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The Lake Report 01-24-12

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The Lake Report 01-24-12

  1. 1. The Lake Report By: Blake Kellum, SJRA January 24, 2012 Lake Livingston-back to full pool!The recent winter rains have certainly blessed the Trinity River and its reservoirs since the New Yearbegan. Over the last two weeks, Lake Livingston has continued to rebound from this past summer’srecord drought and is now just 1/10 of a foot from being at full pool elevation. With another significantrainfall event in the forecast, for the last week of January, it undoubtedly will be full by the time youread this Lake Report. Aside from the recreational value to the users of the lake, this recovery will alsogreatly benefit the fishery; as flooded terrestrial vegetation will provide for enhanced protection ofjuvenile fish and a grand buffet for larger fish foraging on the multitude of insects and invertebratesfound therein. Expect the fishing to really pick-up this spring and summer as a positive result of thedrought.Lake Conroe has not fared as well from the recent wet conditions regaining only ¾ of a foot, or so, fromits historic low level. Hopefully the recovery will continue as more winter weather systems pushthrough Southeast Texas.On one positive note, a recent project to cut and leave in place a number of hazardous stumps has beencompleted on the Lake Conroe. This stump cutting project was a result of a cooperative effort betweenSJRA, TPWD, the Lake Conroe Association, Texas Black Bass Unlimited, and several other angling groups.The purpose of the project was to enhance navigational safety on the reservoir. The project was fundedthrough the LCA and private donors. Anyone wishing to cut or remove stumps from Lake Conroe mustget approval from SJRA and/or Texas Parks and Wildlife before doing the work.Conditions as of January 24, 2012:Lake Livingston is recording a level of 130.90msl (normal pool is 131.00msl), with a discharge of 1,000cfsat the Dam. Water temperatures are in the high fifties to low sixties with high turbidity due to heavyrunoff from recent rains.Lake Conroe is currently at 193.82msl, or roughly 7 ¼ feet below the normal pool elevation of201.00msl. SJRA is currently making no downstream releases from the Dam.For more information visit: or you on the water!