Ageing – a Global Challenge: Sharing is Caring


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Ageing – a Global Challenge: Sharing is Caring. Hägglund M. eHealth week 2010 (Barcelona: CCIB Convention Centre; 2010)

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Ageing – a Global Challenge: Sharing is Caring

  1. 1. Sharing is Caring Integrating Health Information System to Support Patient-Centered Care
  2. 2. Introduction Maria Hägglund Ph.D. in medical informatics Health Informatics Centre Karolinska institutet Stockholm, Sweden
  3. 3. OLD@HOME 3-year action research project Municipality of Hudiksvall & County primary care Hälsingland • Home help service • Healthcare centre • Patient still living at home Industrial partners PURPOSE: To facilitate cooperation in homecare of elderly through information sharing
  4. 4. Background Shared homecare of elderly patients Home Complex interrelated problems; physical, help personnel psychological and social health • Healthcare services (basic or advanced) • Social care/Home help services • Family carers District nurse ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Relatives/ ? Family Elderly carers patients General practitioner
  5. 5. Requirements Access to Sharing of information information Interaction with information Presentation of integrated Mobile devices information Integration & Interoperability
  6. 6. OLD@HOME Vision Right information, in the right place, at the right time, for the right person, presented in the right format Virtual Health Record (VHR) • Mobile access to patient-oriented data • Different views for different user groups • Support for point of care documentation • Access to information from different feeder systems Difficult to capture the integrated/cooperative aspects of shared home care!
  7. 7. Capturing Shared Work User centred system development • Observations and interviews • Interdisciplinary working groups • Specification of work scenarios • Iterative prototyping
  8. 8. Virtual Health Record
  9. 9. Implemented applications Web applications for District nurse & General practitioner District Nurses web application • Notification of new Medication: ALBYL MINOR Preparation: Pill prescription Strength: 250 Dosage: 1 pill 1 time/day • Can add further Signature: JF Date: 2007-07-31 information aimed at the home help service personnel
  10. 10. Implemented applications Home help service personnel’s handheld device application • Notification of new information • Information about new drug from the general practitioner • Added instructions from the district nurse
  11. 11. Implemented applications Web application for Patients and/or family carers
  12. 12. Impact on participants District nurse at a patients home Gets online information! Home helpers in action Read, write and communicate! Patient in his home Participates and feels safe! General Practitioner Reads up to date information! Relatives Participate and are updated!
  13. 13. Conclusion Improvements to elderly care  Patient centered care  Cooperative care processes  Patient empowerment Further facilitate patient empowerment  Establish (better) communication between patients, research and clinical practice self-management and secondary prevention  Support communication through standards based information systems
  14. 14. Current and Future work Continue development of ICT to meet the needs • Evaluate ICT • User interfaces for elderly Expand focus of collaborative healthcare – continuity of care • Chronic disease management • Stroke patients • Include hospital care and Acknowledge patients’ clinical research and family carers’ roles!
  15. 15. References Scenarios to capture work processes in shared homecare—From analysis to application International Journal of Medical Informatics, In Press, Available online 31 August 2008 Maria Hägglund, Isabella Scandurra, Sabine Koch Studying intersection points: an analysis of information needs in shared homecare of elderly. The Journal on Information Technology in Healthcare (2009); 7(1), 23-42 Maria Hägglund, Isabella Scandurra, Sabine Koch Bridging the Gap: a Virtual Health Record for integrated Homecare International Journal of Integrated Care – Vol. 7, 27 June 2007, ISSN 1568- 4156 Maria Hägglund, Isabella Scandurra, Dennis Moström, Sabine Koch From User Needs to System Specifications: Multi-disciplinary Thematic Seminars as a Collaborative Design Method for Development of Health Information Systems, Journal of Biomedical Informatics. 2008;41(4):557-69 Isabella Scandurra, Maria Hägglund, Sabine Koch
  16. 16. Thank you for your attention! Contact Information Contact information ? Maria Hägglund postdoc Health Informatics Centre Karolinska institutet Stockholm, Sweden My thesis is available at: