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The Lake Report 03/05/13


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The Lake Report 03/05/13

  1. 1. The Lake Report By: Blake Kellum, SJRA March 5, 2013Looking out my office window this morning, across the southern expanse of LakeConroe, the scene reminds me more of looking out of the cabin window of a crabboat on an episode of Deadliest Catch. There are 4 to 5 foot swells, with whitefrothy tops cascading down the lake under a 35 mile per hour north wind...yesterday I was in shorts and a t-shirt; today it’s back to the jacket and long pants.Unfortunately this front, as has been the case lately, passed through with little orno rainfall to help with the continuing drought. Make no mistake, SoutheastTexas remains in a severe drought and predictions for the coming year are notencouraging. Evaporation rates under windy, sunny, and cool conditions canalmost match those of a hot summer day.Lake Conroe remains 2 ¾ feet below normal pool elevation and is reporting in at198.25 msl. Normal pool elevation is 201.00 msl. The San Jacinto River Authorityis making no releases from the Dam at this time.Lake Livingston, meanwhile, remains a little above full pool at 131.20 msl (normalpool is 131.00 msl), and the Trinity River Authority is releasing 1,000 cfs throughthe Dam.This report is the last that I will submit as the SJRA’s Lake Conroe DivisionManager. After nearly 30 years of public service I have elected to retire early inorder to pursue some other exciting opportunities. I intend to keep my fingers onthe pulse of the surface-water industry, and particularly, how it impacts SoutheastTexas.See you on the water!For Lake Conroe info – www.sjra.netFor Lake Livingston info –