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Sanjay Wadhwa


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Sanjay Wadhwa

  1. 1. meet me… i am sanjay wadhwa enter my world here…
  2. 3. i am a training professional i love training
  3. 5. a training program once altered my life and training became my passion
  4. 6. i love meeting people
  5. 8. and… reading books
  6. 10. i live in mumbai in india
  7. 13. i am an expert training management training delivery certified trainer nlp content design
  8. 15. that’s my website
  9. 17. i work for a call center head the training team
  10. 19. my world is incomplete without my family
  11. 20. my mom the superwoman
  12. 21. my dad the silent worker
  13. 22. my mom-in-law the patient one
  14. 23. and my wife the love of my life
  15. 24. i am sanjay wadhwa and this is my world