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Gums treatment bangalore dr gvg


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Gums treatment bangalore dr gvg

  1. 1. Dr GVG Aesthetic Clinic #884, 39th Cross, 19th Main Jayanagar 4th 'T' Block Bangalore - 560041. Tel: 41744222/4224
  2. 2. Gums Treatment Bangalore : DrGVG While some people stretched for large, succulent lips, others are less relaxed with their full sulk. By undergoing lip reduction surgery, you can change your lip-size and consequently feel more relaxed with your appearance. It is essential that you have a plain idea of how you would like to appear and, at the same time, recognize there are margins to the results which can be achieve from the lip reduction procedure. Dr GvG Clinic is well known for Lips Reductions in Bangalore. We guarantee that you receive the best feasible advice on lip reduction surgery from our experienced surgeons ,after your procedure is complete, we aspire to offer you with the best potential aftercare —you will know whether your lip reduction surgery is curative as expected.
  3. 3. Lips Reductions Bangalore : DrGVG The lips are unique both in its appearance(at rest& in action) and its functions(expressions, covers teeth& gums, closes & opens mouth, prevents drooling, Smiling & Laughing..). So its thickness, shape & movement has to be proportionate and symmetrical both at rest and in action. commonly performed corrective or enhancement procedures include @ Fillers for fullness & shaping @ Fat transfer for fullness @ Cupids bow shaping @ Gummy smile correction @ Lip reduction @ Lip Inversion / Eversion
  4. 4. DrGVG Aesthetic Clinic #884, 39th Cross, 19th Main, Jayanagar 4th 'T' Block, Bangalore - 560041. Tel: +91 – 080- 41744222, 41744224 BREAST CARE HELPLINE: +91 9739 900900 DrGVG HELPLINE: +91 8123 600600 DrGVG SPEACIALITY CENTRE: +91 9739 600600