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Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT)
A Global Financial Hub


‘ ' ILI‘ I C F ‘
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5 E F...
"The vision of Gujarat would be imomplete without cupitalising on the
in-house financial business acumen. 

'10 tie-up with...
India's Potential:  Financial Serv es /  lTeS








GlFl':  Gujarat's gift to India and the world

GIFT will cater to India's large financial services potential by offering g...
GIFT:  The Magnificent
Coliseum in Making

Recognising the potential of the State as a centre for the
financial services i...
Business Structure

i i
M If Se _ Domestic Finance Associated
SE:  "I  Centre /  Corporate lnlrastructure, 
W‘ Oftice /  T...
The Visionary Skyline The iconic Buildings


The Diamond Tower The Gateway Towers The Crystal Towers
A necklace of artis...
External Transport


The GlFT area will be accessible from NH—B

(Delhi to Mumbal).  Railway line passes by t...

.  Saviriflcrihiiildiri: 'nariaaemr= rl‘y$ieml SRvi'iflorrin‘Alht. ildrris‘
.  Slviriq on . ,,. rsiion.  ey...

Implementation Framework /  Opportunities

Public Private Pannershlp (PPP)

in line with FPP philosophy,  the Project ...
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Gift city a global finacia hub project by W.T.C. -GIFT CITY GUJARAT


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WTC GIFT Studios Residential Apartments @ World Trade Center GIFT City : Be the Front runner and Grab the Opportunity
“World Trade Centers (WTC)” – are renowned branded Commercial buildings all over the world with a legacy of over 40 years. The World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) is headquartered in New York, USA. It is present in more than 330 cities of 100 different countries of the world. W.T.C organization is a New York based company that has a promising growth and an un disputable place in commercial real estate market.

PAYMENT PLAN & TERMS (tentative, approximate)
Please find the attached Format of EOI for GIFT STUDIO APARTMENT BOOKINGS with a Cheque of 2 Lakes in favor of--W.T.C STUDIOS,GIFT CITY

Type - studio apartment
size - 1250 sqft & 820 sqft
floor - 3rd to 10thfloor
plans - clp , 11% A.R & 12% A.R

price - 7500 psf
inaugural discount of 250 till 31st july .
• All payments to be made by cheque only.
• Initial Token amount as Expression of Interest = Rs 2 lacs
• Tentative Construction period : Approx. 3 years from commencement
• Assured returns of 11% / 12% or C.L.P plan shall be paid on progressive amounts paid by you to W.T.C, depending on your different payment plan.
• Eg. For Assured returns of 12%investment of rs 60 lacks gives assured returns of rs 60000 per month for four years or possession which ever is later.
• Assured returns are paid on monthly basis by cheque or direct credit into your bank account after receipt of your installment payment.
• Assured returns are like interest or dividend earned on the payments made by you to WTC.
• All residential in WTC GIFT are lockable spaces; however WTC may tie up in future with any service provider for future lease out or property management purpose to help investors.
• WTC team is currently working with various banks to provide residential loans. More details shall be shared in due course of time.
• Assured Return is till possession or 4 years, whichever is later.
• Fill, sign and submit Expression of Interest (EOI) form along-with KYC documents (photo id and address proof)
• Submit a cheque of Rs 2 lacs in favour of “WTC Studios GIFT City“
• For outside Ahmedabad customers – courier EOI form + KYC documents + Cheque to me – at my office address.
• For customers in Ahmedabad – please call me. I shall be glad to discuss further in-person at your home or office or you are invited to visit our offices with prior appointment.
Please note that this special inaugural (pre launch) discount offer is valid on very limited inventory, on first-cum-first-serve basis. WTC reserves the right to change this offer at their discretion at any point of time. So, hurry up, reserve your studio apartments & secure your investment ASAP.
Kindly contact me for GIFT and World Trade Center brochure, size of apartments and investment value or any query. It would pleasure to guide you on investment in WTC GIF

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Gift city a global finacia hub project by W.T.C. -GIFT CITY GUJARAT

  1. 1. Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT) A Global Financial Hub I ‘ ' ILI‘ I C F ‘ _. '5. I - 5 : ' 5 E FF I -‘: ‘-'- 7' ; I I J ‘ W . , .
  2. 2. "The vision of Gujarat would be imomplete without cupitalising on the in-house financial business acumen. '10 tie-up with technology, to create a hub complete with infrastructure-, to meet the needs ofmodern Gujarat, modern India and to create a space in the global financial world. .. that is my dream. " Shri Narendra Modi Hon'bIc Prime Minister oflndia
  3. 3. India's Potential: Financial Serv es / lTeS 02 No. of Jobs Value add u) GDP Market Capila Isa Ion (Tlloulafldsj (USD Billion) (uso sllllonl Cote Financial "5"9° servlces 7.400-7.600 240-250 1.150-L250 capital Markets iii Trading IT for 500-600 14:15 Financial ssmces 2.ooi>2.2oo I0“-12° ITeS/ BPO for 175-225 “"5 Financial _ services 750-85!) I00 I50 3i50D-3.700 275-(I25 Total io. oon. ii. ooo 375-425 1,600-1,300 2 W 2 M McKlnsey&Cunlpany Employment Potential at GIFT Estimated No. OI Jobs (Thousands) by the year 2020 Financial Services Financial Services Operations I25-150 Core ' ' ' ' ' ' Financial Financial Services Corporate Centre Services Select Product Markets 10-1 5 Capital Markets 8. Trading 2-4 IT for Financial Services 200225 | TeS for Financial Services 75-I00 Tolal 500-600 Source McKlris9Y at company as million direct ioo opportunities and an equal number or indirect job opporlunilies like riealln, retail. education. real estate, nospiialiiy and support services. which will influence lives or around 4 million people oirecily. The Growth of | ndia’s Financial Services / |TeS Sector The last decade has seen an unprecedented growth in India's financial services sector. It employs over 3 million people, constitutes about 5% of the GDP and has an estimated market capitalisation of over USD 200 bl lion. As India experiences continued economic growth, the financial senlices sector could generale about 10-11 million jobs and a GDP contribution of USD 350 to 400 billion by year 2020. With sustained growth and rapid development in technology and infrastructure, an increasing share of financial services would get centralised. Ml: Kinsey Market Assessment Report estimates potential of about 6 million centralised IODS across mulliple services, Several developed countries have successfully established high» lech financial hubs, which over time have evolved as international financial service centres. These centres provide suitable regulatory regimes and create a business environment to promote talent and increase capital flow. As they develop, lhey creale significant economic value for their domestic economies; London and New York accounlfol1D°/ o of the GDP and about 5% ol iobs. Emerging financial service centres like Singapore and Hong Kong have achieved similar levels of concentration of economic activity in a short period of lime. How in uniacktrie potential? India IS not able to lully realise its vast potential in linancial services because our cities do not have the required infrastructure ll India wants to compete wiili international linancial hubs. our cities will riavc to provide global standards in inirasiruciure. ollice space, Internet and ielecdrri connectivity and llies1yle opporlunllies wiiicii would attract top talent. Gularal: An Ideal Destination For Realising This Dream Time and again, ouiarat has proved Itself to be one or trio fastest growing states in tire country Wl! I'l more than was average GDP growth during the past SIX years. It leads in chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, cement, ceramics and diamond industries. euiarai contributes 30% to the Stock Market Capllalisatibn, 15% to the counIIy‘s total oiiipui and 19% to exports. Recent studies show that Anmedabad and Gandhlnagal are inc favoured destinations to migrate in India because ol good urban irilrasiriiciiire, a business friendly environment and good living conditions us
  4. 4. GlFl': Gujarat's gift to India and the world GIFT will cater to India's large financial services potential by offering global firms, wor| d—class infrastructure and laci ies. It aims to attract the top talent in the country by providing the finest quality of lite. it is estimated that GIFT would provide 5,00,000 direct and an equal number of indirect jobs which would require 62 million square feet of real estate office and residential space. The Promoters To develop and implement the Project. the Government of Gujarat through its agency, Gujarat Urban Development Company Limited (GUDC) and lnlrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Limited (lL8iFS) have established a 50: 0 joint venture Company, “Gujarat International Finance Tec~City company Limited" (Gil-‘l'CL). Gujarat Urban oeveiopment company Limited tauoc) "H35 lnlrastructure Leasing Bi Financial services Limited (| L8iFSl cube is a coo company and is posmoneo to iacilitate urban development by assisting the state government and existing agencies in iormuiation oi poliw. institutional capacity building. project implementation. and to assist in raising funds from muittlaterai agencies loi various projects it would also laciiitate sustainabie deveiopment or urban areas, both new and existing, in order to achieve high living standards and growth oi economic activities | L&FS was promoted by the Central Bank oi lndia tcialj. Housing Development Finance corporation Limited (HDFC) and unit Trust of lndia | LiT| ). over the years, |L&FS has broad-based its shareholding and inducted institutional shareholders including state Bank oi India, Lile insurance corporation ot lndia, ORIX corporation (Japan) and Abu Dhabi investment Authority. incorporated in t9is7, the business architecture of lL&FS locirses on providing services in development oi core infrastructure Areas suitably oompiemenied with an array oi Financial services. The various businesses are conducted through subsidiaries with lLa. Fs betng a pnncipal shareholder in each. For more details about | LEtFS please visit ouoc has executed several mega projects viz. Gujarat Earthquake Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Project (cleaner, oujaiat Urban Pletorms Project (cum and cum Township Project. For more details aoout cuoc piease visii http: //www. cuacttd. corri/ nttp: //www. illsindie. com ASSOCIATES A team of some of the best names in the business has been put together for the planning and designing of Gil-‘I’ Design and Alcnltuctuu Fllrwood India Pvt. Ltd. East cttlriii Arolttucturui (Lnd lliunbor) ECADI Dulgrt lnttltirto Curiaorttuni oi F-lrwood Illdll Pill. ml. and Erin ciilnn Architectural nulgn lnstltitu Market Demand Assessment ‘“““ ““ tone ivlrxrlticti 7|rttzfizz]1m ozmrirrii Md<insey! iCnmDfilVY Jones on Lasalis Meghraj Engineering Consultant Talent Demand Assessment ICT Advisory Services 57 Hewitt ET its t. ... .ii. u tn. ... .ii . .t. a “Will arilistt Tetacom [| _5]Z§ infrastructure 1155 its; iriitlttcluri e. v.ein. ni corrosion tininnd ii. tFs Enusrnart tiniiied MULTI-LEVEL cnn PARK ARUP
  5. 5. GIFT: The Magnificent Coliseum in Making Recognising the potential of the State as a centre for the financial services industry. the Government of Gujarat formulated GIFT to realise this vision. The land of Central Finance Business District (CFBD) will subsequently be expanded and surrounded by Institutional Areas, Knowledge Parks and Integrated Townships. The CFBD is presently implemented in 886 acres of land. The project is an ideal blend of high quality residential, commercial and social facilities that optimise land and real estate values. global connectivity and gen-next infrastructure. GlFT‘s proposition includes the following: . Robust urban planning a urban term and iacade, attractive skyline a concept or sell—sustalnable city I intelligent transportation system a District cooling system c Fllvertrcint a Technology oaclipone tor a tech-finance hub Data centres Energy conservation measures. low per capita energy consumption comprehensive water management plan Integrated township with the best or social and pnysical inrrastructure e Talent development programme V WM/ am“? S/ ' N _ CHAf. RASYA GIFT OFFICE, ‘ ' iota cnlni-iii~l; tc. tit eslazqatrzeei : - E ssiimin l: HENAI . iorilu. KAlUPUR : - lix— srimorl nretiiiiic - » vrlclvasen MRTS eoui: priopotso erirs riovrs n7
  6. 6. Business Structure i i M If Se _ Domestic Finance Associated SE: "I Centre / Corporate lnlrastructure, W‘ Oftice / Trade centre Housing and Social Facilities i Activ ies In Muiti-Service SE2 ir PROCESSING AREA NON»PROCESS| NG AREA SOCIAL FACILITIES o international Financial service o nelated commercial 2. ollice 0 schools (Intemational and CESE) Centre (IFSC) Buiidings , Ohms o lnternatinnel Techno Park and o serviced Apartments & neeidential . Hotels international Market Zone Flats _ _ 0 Commodity Exchanges a Hotel: & Restaurants and Food ' Em'b_“'°" Cam“ o Giobai Trading Exchanges C°"" ' H°s"""" . “WW8 , Business Hate, ‘ Snapping a Training Centre (Language School) centres. Retail stores and Banks . A¢¢°, ¢a, ,ie Hauslng o ottsltare Banking . , , o Training centre tor Financial o lT/ lTes Ssyvices o l<l= o, BPO Services o Medical centre 0 Data centre a Entertainment centre & Theatre o Regulators ollicas Land Use The devaiopmarlt of can praiects can he classiilad i"‘° “"3"” "PBS: Land Use Distribution - commercial: Includes Retail. Restaumntsi Hotels orfices and other associated lacllities - social Faci ncliides Convention Hall, Exhibition Sp es, Schools, Medical, Entertainment and Cultural facilities 4% - Residential: includes Apartments and 5.‘ Residential Buildings 5% Built-up Area Distribution I cernrnereiai I Rusldvrltlai I sueal Facilities Utlimas I Tmrlsnnflmlnrl I Elven a open spaces Total Land Alea 2 358.55 Ha (886 acres) EUA Camvonertt Area (trii lDrl square metre) Commercial 3 90 (42 million square feet) Residential Social Facilities I caininerciel I Residential I Social Factillle-S Total Built-up Area : 52.0 million square teet d.55 is million square feet) i an (M million square feet) Master Plan Zone Delineation iii i: ll Heilvad iniernatienai Banking a instmsrlbe Cluster Earlklrtg and ivtsulance Cittster Gowumtn Ciuslsr Exhibition Parking 2 Reslflemlai Park Nomi irliematlonai caruerete Cluster irlielnailonai Yecrtrlnifiw Ciuster Exchange Clustel Global rreee centre carnerare Perk sniirn caruerire Park Narth E . .in. a.. ... n El min. is international Exchange Ciusiev Tectlrloiogy Ciuslsr Exhibition Parking 1 Diamond rrmi Residential P. -irk South vanirya Parking r i. 2 09
  7. 7. The Visionary Skyline The iconic Buildings The Diamond Tower The Gateway Towers The Crystal Towers A necklace of artistically designed high-rises with their glittering glass it will be located on the Fortune island They (eachsezrn nlgmwilianchoi The glowing Crystal Towers will be one facades located on the Curve of the Sabarmati River will provide G”: -r its The height oithis towerwill be >400m strategic street intersections which oithe most beautiiul buildings oi the _ _ and shall house eoiloors Ambience rnarx entrances to the cttyllorn public city sxylrne The tour oiiice Crystal unique sky| lne_ and location oi the signature building arterial streets The building is akey Towels will have oeoutilul terrace has been designed extraordinarrly to element creating an identitiable area gardens and will oller a spectacular stand out in the city iabric tor the city axis view olthe Diearri River, Diamond 500 M ' Towel and the convention centre 400 ltll - 100 M ' zoo M - i too M - ll o M Entertainment Area ’ l Designed to woo, mesrnerise and entertain the visitors, the Entertainment Area will include res1aurants, cratt ’ bazaars and leisure activities to provide an evening ol lun and relaxation in a serene ambienee. Exhibition Centre The iagade shading touvers will have a term inspired irorn symbols and patterns used in traditional Indian architecture. Enchanting and organic curves will corrie out oltall straight vertical lines, metaphorically reilecting a Bodni tree rising straight liom the ground. growing to lorrn a pattern or branches. The magnitude and strength or the towers will be maintained along with the rhythm and sensuousness ol the curve to achieve a unique aesthetic etiect Exhibition centre envisions a vibrant new experience or modernity with traditional idioms The block will become the cultural hub oi the city as it emotes the liiestyle oi the community Exhibition centre will connote a global expression providing sattslactory sensory experience lor both users and visitors that is a hallrnarx ol good design i t i
  8. 8. External Transport Connectivity The GlFT area will be accessible from NH—B (Delhi to Mumbal). Railway line passes by the site on the west (to Delhi) and east (to Hlrrimatnagar). The distances from Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad Core City are 8 kms and 12 kms respectively. GIFT will be regionally connected with places, which will open doors for lurther development and prosperity ot the city. To achieve the transport vision & objectives, public systems such as Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) and Metro Rail connecting the capital city and Ahmedabad have System been planned by Government ol Gujarat with strong network of roads. Gll-‘F has been designed with Considerations of Transit Oriented Development and high FAFI, hence the strong connectivity through various systems have been envisaged to connect it wlth Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. GIFT has been planned and designed for more than 1 million direct and indirect employments. This will have a requirements huge impact on transport considering the number of trips that would be generated to and lrom the city. EXTERNAL ROAD CONNECTIVITV MFITS CONNECTIVITY METRO CORRIDOR Transport Vision o segregating vehicular and pedestrian movement o Envisaged Modal split or auto between public and private transpon o Eriective ti. convenient public mode ot transport 0 Planning Transit Oriented Development where people walk to work a comoination oi modes along rnain spines linking city within and outside - Aiming at Zero Fatal Accident City integrated Urban Transport System The vision rortransportation which shall be the iiieiine ol GIFT can be achieved through a well detined and integrated Urban Linkage system which can eiiicientiy seNe such a dense development Transport Elements o surrace heads l4+A lane) a Pedestrian pathways and emergency vehicle roads o Bridges lsaoaimati riiver, samrudhi Sarovar and Pedestrian) a Mass Transport system (BRTS*/ MRTS") - Travelators o Intelligent Transport system a Transponation and Logistic Nodes Multl-Level Parking Hubs a At strategic location o Internal MLP Hubs — 50,000 ECS capacity ROAD NETWORK Custom Gates and Logistics centre a will serve to receive — store — distribute supplies to the city c To prevent entry ol hazardous goods/ chemicals and HMV a To provide all taciiitles like, parking, ooarding, iuei station etcto visltors, transpOrlers tourists, commuters, etc *i= iaririott bv Allirrettabad Mu'ilElDdl Corporation lAMCi "*cianne, o by one is
  9. 9. Infrastructure . Saviriflcrihiiildiri: 'nariaaemr= rl‘y$ieml SRvi'iflorrin‘Alht. ildrris‘ . Slviriq on . ,,. rsiion. eytpsridtiirr, Iiarmdtcnnln 4, T Isaiah‘! -«. i hdillrll i. .. e. ..r. r.. c. .tt. i jp firth i IIIBCBEBU (IO Water Supply and Sewerage System a water Sources - ivarmada Main canal o Recycling and Reuse or wastewater o Rainwater Harvesting o 24 X 7 water Supply s concept or zero Discharge city a F-roposed landscaped promenade at the river bank along GIFT Smart GIFT o integration or building inirastructure system is technology a Real time pertormance oi building a systems 0 lnlrastructure Management at optimisation or costs o upgrading quality oi built up environment tt ensuring occupant saiety security 5. comtort - immediate Emergency Response tor Disasteri'Crisls Management Samrudhi Sarovar at Watertront Development a 1 km length and 7 m depth o width varying irom a2 m to too m e Artiiiciaily created concrete storage Reservoir tor meeting daily water demand oi GIFT e Designed lor 15 days drinking water storage 0 water Body oro 75 million m capacity to enhance aesthetics and tor water sports activities Solid Waste Management 0 Automated Waste collection system (AWSl through ch ute system - Minimum human intervention u Minimises space requirement o Minimises impact on health a waste sucked through pipes at a speed or 90 kmlhr o wastc Trcatmont through Plasma Technology Power 0 Total Demand — 74:1 MW e underground cabling ior power distribution within GIFT e silos-talion and distribution automation 0 indoor substations a Gas insulated switchgears (GIS) substation IDV subrtiansmisslori afld distribution within GlFT City a compact substation toss) in buildings Utility Trench a All lnlrastructure networks itrunki shall pass through a common utility trench a space optimisation 0 Ease in maintenance a sare operations District Cooling System Efllclency through economies or scale a - Reduces energy costs a Reduces maintenance costs a improves air duality and temperature control a Reduces noise and vibration c Total Estimated capacity — t 0 Lakh TR Intarmation and Communication Technology (ICT) will create leadlng—edge irttrastructure, services and piatiorms that will otter financial services enterprises a significant competitive advantage to operate regionally and globally GIFT occupants would have access to ioiiowing preenabled on demand icT senrices. lnlrastructure - High speed iibre network - Diverse local and international connectivity - Pewaslve wireless and mobile network ~ Data centres Pisitrormt - Financial exiranets ~ cuG to exchanges - voice - industry speciiic plattorms ~ city e—porlal - sensor networks ~ li= Tv - internet gateway Services - Data - voice - WI—Fl - Tler—lV data centres - Business continuity ca. i.rr. otr. r - security - Hlgh—speed internet access - Monitoring -t. ti lrt Elan‘ Euitnuilr sree. ... . ] G; -Lt; -cv_ iri. rt. i. r' 1 s Secure r ri. uit. rii icr Elivimnrrmrvt ereeneetet on aerritnd lritrlrllllrttlle
  10. 10. (5 Implementation Framework / Opportunities Public Private Pannershlp (PPP) in line with FPP philosophy, the Project encourages sigrliticarlt private sector participation. Unbundling the Components lnlrastructure site deveiopmerit and lnlrastructure would be contracted out by GIFTCL induoting the latest in construction technology. Utilities special Purpose vehicles (SPVS) have oeen setup to implement the critical utility components through major private sector participation. a sin District cooling systems Limited - cllrrwater lnlrastructure Limited a GlFl waste Management services Limited a GlFT Power Company Limited o Gil-‘l ICT Services Limited Corporate Social Responsibility Talent Development To upgrade the identiliod skill gaps, a dedicated programme involving private sector participation is oelng pursued oy setting up the tollowing entities I programmes. o Nodal agency to! talent development o Finishing schools 0 Training schools 0 Education city development o school education and lnlrastructure development Raul Estate clrr will otter real estate packages in the lorm oi shell, iurnrslieo, plug and play or press and play spaces unirormity ct design and aesthetics would be maintained. To lacilitate devslopersi cunc has been designated as the srnglewindow Area Development Authority. A separate ouilding code IS oeing written ior GIFF. 17'. -ill‘ illl’-. [3:['-V‘! )‘|4 ‘Ti 5 | .I1b. ii|1g| - V xi r. V:'? eo‘; I'IIa? JV‘ 1;: r »: q . e ii‘ ljrl , lVl_H_i§I l 2 in-‘4-eve -~‘. vi-- . » _
  11. 11. .. .}. r > . ’ SHAHPUH , INFOCITV mug V/ ‘BRIDGE SHAHPU , ,.-- . ' ITYPULS A‘ H V D 5 . . D- I O _ fl. E < mag CIRCLE ‘ NAHMADA 7 MAIN CANAL I inn: V ' LOL KOEA GANDHI DAD " TEEN nAs‘rA— _ K. SARDAR ‘V7-LLABH = . I ‘ PATEL INTEHNAT '4" j. AIRPORT auiixn Ell! Gujarat International Finance Tec-City Company Limited Zonal Facility Centre, Block-12, Road-1D, Zone 1, GIFT City, Dist. Gandhinagar 382 355, Gujarat, India. Tel: +91 79 30018300 I Fax: +91 79 30018321 E-mail: query@giftgujarat. in www. giftgujarat. in Disclaimer: The information and plans provided in this brochure are purely indicative in nature. The representation of the plans are an artist's impression and the dimensions of structures are not entirely to scale and may change / alter in future.