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Lake Conroe Clean-Up


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Lake Conroe Clean-Up

  1. 1. LAKE CONROE 1ST ANNUAL ALL VOLUNTEER CLEAN-UP DAY FEBRUARY 25THVOLUNTEER.Community volunteers in the Houston metro area are being asked to join the SanJacinto River Authority and La Torretta Lake Resort & Spa in the Lake Conroe 1stAnnual All Volunteer Clean -up Day.PREPARE.An assembly of volunteers will gather at La Torretta Lake Resort & Spa on February25th at 9am to collect supplies, such as, gloves and trash bags. Remember to wearshoes that you don’t mind getting dirty!PRESERVE.Please, ensure that the animals that depend on Lake Conroe have a habitat to enjoy bymaking sure you do not remove large, non-hazardous items such as logs or tires fromthe lake. For larger items that you cannot dispose of but are harmful to the lake pleasecall 936-588-1111 for proper disposal.DISPOSE.Find your closest trash pick-up location at the assembly of volunteers at La Torretta onSaturday morning at 9am, located at 600 La Torretta Boulevard or call 936-588-1111for the approximate times and locations of the routine barge pick-ups.