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myClients CRM


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myClients CRM
CRM Simplified

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myClients CRM

  1. 1. myClients : an introduction What is myClients?myClients is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool : a shared contact manager at its core, with features tocollaborate among co-workers, track opportunities and projects, an online marketing and email campaign tool – everythingyou need to get organized and grow your business. It helps you keep track of what was said about a client or a project, whatneeds to be done next, tasks assigned to you and your co-workers, documents related to a client or project – all client-centricinformation at your finger tips – helping you streamline your client-related workflow and helping you take the right decisionsfor your business.
  2. 2. Why use myClients?As a business-owner or entrepreneur, you talk to many different people on a daily basis – your clients, co-workers, vendors,project stake-holders, partners … Usually its all scattered over emails, text documents, your notebook or a piece of paper. Howwill you make sure you are well prepared to talk to your potential client or project in the next meeting? Notes from your co-workers could prove very valuable to you. With myClients, you will have all notes, all tasks, all documents (added and updatedby you and your co-workers) related to this particular client in one spot. This empowers you and makes you a better andinformed business-person.
  3. 3. Some Common ScenariosI would like to review all our contacts in XYZ Company.Review our NDA with ABC Corp.Would like to review all contacts tagged as “construction” or “tender2012” or “agent” or “VIP” or “prospect” …Have a meeting with Danny Delusa, Procurement Director, from XYZ Company. Has anyone from our company met ortalked to him? Do we have any notes on him that could help me learn more about him.Setup a demo task for XYZ Company.Review the current products and services being used by XYZ Company – start and end dates.Whats the status of project / tender “Tender 2012”.Five of my clients have a birthday today. How can I automate this – without find / copy / paste / send – for each ofthem?Sales are down. Would like to notify all our regular customers for an offer of 20% discount on our services for this week.Broadcast the opening of our new branch to all our clients and subscribers.Already have my contacts in GMail or Outlook – bulk import them.What territories did well in 2012? Weakest territory by sales volume?
  4. 4. Core FeaturesStandard CRM features - and more. Simplicity is our greatest feature. Simple to use, with features that you will actually use,and a fee structure that does not bankrupt you. Contact manager: Centralize everyone and everything related to your business in one place. A shared contact manager – with a powerful search engine, ability to tag, quick search and more. Custom fields: Allow you to keep track of extra information beyond standard contact information (phone, email, address, etc.). For example, you can add a custom field called “Referred by” to keep track of who referred a customer to you or “College” that tracks college of your client.
  5. 5. eMarketing tool: It is importantthat you keep in touch with yourclients. ✔ A Thank You note, a Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary email. ✔ Or, broadcast your deal, let your contacts know of a new product you are launching or a change of address or phone notification. ✔ myClients lets you do it all.Project / Opportunities Tracker: Track your projects and opportunities. Create and review notes, tasks, currentstatus, estimates, people assigned for them.
  6. 6. Team collaboration: Broadcast public messages, writes notes about a client or project, assign tasks to co-workers,notify via email.Web based: Use it over the Internet or deploy to your enterprise Intranet. One time server installation, which means :nothing to install in user workstations, nothing to download, no worries about painful upgrades …Customizable: How many vendors have offered to customize their solution for your specific needs. We will!
  7. 7. External data synchronization: myClients can sync with external data sources in standard iCal format – such asGoogle Calendar, MS Outlook etc.Web Services: myClients can communicate with other applications via standard web-services using XML/SOAPprotocols.Import / Export Contacts: Export contacts from popular MS Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and vCard format andimport into myClients.
  8. 8. Comparision : myClients & other CRMsAn obvious question comes to mind while choosing a product. There are a lot of similar products out there. Why chosemyClients? myClients is simple to use, has features that you will actually use, and a fee structure that does not bankrupt you,and unlike our big competitors, it doesnt take ages to implement our product.Item myClients Other CRMDeploy options Deploy to your own VPS or your own Most CRMs in the market will not let you do company servers. that. Its a single application serving all their clients.Your data Resides in your own database server. You Co-located with other clients in a single are in full control. database.Web-based Yes. One time setup. Nothing to deploy in Maybe. individual desktops. Updates / upgrades are done rapidly in the server.Platform independent Yes. Can be deployed in Linux or Windows Maybe. platform.Customizable Yes. We follow 80/20 rule. We might have No. Most vendors will rarely customize unless 80% of what you need. We will customize you pay millions. the 20% to suit your needs.Number of users Unlimited. Restrictions apply. Plans start from say 2-3 users and you pay more as the number of users increase.Number of contacts Unlimited. Restrictions apply. Plans start with say 100 contacts and you pay more as the number of contacts increase.Limitation on disk space and No. You own your server. Yes. Some provide 1 GB space and have a limitmemory. on the amount of memory (RAM) you can use. You pay more as your requirements grow.
  9. 9. Custom fields for contacts Yes. You can define yours – eg. “Referred Most CRMs do not provide this feature. You are by” limited to the fields they define.Online marketing tools Yes. See above for some examples and Maybe. Costs more to own CRM with marketing scenarios. tools.Import / Export contacts Yes. You can import your contacts from Maybe. other apps. Or export data to be used with other apps.Data synchronization Yes. Calendar / Tasks data can be synced Maybe. with your other apps that follow the standard iCal format.Pricing Simple and flat pricing model. Tiered pricing and hidden costs.