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  1. 1. In this issue: UMKC Residents: Waving the Flag in Arizona & Washington 5 Philanthropic Support Our first-year residents — Drs. Jodi Hentscher-Johnson, Stephen Darmitzel, 8 Total Ortho Success: Julie Olson, and Dustin Wilson — attended the Tweed Study Course in MDC 2011 Tucson Ariz., April 12–22. Many thanks to our alumni for providing financial help for their trips. Both classes attended the AAO meeting in Washington D.C. Funding from the new Sperry Zervas Memorial Scholarship helped with travel expenses for the second-year residents, all of whom presented cases at the CDABO Case 10 Senior Resident Display. Our second-year residents — Drs. Blake Borello, Llon Clendenen, Ben Research Frandsen, and David Ries — are working diligently on finishing up their MS theses and orthodontic program requirements, as well as planning the next phases of their lives. We are excited for them and look forward to calling them alumni in future! 11 2010 AAO Photo above: First-year residents Stephen Darmitzel, Dustin Wilson, Julie Olson, and Jodi Hentscher-Johnson take a break from their activities during the Tweed course to pose with Vance Dykhouse (DDS ’66, MS Ort ’70). Dr. Dykhouse was an instructor this year in Tucson.
  2. 2. 2010 Dan L. Blackwell Lecture 2011 Blackwell Lecture Genetics in Orthodontics Our featured speaker for the 2011 Blackwell Lecture is Glenn T. Presented by James Hartsfield, DMD, MS, PhD Sameshima DDS, PhD. Dr. Sameshima is chairman and program director of the Advanced Orthodontic Program We were very fortunate to host Dr. James (Jim) Hartsfield as the invited lecturer for the at the University of Southern 2010 Dan L. Blackwell Lecture, held Friday, June 25, 2010. Dr. Hartsfield received his California School of MS degree in oral biology and certificate in orthodontics from Harvard University. Dentistry, Los Angeles, He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics, a fellow of the where he holds the rank American Board of Medical Genetics, and a member of the Angle Society. of associate professor He is a professor and the E. Preston Hicks Endowed Chair in Orthodontics with tenure. and Oral Health Research at the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry, Dr. Sameshima as well as an adjunct professor of Orthodontics and Oral Facial Genetics, completed his and Medical and Molecular Genetics at Indiana University. He received his orthodontic training DMD from the Medical University of South Carolina, and an MS degree in and PhD degree in medical genetics from Indiana University, and PhD degree from the University craniofacial biology of South Florida. Dr. Hartsfiled is a member of the Osteogenesis Imperfecta from USC. He served Foundaton Medical Advisory Council. He has an orthodontic private practice at as a general dentist in the the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry, Lexington. U.S. Air Force after earning his Dr. Hartsfield expertly covered a range of topics, all with the common theme DDS degree from UC San Francisco. He of the role of genetics in understanding physiology and disease. He explained to maintains a part-time private practice the audience the current state of knowledge of genetics as it applies to heritability in Torrance, Calif. Dr. Sameshima is and penetrance of craniofacial anomalies such as Crouzon’s syndrome. The general also the graduate orthodontic clinic theme of genetics and its applications in areas ranging from bone physiology of director at USC. He has served on the craniofacial complex to the inter-individual differences in pain sensitivity was the Board of Directors for the Pacific well received by the audience. In wrapping up his morning lecture, Dr. Hartsfield Coast Society of Orthodontists, and speculated on the role of individualized medicine, and how that might affect the chaired PCSO’s continuing education practice of orthodontics in the next two decades. committee. His clinical interests include evaluating treatment outcomes and appliance claims, treatment efficiency, growth and development, and other topics of current relevance to the clinician. Dr. Sameshima’s topic for the 2011 Blackwell Lecture will be “The e Very Good” and “The Not-So- Good”: How efficient and effective are we in treating malocclusions? The presentation will focus on issues such as evaluating outcomes to test claims of appliance efficiency, and the controversies that plague orthodontists when reading the current literature concerning treatment outcomes. Center photo: Dr. James Hartsfield (R) talks to Dr. Dan Blackwell during a break in the morning lecture. Background: Approximately 40 orthodontic residents and pediatric and orthodontic specialists listened to Dr. Hartsfied present the current and future applications of genetics in the treatment of patients.2
  3. 3. 2010 Orthodontic Alumni Luncheon and Award Ceremony Dr. William Hoffman was recognized as the “2010 Distinguished Orthodontist” at the Orthodontic Alumni Luncheon, held March 19 in conjunction Dr. William “Bill” Hoffman: UMKC Alumni 2010 with the Midwest Dental Conference. Dr. Hoffman “Distinguished Orthodontist” completed his UMKC orthodontic training in 1968. He has been in private practice and has taught part- time at UMKC. During the annual Orthodontic Alumni Luncheon, Dr. John Roth (L), incoming president of the UMKC Orthodontic Alumni Board, presents Dr. Scott Francois a plaque to commemorate his work as the 2010-2011 president. 5 3
  4. 4. Remembering Our Alumni Dr. Thomas Selven Tyson 66, of Nixa, Mo., formerly of Springfield, Mo., passed away on Friday, February 19, 2010, in St. John’s Tyson, Hospital from a sudden illness. He was born on December 30, 1943 in Doniphan, Mo., and graduated from Doniphan High School in 1961. After earning his DDS degree from the UMKC School of Dentistry in 1968, he served in the U.S. Air Force. He returned to UMKC to earn a graduate certificate in orthodontics in 1973. He was a local orthodontist for 30 years, retiring in December 2003. Graduating from the UMKC School Of Dentistry in 1955, Dr. Sperry G. Zervas was a member of the distinguished class that produced Dr. David Moore and Dr. Norman Schwartz. Along with Dr. Moore, he served with the U.S. Air force for two years in Anchorage, Alaska. After his discharge from the military in 1957, he established his practice in Bartlesville, Okla., and practiced general dentistry until 1966. At that time, he entered the UMKC graduate orthodontic program, receiving his M.S. degree in 1968. He returned to Bartlesville to practice orthodontics until his death in 2008. The United Way of Bartlesville established the annual Dr. Sperry G. Zervas Memorial Sporting Clays Competition Fund-Raiser in his honor. Dr. Glenn L. Hough 75, of Pittsburg, Kan., died Monday, March 8, 2010 after a sudden illness. Dr. Hough was born July 11, Hough, 1934, in Kirby, Texas. He lived briefly in Poteau, Okla., before moving to Pittsburg, Kan., where he graduated from PHS in 1951. He graduated from Pittsburg State University in 1954. He earned his DDS degree (’58) and graduate certificate in orthodontics (’60) at the UMKC School of Dentistry. He began his orthodontic practice in Pittsburg, Kan. in 1960, and also maintained Kansas satellite offices in Chanute, Parsons, and Fort Scott, and in Nevada, Mo. Dr. Hough retired in 2003. Dr. Jim Fanning 67, died Saturday, May 15, 2010, after fighting a courageous battle against pancreatic cancer. Jim was born Fanning, in Elgin, Ill., in 1942 and moved with his family to Albuquerque, N.M., in 1953. Following graduation from the University of Colorado in Boulder, he obtained a second bachelor’s degree from the University of New Mexico. Dr. Fanning received his DDS degree from the UMKC School of Dentistry in 1970 and completed his orthodontic training at UMKC in 1972. Dr. Fanning practiced orthodontics in Albuquerque, N.M. Deloit Ray Wolfe (DDS ’57, Ort ’58), 79, passed away peacefully in his Missoula, Mont., home, May 23, 2010. He was born on Jan. 7, 1931, in Atwood, Kan. Dr. Wolfe established his Missoula orthodontic practice in 1960, retiring 40 years later in 2000. His many career achievements included positions as president of the Rocky Mountain Orthodontic Society, Montana Dental Society and president of the American Association for Orthodontics (1983-1984). During his tenure as president, Dr. Wolfe represented the United States at the European Society of Orthodontists meeting in Geneva, Switzerland. When the American Association of Orthodontists built a new headquarters in St. Louis, Dr. Wolfe was chairman of the Building Committee. Dr. Wolfe was recognized in 1984 as Orthodontist of the Year by the UMKC Orthodontic Alumni. Dr. Wolfe’s photo is courtesy of the AAO Library: Dr. Wolfe, AAO President 1983-1984 As we confront the challenges of the future, we know that the Some donors also choose to help us in one additional and generosity of those who assist UMKC Orthodontics, through the important way. That is, they let us know that they have included Rinehart Foundation, will make all the difference in a gift provision to UMKC Orthodontics in their estate plan. They our success. That is why we seek your support know their provisions will be kept confidential and they can in a very special way. change them at anytime should their personal circumstances Charitable or educational change. The Rinehart Foundation respects each donor’s right to Your organizations can often play an important role when setting up your estate plan. privacy and/or anonymity. But, letting others know that you’ve made a planned gift can influence other UMKC alumni or friends Charitable Providing support for the UMKC who may also want to make a planned gift of their own someday. Legacy Department of Orthodontics through a We hope you will consider making a planned gift to make a planned gift to the Rinehart Foundation difference at UMKC Orthodontics. We would be pleased to share helps with our long-term commitment to some ideas and confer with you in your planning. Most of all, we orthodontic education and research and may would appreciate having the opportunity to express our gratitude also provide tax and/or financial benefits to you to you for creating such a special gift. and your family. If you would like to learn more about how you can create a For example, with a specific bequest in your will or trust, lasting legacy at UMKC’s School of Dentistry, please contact Dr. you can designate a dollar amount or a percentage bequest of Nan Evanson, Major Gift Director, School of Dentistry at 816-235- your estate to be distributed to a particular fund of the Rinehart 2095 or Phil Watson, Director of Gift Planning at 816-235-5776. Or, Foundation which supports UMKC Orthodontics. A beneficiary you can simply write your request on the response card included designation on your life insurance policy or IRA also can be a very with the UMKC BONDS Newsletter. We can help you and simple way to show your future support. A UMKC gift annuity your advisors plan a gift for tomorrow that will help our future can provide you with a nice retirement income and an income tax residents as well as you and your family. deduction in exchange for your gift.4
  5. 5. Philanthropic Suppor t for UMKC SupportOrthodontics Takes Many FormsThrough the auspices of the Dr. Roy J. Rinehart Memorial Foundation, accounts have been formed to aid the mission ofUMKC Orthodontics. At the April 2009 meeting of the UMKC Orthodontic Alumni Board, a request was forwarded to makeinformation available to alumni and friends of UMKC Orthodontics regarding the variety of ways contributions assist theprogram. The following are brief histories and current balances of accounts used by UMKC Orthodontics. Please use thedonor card included to make your contributions to UMKC Orthodontics.• The Department Discretionary Fund ($13,636)The funds from this account support the daily activities of the department. This includes the purchasing of equipment such as printer/scanners, the patient sign-in station, the graduation dinner, alumni reception at AAO, off-setting costs of travel by residents to meetings andspeakers to our program, and subsidizing educational activities of staff.• The Orthodontic Investment Fund ($277,902)This fund is directed by the UMKC Orthodontic Alumni Board. Every year, monies accrued through interest are directed from this fund tohelp support a variety of endeavors associated with the UMKC Graduate Orthodontics Program. This fund also makes an annual contributionto the Department Discretionary Fund.• Endowed Chair Fund ($645,108)As you are probably aware, there is an extreme shortage of orthodontic educators and UMKC is not immune to this crisis.The goal ofthis fund is to raise $1.1 million to endow a much-needed full-time faculty salary line in the Department of Orthodontics and DentofacialOrthopedics. This endowment will be similar to the Leo A. Rogers Endowed Chair currently held by Dr. Laura Iwasaki. The interest generatedfrom the fund will provide the salary of the faculty line.• Drs. Muehlebach/Thompson Fund ($29,271)The objective of this $50K capital campaign is to build a new seminar-library room for orthodontic residents and faculty. Current facilitieswithin the department are cramped, and a new seminar room-library would augment graduate orthodontic education at UMKC.• Dr. Eric J. Schweitzer Memorial Fund ($13,939)Each year, the UMKC Graduate Orthodontics Program organizes the Dr. Eric J. Schweitzer (1992) Memorial Symposium. The symposiuminvites recent orthodontic graduates to return to UMKC to make presentations to current orthodontic residents. The benefactors of theSchweitzer Memorial Symposium make it possible for our students to hear orthodontic practitioners speak frankly about the joys and thedifficulties they have encountered while embarking on their careers. The Memorial Fund generates income to offset symposium costs.• Dr. Dan Blackwell Lecture Series Fund ($3,000)Dr. Daniel Blackwell recently retired from active teaching at UMKC. To honor Dr. Blackwell’s commitment to UMKC orthodontics, a lectureseries in his name was established.• Dr. Sperry Zervas Orthodointic Scholarship ($12,270)This fund was started in 2009 by the Zervas family to memorialize Sperry Zervas (Ort ’68). The interest from this fund will be used annually tosupport three residents’ endeavors. In 2009-2010, the funds were used to supplement travel costs of the senior class to attend the AAOmeeting in Washington, DC, where they participated in the CDABO Case Displays. 5
  6. 6. Midwest Dental Conference Orthodontic Lectures Back to Reality... Tested Biomechanics David Fahrbach (L) (DDS ’78, MS Ort ’87) and Presented by Dr. R.G. (Wick) Alexander Steve Billings (DDS ’77, Ort ’79) at the Midwest Dental Convention. More than 80 orthodontists and orthodontic residents gathered at the Hyatt Dan Blackwell (L) (DDS ’68, Ort ’72) and Jerry Regency Hotel for the annual Midwest Dental Conference Orthodontic Lectures, Cash (DDS ’72, MS Ort ’75) take a moment to pose March 18 and 19. This year, our guest lecturer was Dr. R.G. “Wick” Alexander. for the camera before returning to the lecture. On Thursday and Friday, Dr. Alexander reviewed the 12 steps of the Alexander technique. The UMKC orthodontic residents attended Dr. Alexander’s lecture. Pictured with Dr. A central tenet of Dr. Alexander’s presentation of cases was the need for control Alexander are: (L-R) Drs. Ben Frandsen (DDS, of the mandibular transverse canine dimension, and the need for torque control of Ohio State), Jodi Hentscher-Johnson (DDS, SIU), the mandibular anterior teeth in order to achieve long-term stability. Julie Olson (DDS, UNMC), Dustin Wilson (DDS The staff program on Thursday, March 18, was presented by Dr. Gary Johnson. UMKC), and Llon Clendenen (DDS, UMKC). His morning presentation addressed how to ”Recession Proof Your Practice,” and his afternoon topic focused on how to “Provide Platinum Service.” Thursday’s lunch was held at the Peppercorn Duck Club. During lunch, Dr. Laura Iwasaki, Leo A. Rogers Chair of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, gave her annual state of the department address. Duly noted were the successful graduations in 2009 of Drs. Paul Anders, Ian Ballou, Jason Burckhard and Chuck Schumacher. Other highlights included an expression of thanks to the dedicated part- time graduate orthodontic instructors, and our appreciation of the generosity of donations to the Advanced Education program by the Kansas Society of Orthodontists and Missouri Orthodontic Society.6
  7. 7. Your Full-Time Faculty... Expanding the Dr. Eric J. SchweitzerInfluence of UMKC Orthodontics Memorial Symposium: March 17, 2010UMKC Faculty Publications Each year, UMKC Graduate Orthodontics organizes the EricAn important role of our faculty is to push at the boundaries of science and, in J. Schweitzer (Ort ’92) Memorialparticular, to address scientific issues that directly affect orthodontics and orthodontic Symposium. The purpose of theeducation. Here is a list of recent publications by faculty and residents. symposium is to have recent1. Iwasaki LR, Chandler JC, Marx DB, Pandey JP, Nickel JC (2009). IL-1 gene orthodontic graduates return to polymorphisms, secretion in gingival crevicular fluid, and speed of human Kansas City to make presentations orthodontic tooth movement. Orthodics and Craniofacial Research 12(2):129 to current orthodontic residents. Jeff 140. Barlow (DDS ’00, Ort ’02) and Travis2. Moffitt AH, Grubb JE, Greco PM, English JD, Briss BS, Jamieson SA, Kastrop MC, Nash (DDS ’00, Ort ’02) were this spring’s Castelein P, Dykhouse VJ (2008). The role of the American Board of two guest speakers. The benefactors of Orthodontics in advanced dental education. American Journal of the Schweitzer Memorial Symposium Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics 133: 636. have contributed to this endeavor3. Nickel J, Spilker R, Iwasaki L, Gonzalez Y, McCall WD, Ohrbach R, Beatty so that orthodontic practitioners MW, Marx D (2009). Static and dynamic mechanics of the temporomandibular can speak frankly of the joys and joint: plowing forces, joint load and tissue stress. Orthodontics and Craniofacial difficulties they’ve encountered while Research 12(3):159-167. PMC2741000. embarking on their careers.4. Iwasaki LR, Crosby MJ, Gonzalez Y, McCall WD, Marx DB, Ohrbach R, Nickel JC (2009). Temporomandibular joint loads in subjects with and without disc displacement. Orthopedic Reviews 1(2):90-93.5. Nickel JC, Iwasaki LR, Beatty MW, Marx DB (2009). Tractional forces on porcine temporomandibular joint discs. Journal of Dental Research 88(8):736-740.6. Spilker RL, Nickel JC, Iwasaki LR (2009). A biphasic finite element model of in vitro plowing tests of the temporomandibular joint disc. Annals of Biomedical Engineering 37(6):1152-1164.7. Iwasaki LR, Nickel JC (2009). Markers of paradental tissue remodeling in the gingival crevicular fluid of orthodontic patients. In Biological Mechanisms of Tooth Movement, Davidovitch Z, Krishnan V (eds), Blackwell Publishing Co, pp (L-R) Drs. Stephen Darmitzel, Orthodontic 123-142. Clinic Director Don Thompson, David Ries,8. Iwasaki LR, Uchida S, Marx DB, Yotsui Y, Maeda T, Inoue H, Nickel JC (2009). Travis Nash, Llon Clenenden, Jodi Hentscher- Ipsilateral and contralateral human TMJ loads compared via validated numerical Johnson, Jeff Barlow, Julie Olson, Blake Borello, models. In Temporomandibular Disorders and Orofacial Pain – Separating Ben Frandsen, Dustin Wilson, Assistant Controversy from Consensus, Kapila SD and McNamara JA (eds), Volume 46, Professor Ling Ye, and Leo A. Rogers Chair of Craniofacial Growth Series, Needham Press, Ann Arbor, MI, pp 405-425. Orthodontics Laura R. Iwasaki ons Dr. Ye!9. Nickel JC, Iwasaki LR, Gallo LM, Palla S, Marx DB (2009). Tractional forces, work, and energy densities in the human TMJ. In Temporomandibular Disorders and Orofacial Pain – Separating Controversy from Consensus, Kapila SD and ti laprofessor in Ye, assistant McNamara JA (eds), Volume 46, Craniofacial Growth Series, Needham Press, Ann Arbor, MI, pp 427-450. Dr. Ling10. Iwasaki LR, Crosby MJ, Gonzalez Y, McCall WD, Ohrbach R, Nickel JC (2010). u Human TMJ eminence shape and minimization of joint load. Journal of the Departments at Dental Research 89(7): 722-727. of Orthodontics and Dentofacial11. Feng JQ, Ye L, Schiavi S (2009). Do osteocytes contribute to phosphate Orthopedics, and Oral Biology, was Congr homeostasis? Current Opinions in Nephrology and Hypertension recently awarded the 2010 Orhan 18(4):285 29112. Papagerakis P, Hu Y, Ye L, Feng JQ, Simmer JP, Hu JC (2009). Identifying C. Tuncay Teaching Fellowship Award promoter elements necessary for enamelin tissue-specific expression. from the AAOF. The project associated Cells Tissues Organs 189(1-4):98-104. with the award is “Biological response to13. Walker MP, Burckhard J, Mitts DA, Williams KB. Dimensional change over time of extended-storage alginate Impression mechanical loading in alveolar bone.” This materials, Angle Orthodontist (in press). fellowship recognizes Dr. Ye’s dedication14. Barlow M, Kula K (2008). Factors influencing efficiency of to education in a time of great need sliding mechanics to close extraction space: a systematic for orthodontic educators. Dr. Ye was review, Orthodontics and Craniofacial Research 11(2): 65-73. also named “Lecturer of the Year” by the UMKC Dental Class of 2012. 7
  8. 8. Our Australia Connections Midwest Dental Conference UMKC Orthodontic Orthodontic Alumni … News Staff/Doctor Lecture: from Down Under! April 7th – 8th, 2011 Dr. Mike Razza and his daughter Victoria Dr. Roger P. Levin presents: made the trek to Washington for the “Increase Your Production, AAO Convention, and dropped Profit & Referrals: Breakthrough by the UMKC Alumni Reception on Sunday evening. Mike has been Strategies for Total Ortho Success very giving of his time to Australian Get out your PDA, Blackberry, or even orthodontics, serving as a senior a scrap of paper if necessary, and note lecturer at the University of Western iss This! this item: The 2011 Annual Australia. Mike is the past president of Midwest Dental the Australasian Orthodontic Board and the current president of the Australian Society of Orthodontists. He Conference and UMKC Orthodontic M Don’t Alumni Meeting, practices orthodontics in Perth. To a April 7th and 8th, North American ear, his Texas accent 2011 in Kansas has been replaced with pure Aussie. City, Mo. Dr. John Thanks for making the trip Dr. Razza! Roth (DDS ’03, ORT ’05) is coordinating arrangements for Dr. Levin’s Queensland Orthodontist Visits UMKC presentation. Thursday will be a Dr. David Tait paid a visit to UMKC Orthodontics, traveling from Toowoomba, combined Staff-Doctor Australia, where he has practiced orthodontics for 15+ years. Dr. Tait spoke to the event and Friday for Doctors only. residents in a noon hour presentation that highlighted the frustrations of orthodontic Dr. Levin is a third generation dentist management software. who obtained his dental degree from the University Of Maryland in 1982. Back row (L-R): Drs. Steven Darmitzel, David Ries, Blake Borello, and Llon Clendenen. After practicing several years, Dr. Levin Front row: Drs. Jodi Hentcher-Johnson, David Tait, Dustin Wilson, and Ben Frandsen. recognized that although dental education prepares dentists for clinical practice, the educational process failed to introduce the fundamental business principles of practice management. In 1985, he founded the Levin Group to meet this need and is considered a pioneer in the field. Dr. Levin oversees an enterprise offering practice management consulting and referral-based marketing. He travels internationally as a speaker to teach solutions for working smarter, not harder and is featured columnist in dental publications, and author of more than 50 books. He currently serves on the Boards of the National Museum of Dentistry, Friends of the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, and the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Dental Medicine.8
  9. 9. Part-Time Clinical Faculty NEWS Drs. Hoffman & Smith Join our StaffSharing the Experience of the Brad Smith, (DDS ’97, Ort ’00) (topPrivate Practice Learning Curve photo) and Kurt Hoffman (DDS ’94, Ort ’96) recently integrated themselves into their dutiesPatrick Briscoe (DDS ’06, Ort ’08) dropped by for a Lunch and Learn with the residents, as part-time teaching faculty. Dr.who were eager to hear about issues they will soon be facing in private practice. Smith will be supervising the grad clinicPatrick works out of two offices with two other orthodontists. This makes for an on Tuesday afternoons, while Dr. Hoffmaninteresting dynamic, where there must be agreement on the doctors’ scheduled will contribute his efforts on Wednesdayrotations through the offices. Other topics covered were software systems for afternoons. We are very fortunate atsoliciting referrals and practice promotion. UMKC to have 14 dedicated part-time(L-R) Drs. Dave Ries, Ben Frandsen, Julie Olson, Blake Borello, Patrick Briscoe, Dustin Wilson, faculty contributing their valuable time andLlon Clendenen, Jodi Hentscher-Johnson, Stephen Darmitzel, Don Tompson, and Ling Ye. exceptional talent to the training of our residents.Ortho Alumni Alert! Dr. Jeffrey Thompson Serves as SWSO Representative on AAOF BoardWe need your help. You can see we have a complete list of UMKC OrthodonticAlumni Association Past Presidents. However, we are missing the names of two We are pleased that Jeffindividuals who were the Orthodontist of Year for 1989 and 1990. Thompson (DDS ’89), the past Do you know who received the award for these years? If so, phone Don president of the SouthwestThompson (816-235-2151), or send him an e-mail ( with Society of Orthodontists,this very important information. has served as a part-timeYear President Orthodontist of the Year Recipient clinical instructor at UMKC for1979 Dave Calender John Richmond & Francis Calmes the past 15 years. Jeff brings vitality to the1980 Wm. Joe Hardin J. Victor Benton clinic floor that is greatly appreciated by1981 Fred Andregg H. E. (Gene) Thompson the residents. He is presently the SWSO1982 Joe Welch Victor Drum Bowles representative on the American Association1983 R. Wayne Thompson Donald Clossen of Orthodontists Foundation Board. The1984 Max Moore Deloit Wolfe AAOF serves as a vital resource to help,1985 Steve Billings Yosh Ogata through grants and fellowships, our newest1986 Richard Radke Max Moore faculty make progress in their early years as1987 Glenn Hough Leo Rogers university faculty. Thank you, Jeff for your1988 Mike Cassidy Dayton Blume service to our profession.1989 Kelly Toombs ?1990 Robert D. Smith ?1991 Steve Malstrom O.B. Vaughn1992 Robert Morrison Stuart Zimmerman1993 Robert Toth Mortimer Rosenthal1994 James Osborne Grant Hatfield1995 Dean Dyer Jordan Strand1996 Dan Blackwell George Muehlbach1997 John Meschke Don Thompson1998 Jerry Cash Dean Dyer1999 Craig Ratzlaff Robert Toth2000 Mike Kline Robert Morrison2001 Jerry Elrod Gerald Huerter2002 Don Wilcoxin Richard Ackerman2003 Scott Robinson R. Wayne Thompson2004 Mike Albright Jimmy C. Boley2005 Jerry Spencer Dan Blackwell2006 Brenda Chockley Steve Billings2007 Brad Smith Jerry English2008 Shannon Kirchhoff Jerry Cash2009 Rob Kennemer Vance Dykhouse2010 Scott Francois William E. Hoffman
  10. 10. In Vitro Bond Strength of Orthodontic Brackets and Resin Composite Cement S OrthodonticAligner Systems by General Removable Treatment With and Without Degree of Conversion as a Function of Pre-Cure Temperature E Dentists This study evaluated self-reported orthodontic treatment (OT) The goal of this study was to evaluate the shear bond strength of orthodontic brackets and corresponding resin composite N rendered by general dentists (GD), including appliances used and criteria to select or refer cases, plan, and evaluate treatment. I cement degree of conversion as a function of pre-cure The 24-item survey, which also covered demographic, temperature. Orthodontic brackets were bonded to paired education and practice characteristics, was mailed to 1,000 maxillary premolars or mandibular third molars in an environmental GD. The response rate was 15.3%. Fifty-three percent of chamber with either room temperature (control) or warmed (68°C) resin cement. Bonding was followed immediately by O respondents provided no OT, 38% limited, 9% comprehensive, and 27% aligner treatment. Most practitioners reported spending <0.5 day/week providing OT and expected this not to change R shear testing of the bracket/cement/tooth interface. Residual resin cement on the bracket base was evaluated using micro- in the future. Aligner providers estimated a significantly higher Raman spectroscopy to measure the degree of conversion of percentage of their patients needed OT and referred significantly the cement from ratios of spectral peak heights at 1610cm-1 and fewer cases than non-providers and non-aligner providers. Use 1640cm-1. Results showed no difference in shear bond strength of diagnostic records varied between GD and was different or degree of conversion between room than expected practice for orthodontic temperature and pre-warmed groups. Also, there was no difference in bond strength R specialists (OS). Significant predictors for providing OT included having a “high Blake Borello E tech” practice and location farther from David Ries between premolar and third molar groups. The evidence suggests that pre-warming orthodontic offices. Significant predictors resin composite cement is not beneficial for of being an aligner provider included “high S increasing shear bond strength. tech” practice and having less experience. I Ben Frandsen Llon Clenden Intra- and Inter-Operator Effect of Topical Fluoride Reliability of Cephalometric Landmark Identification: D Prophylactic Agents on the Mechanical Properties of A Comparison among CBCT Ray-Sum, Maximum Intensity E Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Orthodontic Wires Projection Techniques, and Conventional Digital Cephalometric N The objective was to study the effects of topical fluoride prophylactic agents on the mechanical properties of fiber Radiographs The purpose of this T reinforced polymer (FRP) orthodontic archwires. Loading and unloading elastic moduli and yield strength were measured following exposure to neutral sodium fluoride (NaF) gel, study was to compare acidulated phosphate fluoride (APF) gel, deionized distilled examiner reliability water (dH2O), and compared to a dry control group. SEM R of cephalometric was used to measurements from characterize the cone beam computed E effects of treatment tomography (CBCT, see condition on figure) and conventional digital cephalograms. Three imaging wire topography. S modalities were compared: CBCT using maximum intensity Loading and projection (MIP) and ray-sum algorithms, and conventional digital unloading cephalograms. Blinded examiners were calibrated, and intra- and mechanical inter-examiner reliability were assessed. Data were collected on a convenience sample of seven subjects. Examiners obtained linear and angular measures on each of the subjects’ E properties of FRP archwires A were significantly images, and rater consistency among the three methods were decreased assessed using intraclass correlation coefficients. A statistically following exposure to both fluoride agents and water. The SEM R significant level of greater consistency for linear measurements analysis demonstrated fractures in the wire surface coating as was seen with the CBCT images. For the conventional digital well as fiber fractures after exposure to dH2O, APF, and NaF. Since images, linear measurements showed less consistency than water and both fluoride agents produced a significant decrease angular measurements. This statistical significance is unlikely to correlate to clinical significance. For the purposes of orthodontic diagnosis, treatment planning, and treatment evaluation, CBCT- C in mechanical properties, this suggests that FRP archwires are negatively impacted by aqueous exposure. The decreased H mechanical properties of the wires would potentially result in generated cephalograms are equally effective to conventional prolonged orthodontic treatment. digital cephalograms. 410
  11. 11. UMKC at the 2010 AAOUMKC hosted an Alumni Reception May 2nd at this year’s meeting of the AmericanAssociation of Orthodontists in Washington, D.C. Even though the AAO program incorrectlyidentified where the UMKC Alumni Reception was being held, at least 40+ people managedto find our party amongst all the other parties taking place in the sprawling D.C. conventioncenter. UMKC Orthodontic Alumni came from as far as Australia and Germany. The sometimes boisterous crowd enjoyedfood and drink while catching up on the news of classmates and friends. During the 2010 AAO meeting, Dr. Laura Iwasaki,Leo Rogers Chair of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, gave a presentation entitled “Differences in Joint Loadsand Energy Densities May Explain Why Some TMJs Break-Down” as part of the “Rising Stars” program. This work wassupported by a grant from the National Institutes of Health.Photos from top:· Dr. Jeff Nickel, Barbara & John Volz (MS Ort ’86), Glenn Casey (DDS ’77, MS Ort’83), and Vicki & John Dorsch (DDS ‘81)· Mrs. Shara Cash (L) and daughter Tara Cash (DDS ’06, Ort ’08)· O.B. Vaughn (Ort ’61), Dr. Laura Iwasaki, Jerry Cash (DDS ’72, MS Ort ’75), and Vance Dykhouse (DDS ’66, MS Ort ‘70)· Richard Barnett (Ort ’89) and Dr. Jeff Nickel· Mrs. Judy Dykhouse and O.B. Vaughn (Ort ’61)· Bangorn Terry (Ort’04) & Dr. Laura Iwasaki· Why is it that the residents are always the first to get at the food? Back to front: Stephen Darmitzel (DDS ‘09), Dr. Jodi Hentscher-Johnson and Blake Borello (DDS ‘08). 11
  12. 12. University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry 650 East 25th Street Kansas City, MO 64108UMKC Orthodontic Alumni Board at Work for You!The UMKC Board met early on Thursday, March 18, to discuss issues relevant to projects and plans ofour alumni. Dr. Scott Francois, president of the Alumni Board, presided over the meeting.A primary issue discussed was the finances of the organization. Dr. Osborne reported that +$35K had beendeposited from the meeting registration receipts. It was reported that the second endowed Chair accountbalance was slightly over $600K. The Board approved a donation of approximately $13K to the UMKCOrthodontic program. Also approved was a reduction in meeting registration costs for retired orthodontists,if requested. Dr. John Roth described his deliberations in finalizing next year’s speakers for the OrthodonticAlumni lectures. Discussions touched on how to improve the quality of speakers and diversity of lecture topics.Drs. Megan Lingren and Jim Osborne will begin working on a letter to be sent to UMKC Orthodontic graduatesfor yearly dues. Duely noted were new Board members Drs., Don Sanchez (Mesa, Ariz.), Brent Wood (Lawrence,Kan.), and Clarence Simmons (Kansas City, Mo.), who will serve for the term 2010-2012. New Board members forthe 2011-2013 term will be Drs. Bill Wright(Vernal, Utah) and Laura Willhoite (Claremore,Okla.). The hunt is on for a third individual toserve for this term.Alumni Board: (back row, left to right): Drs. R.Wayne Thompson, Kelly Tabacchi, Steve Billings,Jim Osborne, Megan Lingren, John Roth. (frontrow L-R) Drs. Mike Klein, Laura Iwasaki (Ex-Officio), Scott Francois, Justin Trimmell andClarence Simmons. Absent for the photo were Drs.Santiago Colon, Don Sanchez and Brent Wood.