanceItorcontributions besides establishing networks among Universityof Jammu, Jammu, lndiathose who wish to communicate study and research CONFERENCE CONVENERon the issues, concerns and prospects in the fietd ofcross-cu ltu raI management. Prof. Neelu Rohmetra Di rector, nternational Centre for Cross- Cu [tu ralThe Conference aims to bring together management Ipractitioners, academicians, policy makers, Research and Human Resource Management (lcccR & HRM)researchers and other experts to share their insightson the subject, as visuatised from nationat/global CONFERENCE SECRETARI ESperspective and past/current/future standpoints. Dr. Parikshat S. Manhas, The Business Schoot, JUThe Conference, in particular seeks to hightight the Dr. Anil Gupta, The Business School, JUemerging research domains across variousdimensions of cross-cultural management. The CON FERENCE COORDI NATORSConference will consist of plenary sessions and Dr. Amisha Gupta, The Business Schoot, JUconcu rrent tracks/ workshops. Dr. Jaya Bhasin, The Business Schoot, JUCONFERENCE TRACKS - 20 1 1 Dr. Rachna Gupta, The Business Schoot, JUWe invite research paper presentations across atl Dr. Neelika Arora, ICCCR & HRM, JUthe dimensions of Cross - Cuttural Management. Ms. Saloni Devi, The Business School, JUHowever, the major deliberations and debate shatl ADVISORY/REVI EW PAN ELIEXPECTEDrevotve around the fottowing sub -..themes: SPEAKERS1. Cross Cultural Strategic Management in the Dr. Ani[ Khandelwal, Ex-Chairman and Managing Age of Gtobatization Director, Bank of Baroda2. Cross Cultural Chattenges in Human Dr. Rajan Saxena, Vice Chancettor and Resource Management Distinguished Professor of Marketing, NMIMS
  2. 2. - n I 7nt n 1,University, Mumbai citationProf. G.S.L. Devra, Former Vice Chancetlor, Category: Academician Presenter/ Practisi ngVardhaman Mahaveer Open University, Kota ProfessionalProf . Neharika Vohra, lndian lnstitute of b) Best Research Paper Cash Award ( T 5000)Management, Ahmedabad (llM- A) Category: Research Scholar/Student PresenterProf. Vipin Gupta, Catifornia State University, San C) Keynote Address during lnaugurat by Dr. AnitBernardino, USA Kandelwat, Ex-Chairman and Managing Director,Prof. Hedley Malloch, leseg SchooI of Management, Bank of Baroda.Liltie, France d) Student Workshop/ Seminar on Post-MigrationProf. Masyuku Susai, Executive Vice-President, Experiences of Skitled lmmigrants from IndiaProfessor of lnternationaI Finance, Graduate School Living in Canadaof Economics, Nagasaki University, Japan Facilitator: Prof. Scott Walsworth, Hanlon SchotarProf. Monica Lee, Executive Secretary University in lnternationaI Business, Edward School offorum for HRD, UK and Editol RoutledgeStudies in Business, University of Saskatchewan, Canada.HRDBook Series e) Certificate of Participation/PaperProf. lrena Marinko, Dean of IBS lnternationa[ Presentation.Business Schoot; Director, Cotlege forExecutive f) Accepted papers to be published in theSecretaries and Director, School of Foreign conference Volume/book with ISBN indicated.Languages, Lj ubtjana, Stovenia IMPORTANT DATESProf. Lynda Moore, Simmons SchooI of ExtendedAbstract Submission: Janu ary 15, 201 1Management, Boston, USA Full Paper Submission: January 31 ,2011Prof. Alla Nazren ,Moscow State university, Moscow Registration Deadline: February 28, 201Dr. Prabir Pal, President, Association of lndian 1Management Schools (AIMS) REGISTRATION FEESMr. Rajeev Kapoor, President and CEO, Fiat lndia lndian delegatesAutomobite Pvt. Ltd. Academia: T 3000Dr. D.K. Bakshi, Chief Mentor & CEO, Gtobat Tatent Corporate: 5000 tConsultants Co. Ltd. and Executive Director lndia- Foreign delegate: USD 250Thai Chamber of Commerce Students / PhD ScholarsMr. G.P. Rao, Head - HR and MS, Retiance Group, lndian: T 1000; Foreign: USD 100Recron Mataysia The registration fees cover the conference kit,Prof. A.K. Saihjpal, Director, University lnstitute of conference material, conference lunch, tea andApptied Management Sciences, Panjab University, dinner. Registration fees may be sent by demandChandigarh draft in favour of Director, lCccR & HRM, UniversityProf. 5. B. Dash, lndian lnstitute of Management- of Jammu payabteatJammu, J&K, lndia.Lucknow (llM-L) ACCOMMODATIONProf. Ashok Ogra, Director, Apeejay lnstitute of Limited accommodation is avaitable in the GuestMass Communication, New Delhi House of University of Jammu, Jammu, on paymentProf. Rajen Gupta, Management Devetopment basis. The detegates may contact the Conferencelnstitute (MDl), Gurgaon Secretariat in that regard.Prof. 5. Bhargava, Shaitesh J. Mehta School of All queries regarding the Conference beManagement, I lT, Mumbai directed to:Dr. Dinesh Sharma, Professor, Shaitesh J. Mehta Prof. Neelu RohmetraSchootof Management, llf, Mumbai Director, lnternational Centre for Cross- CutturalProf. Voicu Sucala, TechnicaI University, Ctuj Research and Human Resource ManagementNapoca, Romania (ICCCR & HRM), The Business Schoot, University ofProf. R.K. Mishra, Director, lnstitute of Pubtic Jammu, Jammu -180006, J&K, lndia.Enterprise, Hyderabad Phone : ++9 1- 19 1 -24301 33 / 2452827CONFERENCE HIGHLIGHTS Emait: icccr. iu@gmait.coma) Best Research Paper Cash Award (T 5000) with a
  3. 3. ABOUT UNIVERSITY OF JAMMU AND themsetves in various academic, co-curricutar andTHE BUSINESS SCHOOL research activities. TBS has won the "IMPACT" jury speciat award forThe University of Jammu was established in the year1969 and today is accredited as A-Grade University by outstanding B School in Marketing in 2008 and hasNational Assessment and Accreditation Council of received DEWANG MEHTA award for Excetlence inlndia (NMC). The University is spread across six Management Education (2009).offsite campuses in Jammu Province and has 29 ABOUT ICccR E HRMGovernment and 1 10 private cotteges affitiated to it. lnternational Centre for Cross Cultural ResearchThe University offers about 40 Post Graduate and Human Resource Management (lCccR & HRM)Courses, 15 Undergraduate Courses and has a was estabtished in University of Jammu, Jammu in theemptoyee base of over 1400 dedicated peopte. The year 2008 under the Facutty of Management Studies,University CentraI Library is wetl equipped with over with an objective to:5 Lac books, online databases and hosts Promote internationaI cooperation in thelnternationaI Resource Centre. The University hosts domain of cross-cultural researchAcademic Staff Cotlege, Directorate of Distance Encourage devetopment of shared researchEducation for Distance Learning Programs, Centre projectsfor Strategic Studies and other specialized Centres. Organise visits and exchange programmesThe state-of-the-art General Zorawar Singh Auditorium provides latest facilities. Conduct trainings and MDPsThe Business School (TBS) at University of Jammu is Run Academic programmes in the domain of Cross Cuttural / lnternationaI ManagementrankedA+ Category Business Schoo[ (Business lndia,2010), and is one of the top 10 University Business Organise Workhops / / Seminan Conferences onSchool in the Country ( Outtook Survey, 2007). thesubjectStarted in 1986, a total of 24 batches have The Centre is starting a 3-months P.G. Certificatesuccessfutty passed out and are wetI ptaced at senior Course inCross - Cuttural lnternational Managementinmanagement positions in various internationa[ and January2011.national companies. The students at TBS engage GLIMPSES OF 1ST AND 2ND INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, FEBRUARY 2OO8 AND 2009. f4-I qY -.r- -i li#" ,l
  4. 4. REGISTRATION FORM 3rd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON "CROSS - CULTURAL MANAGEMENT: PRACTICE AND RESEARCH MARCH 03.05 2011 Organised bY lnternationalCentreforCrossCulturalResearchandHuman Resource Management (lCccR & HRM) University of Jammu, Jammu 180006 (J&K) lndiaName (Mr./Ms./Dr./Prof.):U niversity/Organisation/l nstitute:Designation.Address:City: .. ... CountrY: .. Postal CodePhoneTitle of Paper:Presenting Paper: Yes ( No(Draft No Date ............... Bankdrawn in favour of Director, lCccR & HRM, University of Jammu payable at Jammu, J&K,lndia.Bank Transfer USD """ onlY Date . Place Signature Please send the comPleted form to: Registration Fees (Tick whichever is applicable) rlndian delegates: Prof. Neelu Rohmetra -Academician: Rs.3000 [ l Director, lnternational Centre for Cross- -Corporate delegate: Rs. 5000 t I Cultural Research and Human Resource .Foreign delegate. USD 250 Management (lCccR & HRM), The Business School, University of Jammu, rStudents / PhD Scholars t -lndian: Rs1000 Jammu -180006, J&K, lndia. P hone: ++9 I -1 I 1 -2430 1 33 12452827 -Foreign. USD 100. I Email: