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Oracle R12

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Architecture and tools

  1. 1. Oracle E-Business SuiteRelease 12 - Architecture and Tools Overview Presenter: Sandra Vucinic VLAD Group, Inc.
  2. 2. Speaker’s BackgroundOver 16 years of experience with Oracle database, applications,development and administration toolsDirector, OAUG Database SIG BoardDirector, OAUG SysAdmin SIG and Committee Chair, OracleTools and UtilitiesDirector, OAUG E-Business Applications Technology SIG BoardDirector, SROAUG BoardMember, OAUG GEO/SIG CommitteeNCOAUG Distinguished Service Award for 2007OAUG Member of the Year for 2008Oracle ACEPresented at OAUG, NCOAUG, CSOAUG, OVOAUG,SROAUG, Apps World and Open World conferences (70+sessions)Founded VLAD Group, Inc. in March, 2001
  3. 3. AgendaR12 Architecture – ComponentsNew features and enhancements in: Applications Object Library Oracle Applications Manager OA Framework AD Utilities Workflow 11g DatabaseTasks to complete to ease R12 upgrade
  4. 4. R12 Architecture – ComponentsRelease 12ClientTier Native Sun JRE Web HTTP Servers Application Technology StackMiddleTier Instance Concurrent Home Processing Server Apache Forms Reports Server Server 10g Server 10g ORACLE_HOME ORACLE_HOMEDatabase ORACLE_HOME Database or 11g R1 (optional)
  5. 5. R12.1.1 Architecture – ComponentsRelease 12.1.1ClientTier Native Sun JRE Web HTTP Servers Application Technology StackMiddleTier Instance Concurrent Home Processing Server Apache Forms Reports Server Server 10g Server 10g ORACLE_HOME ORACLE_HOMEDatabase 11g R1 ORACLE_HOME Database or (optional)
  6. 6. R12 Architecture – ComponentsNew versions of middle tier technology: Applications server (J2EE) version Forms and Reports version Discoverer Server version Servlet Container – (OC4J, no longer JServ) JDK version - 1.5.0_13 – 1.6_03 certified Oracle SOA Suite version 10.1.3 Oracle Business Intelligence version Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control Release 3
  7. 7. R12 Architecture – ComponentsNew versions of middle tier technology: Technologies External to EBS R12 SSO and OID version Portal version Home (INST_TOP) file system: $INST_TOP = $HOME/inst/apps/<context_name>JInitiator is not certified or supported in R12New version of database - 10g R2 available withRapid Install and 11g R1 certified Tablespace model in R12 - OATM
  8. 8. Applications Object Library features and enhancementsIdentity Management Integration User Name Enhancements User name changes in EBS are automatically synchronized to Oracle ID On Demand User Creation AOL now supports a mode in which EBS user account is automatically created for SSO users when they first visit a page in EBS Mixed Case Passwords EBS now supports case-sensitive passwords Automatic Linking Of User Accounts EBS accounts are automatically linked to existing accounts with the same user name in OID
  9. 9. Applications Object Library features and enhancementsSecurity New File System Layout EBS code tree is free of configuration, log and output files and can be mounted in a read-only mode at runtime (when not patching) Schema Passwords The base product schemas are locked except during patching
  10. 10. Applications Object Library features and enhancementsUser Management Proxy User Allows a user to specify a proxy who can act of their behalf Integration with Oracle Internal Controls Manager Facilitates enforcement of constraints used for preventive separation on duties
  11. 11. Applications Object Library features and enhancementsConcurrent Processing Multi-Org Support Multi-Org Access Control (MOAC) allows a user to access data for a different operating units without switching responsibilities Concurrent Program Definition window is now MOAC enabled. A new field “Operating Unit Mode” allows user to specify the category for a concurrent program Standard Request Submission window allows users to execute single-org or a multi-org concurrent programs
  12. 12. Applications Object Library features and enhancementsConcurrent Processing Restarting a Request Set If concurrent request set fails, once fixed user can restart the request set from the failure point Failover Sensitive Workshift Can specify how many processes for each workshift should run when instance fails over to another PCP node
  13. 13. Applications Object Libraryfeatures and enhancementsOracle Applications Tablespace Model(OATM) New “Tools” tablespace includes the database schema objects for products such as Oracle Portal (repository), Oracle Discoverer (EUL), Oracle Internet Directory (repository), Oracle Application Sever Single Sign-On Configurable Default Extent Size - allows DBA to specify the default extent size a part of migration process
  14. 14. Oracle Applications ManagerPatch Impact Analysis Enhancements The ability to identify and to merge multiple language patches that are applicable to the environment The ability for users to crate a list of patches for analysis as a single set Analysis of patch changes to customized files that are registered with system
  15. 15. Oracle Applications ManagerDiagnostics Allows to schedule and run diagnostics test as batch programsGrid Control Plug-in for Oracle EBS Seamless integration with OAM (concurrent manager administration, workflow administration, forms monitoring, configuration and patch management) Clone Automation
  16. 16. OA Framework features and enhancementsService Interface Java interface designed to support both Web services and local Java APIs. Includes support for Service Data Object standard.Service Tester User interface used to create unit and integration tests. The tests are recorded in documents as structured XML data.“Swan” User Interface EBS will use only “Swan” look and feel for Release 12.Oracle JDeveloper 10g Release 3 (10.1.3) R12 leverages Oracle JDeveloper 10g Release 2 (10.1.3).
  17. 17. OA Frameworkfeatures and enhancementsBI Publisher integrationExtensive personalization capabilityAllows integration of content frommultiple vendors into portal pagesRecord historyAllows EBS content to be exposed inthird party Portal server
  18. 18. AD Utilities features and enhancementsAutoConfig: Parallel Run Option The “Parallel Run” feature enables AutoConfig to be executed simultaneously across multiple nodes EBS instanceAutoConfig: Profiler Consolidated HTML report of an AutoConfig run Source and target location of each template Time consumed to instantiate/execute individual template scripts Execution report for each template script
  19. 19. AD Utilities features and enhancementsAutoConfig: Enhanced Check Config Tool The Check Config tool (adchkcfg) is used to identify the potential changes that would take effect on an EBS customer instance during the next AutoConfig run. The tool has been enhanced to report important database updates, generate a text report for database changes, and offer improved readability of reports.AutoConfig: Support for Oracle Database11g Features AutoConfig has been enhanced to support the use of Access Control Lists and other Oracle Database 11g features.
  20. 20. AD Utilities features and enhancementsRapid Install Ability to store base environment configuration in Oracle EBS database Multiple Domain Support for database and middle tier Read-Only Shared File System Support – appl_top, common_top, tech stack homes can be deployed on a read-only shared file systemRapid Clone Added RAC support for ASM and features to expand RAC system by adding a node to existing RAC cluster
  21. 21. Workflow R12 FeaturesDigital Signatures Ability to digitally sign the entire notification contents Ability to verify the signed documents through an evidence store user interface after the signing process Can exclude purging of a signature-enabled notificationsWorklist Flexfields a new pages are added: Worklist Flexfield Rules a setup page for creating rules to populate worklist flexfield columns Worklist Flexfield Rules Simulation test page used to show the effect of multiple worklist flexfield rules on the worklist
  22. 22. Workflow R12 FeaturesWorkflow Notification Mailer System Alerts integration Sends a system alert as to the status of mailer server SSL Support Mailer service can connect to IMAP and SMTP mail servers using SSL authentication Enhanced error handling for mass failures In cases where many users have been setup with invalid email addresses, the workflow directory service is updated to no longer send emails to those users
  23. 23. EBS Release 12 database support10g R2 database is part of EBS R12 technology stack10g R2 database is certified to run with EBS R12.1.1The latest certified 10g R2 database release - EBS R12Premier Support ends for database version 10g R2 on7/31/2010Extended support fees waived until 7/31/201110g R2 Terminal Patch Set is (Projected to bereleased in 2009)Oracle Metalink Note 454616.1 - Export/Import Processfor Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 DatabaseInstances Using Oracle Database 10g Release 2
  24. 24. 11g DatabaseOracle Database 11g Release 1( is certified, on all CertifiedE-Business Suite Platforms, on R12(12.0.4).Oracle Database 11g Release 1( is part of EBS R12.1.1technology stackPremier support for databaseends in October 2009
  25. 25. 11g DatabaseOracle Metalink Note 735276.1 -Interoperability Notes E-Business SuiteR12 with Oracle Database 11gR1(11.1.0)Oracle Metalink Note 466649.1 - UsingOracle 11g Release 1 Real ApplicationClusters and Automatic StorageManagement with Oracle E-BusinessSuite Release 12Oracle Metalink Note: 741818.1 -Export/Import Process for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 DatabaseInstances Using Oracle Database 11g
  26. 26. 11g Database – New FeaturesAccess Control List (ACL) : Introduced support for ACLwhich is a new feature in 11g databaseOracle Advanced Compression Comprehensive set of compression capabilities to help organizations reduce costs, while maintaining or improving performance. Reduces the storage footprint of databases through compression of structured data (numbers, characters) as well as unstructured data (documents, spreadsheets, XML and other files). Provides enhanced compression for database backups and also includes network compression capabilities for faster synchronization of standby databases.
  27. 27. Tasks to complete to ease R12 upgradeUpgrade database to 10g R2 or 11g R1Convert tablespaces to OATM modelEvaluate impact of R12 on customizations andextensionsIntroduce BI Publisher and JDeveloperIntegrate Discoverer Server Release 10g with EBS 11iConfigure Oracle iAS Release 10g for external apps(SSO, OID, Portal) and integrate with EBS 11iPosition for high availability and scalabilityEvaluate and complete platform change based on ROI
  28. 28. Questions
  29. 29. Thank You Sandra (630) 202-1248