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  1. 1. Law M arket
  2. 2. CONTENTS Ⅰ . Introduction 1) Corporate Information 2) Goals and Vision 3) Brief History 4) Organization Chart Ⅱ . LawMarket Network Ⅲ . Service on sale Service for personal Service for Corporation Service for lawyer
  3. 3. Ⅰ . Introduction 1) Corporate Information about 560 2,200,000,000Won (1,800,000USD)‏ 3/27/2000 6 th Fl Korea Building 1575-1 Seocho-dong Seocho-gu Seoul Korea 220-81-68239 Choi Yi-Gyo LawMarketasia Co., Ltd. Number of Member Lawyers Capital Date of Establishment Address Business Registration Number President Company Name
  4. 4. 2) Goals and Vision Harmonious communication in the legal field Most Efficiency of legal market New opinion leader standing on the basis of web Ⅰ . Introduction
  5. 5. Ⅰ . Introduction 3) Brief History 1999.10 LawMarketasia established 2000.01 Issuance of a confirmation letter as a venture corporation for the first time for a legal site from the Small & Medium Business Administration 2000.11 Strategic affiliation with Korea Telecom Co., Ltd. (Bizmeka legal counseling and legal contents) 2001.03 Business affiliation with SK Telecom (Legal counseling and legal contents) 2001.03 First Prize in the 1st Hankung Web Awards (Field of Law) 2001.07 The Best Web Site Awards hosted by Korea Times (Field of Legal Service) 2001.04 Determined to merge with LawTizen Co., Ltd. 2002.03 Business affiliation with LG card Co., Ltd. (Prepaid legal plan-No of member: 150,000) 2002.08 Business affiliation with Samsung card Co.,Ltd (Legal counseling and legal contents) 2001.10 Business affiliation with LG card, Netsgo, and Housing Bank (Legal counseling and legal contents) 2002.07 Determined to merge with Tax World Co., Ltd. 2001.11 Business affiliation with Initech (Digital Notarization) 2002.02 Awarded eTrust mark by KIEC 2000.10 Strategic affiliation with Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd. (Co-marketing on Legal Expense Insurance) 2000.10 Strategic affiliation with Lycos Korea Co., Ltd. (Legal contents and e-mail counseling)
  6. 6. Ⅰ . Introduction 4)Organization Chart
  7. 7. Ⅱ . LawMarket Network LawMarket maintains the best core network which creates new legal demand and makes forge aggressive marketing strategy. It stands on the basis of Core lawyer network made up of a number of law offices with a sense of duty, Research institute for law suiting to the internet age with excellent research and planning ability, and customer-centered convenient and efficient Information processing system . LawMarket expects to construct East Asian legal market through the trade of legal information, and builds international law business network dreaming of being a pioneer of legal information market in the long run. LawMarket strives to pursue both public interest and profitability through the huge Local network based on a number of lawyers and experts strictly selected by located areas and expert fields and related communities of researchers and intellectuals. Core Network Local Network Global Network
  8. 8. Service for personal Ⅲ . Service on sale - Legal Plan Legal Plan is a prepaid legal security product which is playing a role of people's private legal advisory attorney. This is a product for who was not affordable to get help from attorneys with limitation of money, location and time. At very reasonable price, it provides legal counseling, completion of legal form and free pleas, including services available at night, networking a number of expert attorneys and introducing coordinated managing system in which counsel and lawsuit affairs are systemized.
  9. 9. - Legal Expense Insurance Ⅲ . Service on sale Service for personal Legal Expense Insurance currently provides for a variety of legal services in a manner similar to health insurance. With purchasing this insurance product, you will receive cover to protect you from the cost of pursuing claims that you may have in the future. Cover includes lawyer appointment fee, stamp fee, forwarding fee, legal consultation fee and etc., under the condition of contracts. This product has already spread out over developed countries such as United States, United Kingdom and Germany.
  10. 10. - Legal Expense Insurance Service for personal Ssangyong Fire and marine insurance Co., Ltd. Samsung Fire and marine insurance Co., Ltd. Ⅲ . Service on sale Product Legal service Subject Premium Lawsuit cost Coverage Tenants with opposing power according to the provision of House Lease Protection Law, Article 3 30,000 won (25 USD) 300 million won (2,500USD)‏ Pay back of House lease deposit Maximum lawsuit cost-5 million won -Lawyer’s fee -Compensation for actual expense Free use of internet legal consulting service (3 times)‏ Phone consulting service (2 times)‏ 20% off for Lawyer aid service 20% off for LawMarket lawyer appointment fee Product Legal service Subject Premium Lawsuit cost Coverage Renters and tenants who are the contracting parties 30,000 won (25 USD) 300 million won (2,500USD)‏ Maximum civil lawsuit cost-5 million won related to rent and lease -Lawyer’s fee -Compensation for actual expense Free use of internet legal consulting service (5 times)‏ Phone consulting service (2 times)‏ 20% off for Lawyer aid service 20% off for LawMarket lawyer appointment fee
  11. 11. Ⅲ . Service on sale - Legal / Tax Consulting for Individual Service for personal E-mail consulting Consultation can be done via email. Client can choose his/her own consultant from the lawyer list and send the legal content through application forms. The consultant then analyzes the content and determines the level of the case. When the consultant replies back with the charge and the settlement is made by the applicant, he/she sends the legal advice on the content through an e-mail. How to use
  12. 12. Ⅲ . Service on sale Service for personal Phone consulting This service provides clients immediate and lucid legal consultations with our top member lawyers. He/She can access our member lawyers with just one call at the very spot where a legal problem occurs. We provides for the high quality consultation service, directly contacting our experienced lawyers in every field. Clients don't have to visit or access to internet. He/She just calls us and get legal consultations in anywhere. How to use - Legal / Tax Consulting for Individual
  13. 13. Ⅲ . Service on sale Service for personal Consulting reservation system (Case auction system) Case Auction is a bidding system of which clients find out lawyers to handle his/her case through the auction. It is a new lawyer appointment method centered on the legal consumers in which the most suitable lawyers can be appointed. If clients use this Case Auction system, clients, not lawyers decide the fee and lawyers to accept an appointment under the condition them offered. Case auction makes clients appoint 'a desired lawyer' at 'a desired cost' . In most of them clients have saved their fee up to 20~50%, compared to normal lawyer referral system. How to use - Legal Consulting for Individual
  14. 14. Ⅲ . Service on sale Service for Corporation LawMarket provides a corporation consulting service on line and off line which helps a company to resolve a legal problem with strong possibility to happen. Legal consulting service of LawMarket helps you to handle all legal processes from contracts to bond collection most efficiently and conveniently. LawMarket is equipped with overseas legal database offering legal contents suitable to company’s global business as well as the huge database including standard contracts, legal forms, precedents, and statutes. LawMarket supplies an‘informing service’ which lets companies know necessary information to do their business at stated periods. LawMarket runs corporation legal training programs for workers taking charge of legal affairs in corporation.
  15. 15. Ⅲ . Service on sale - Legal / Tax Consulting Service for Corporation E-mail and Phone Consulting Examining and writing of various legal forms Reduced price for lawyer’s fee - Legal / Tax Contents and Research Publishing of monthly e-mail magazine devoted to law, tax, accounting, patent and bond management. Free using of various legal information (statues, precedent, document forms, personal information, consulting archives over 100,000, etc.) related to corporation legal works on LawMarket web site. Regularly provided with a Compact disc core information recorded. - Legal Education Educating of latest information and usages related to corporation legal works.
  16. 16. Ⅲ . Service on sale - Service Fee Service for Corporation Graded prices according to the frequency of service, time and company size. - Service Effect Low cost and high efficiency service Real time counseling from expert lawyers in every field through the e-mail and phone.
  17. 17. Ⅲ . Service on sale Service for Lawyer - Saving of time and cost through various high efficient solutions Provide with web site (homepage production, homepage management, domain, d/b server, mail server, etc.)‏ Provided with legal web-office (case management, schedule management and client management system at private homepage)‏ Provided with huge legal contents Provided with legal consulting system for personal Provided with legal consulting system for corporation
  18. 18. Ⅲ . Service on sale - Creative system for profitable legal business Provided with phone consulting system Provided with e-mail consulting system Provided with title analysis service system Provided with digital notarization system Web Site Image of Lawyer Service for Lawyer
  19. 19. Ⅲ . Service on sale - More appointment opportunities by easier access to market Provided with control system for legal plan Provided with control system for legal expense insurance Provided with control system for title insurance Provided with case auction system Provided with mediation system Provided with web site for private use Introduced as recommended lawyers in located area and expert field at LawMarket web site Service for Lawyer